EMF Radiation

is bluetooth dangerous

Is Bluetooth Dangerous?

You likely use Bluetooth in your car, to connect your speaker or Alexa to your phone, possibly to connect your AirPods, etc. It’s convenient, fast, and handsfree. But is Bluetooth dangerous? First let’s talk a little bit about what exactly Bluetooth is, so you can better understand its EMF radiation emissions, and why you may …

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WIFI radiation

WIFI Radiation

WIFI radiation is a growing concern among health experts and the general public alike. Wifi radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation emitted by WIFI devices. Exposure has been linked to a variety of health effects. It is considered a non-ionizing form of radiation, some studies say it does not have the ability to cause …

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EMF protection for home

EMF Protection For Home

EMF protection for the home is important to consider especially today with so many of us completely addicted to technology. If you are looking to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation, there are a number of ways to protect your home. Including EMF shielding, filters, and fabrics. EMF shielding is one of the most effective …

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how to measure EMFs

How To Measure EMFs

You can measure EMFs with an EMF meter. This device can be used to measure both the strength and direction of an EMF. EMFs can be measured in terms of: Frequency, which is the number of times per second that an electromagnetic wave oscillates. Amplitude, which is the maximum strength of an electromagnetic wave. Wavelength, …

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what is bluetooth

What is Bluetooth?

I’m sure you’ve used Bluetooth technology; in your car or connecting your cell phone, tablet, or laptop to speakers, air pods, or wireless devices. Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short-wavelength UHF radio waves in the ISM band at 2.4 GHz) from fixed and mobile devices. It creating …

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