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6 Best Cell Phone Cases and Brands for Blocking EMF in 2021

Cell Phone Emf Protection

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I don’t know anyone without a cell phone, they are practically a necessity and huge convenience in today’s society. Even my 86 year old Grandma relies on her cell for GPS, texting, Facebook and phone calls, while my 9 year old nephew practically lives on his phone.

For many people, cell phones are a job requirement, with the expectation that it is on you at all times. I bet that if your cell is not on you that it is within reach right now. The convenience of all that data readily available at our fingertips comes at a cost to us. One that many people still don’t realize and that has taken the rest of us a long time to figure out.

Cell phones emit a form of radiation, one that has been linked to a number of serious and chronic health problems. We still don’t know the full effect it has on us, as studies haven’t been done yet that shows the long-term effects of this constant radiation exposure.

Now the ideal solution would be toss your cell phones and go back to landlines but obviously that’s not really an option for 99% of us. Good for you if you can do it. I certainly cannot but there are things you can do to reduce the amount of radiation you’re exposed to.

There may be a few people around who haven’t heard about the many health conditions that have been associated with electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. The fact that you’ve made it to this page indicates that you aren’t one of them.

And you’re right to be concerned.

One of the most pervasive forms of EMF is the radiation emitted from cell phones. Nearly everyone carries one these days, so radiation from cell phones is becoming a major public health concern.

Cell Phone Radiation and Why It’s Harmful

Cell phones emit radio waves (or radiofrequency radiation), which is a form of electromagnetic field radiation (EMF). According to, there were 265.9 million smartphone users in 2019 in the United States alone. We are surrounded by cell towers and by phones being used all around us, practically everywhere you go and our bodies absorb energy from the radiation our phones put off.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), there are “some risks of increased risk of gliomas” (a type of tumor in the brain and spinal cord) for people reporting high cumulative hours of cell phone use. Other studies have shown that holding your smartphone near your head causes brain wave changes in 70% of people. One 2018 study by the US National Toxicology Program, showed clear evidence that 2G and 3G (don’t even get me started on 5G) cell radiation caused DNA damage and cancer in rats.

Cell phone radiation has also been associated with headaches, blurred vision, breast cancer, melanoma, memory loss, sperm damage and male infertility, impaired immune system, eye problems, cardiovascular stress, fatigue, reduced melatonin, and genetic damage.

And this is all without long term studies.

What To Do About It

Turning your cell phone off at night is a great idea. If you’re used to sleeping with it next to your pillow, get another alarm clock. Keeping your phone 6 feet from you bed will also cut your EMF absorption significantly.

Of course, these measures will not protect you when you are actually using your phone. The best solution would be to not use a cell phone at all. But that’s no longer feasible for most of us. You can always get an EMF meter to see exactly how much your cell phone emits and what distance is the safest.

So, what does that mean for those of us who feel we can’t live without our cell phones? It means we need to protect ourselves. The next best thing is to get an EMF-reducing cell phone case

How They Work

The most common type of EMF-shielding cell phone case is made of a fine mesh fabric that covers the screen side of your phone. You speak and listen through this fabric, which acts as a barrier between your face and the radiation your phone emits. In well-made cases, this causes minimal to no reduction in sound quality.

The mesh also acts as a barrier for those who carry their phones in pockets or in holsters on their belts. For effective EMF reduction, be sure to keep the protective side closest to your body.

The other side has no EMF protection so the signal will come through and you can still use your phone.

What To Look For

There are a lot of trendy products out there that claim to offer EMF protection for cell phones and other electronics. Unfortunately, the average user has no way to judge how effective they are.

Look for brands that show evidence on their web sites that their products have been independently lab tested.

EMF-reducing Cell Phone Case Options

All of the cases listed below (with the exception of the RadiArmor phone sleeve) are wallet cases with credit card slots. These cases also provide radio frequency identification (RFID) protection, which prevents credit card hacking in public spaces.

All cases except the RadiArmor sleeve have kickstand functionality.

  • DefenderShield EMF radiation case. This is the priciest model on the list, but it is extensively lab tested and FCC certified. This company has done its research. The manufacturer says it blocks “virtually 100% of EMF.” Priced from $62 to $69, it’s a classic example of “you get what you pay for.”






  • RadiArmor Phone Sleeve. This is a different type of protective case. It’s actually a neoprene sleeve that you slip your phone into and wear as a holster on a belt. It has a Velcro closure, and one size fits most phones. Check the best prices here.

The manufacturer says it uses a proprietary metallic fabric and blocks between 91% and 99% of EMF radiation.

Although researchers are continuing to study the harmful effects of cell phone radiation, it’s becoming increasingly clear that EMF protection makes sense. Reducing the harmful radiation from our cell phones is one of the most effective (and easy!) things we can do to
minimize the risks associated with EMF exposure.

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