EMF Black Friday Sales 2022

Hi guys. I’m happy to have you here in this growing community of people who care about and are taking action against the dangers of EMF radiation.

I’ve been asked a lot about where to get the best deals on EMF protection products this Holiday season especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So I connected with my favorite brands and did a ton of searching to get you the best sales. Some of these are public and others are only available from here.

So whether you’re looking for protection for yourself or to gift to others, this is the place you want to be.

Here’s a quick summary of what I’ll be talking about.

1. DefenderShield – save up to 25% off by clicking here and using code SUPER.
2. Amazon – The best Black Friday sales on EMF protective products.
3. Shield Your Body up to 40% off at this link.
4. Aires Tech Savings – 35% off sitewide.

1. DefenderShield Sales

Click this link to get up to 25% off DefenderShield products and use code SUPER.

And free US shipping or 50% off international shipping.

I’ve been waiting for their Black Friday Sale. DefenderShield is one of my favorite shielding companies and I’m excited to grab some of their new Faraday bags.

They also make the best (in my opinion) air tube headphones on the market.

So many of my product recommendations are made by DefenderShield.

Click the link on this page to check out their products and get some sales. I’m seeing products already selling out so make sure you do it today.

2. Amazon Black Friday Deals

There are some amazing deals for Black Friday (not as many as I’d like but I’ll take what I can get)!

Cell Phone Cases

Check out this Shield Your Body (SYB) blocking phone sleeve at 41% off. Sizes and colors are already selling out so grab this sale quickly.

SLNT’s smartphone sleeve is 35% off. This is my number one recommended phone sleeve. It hasn’t been at this price for over a year!

Faraday Bags

Great prices on Faraday Bags today. Up to 35% off SLNT and OffGrid by EDCO and 20% off Mission Darkness bags.

This includes cell phone bags, key fob pouches, backpacks, duffle bags, etc.

Not only are these bags signal blocking, they’re also anti-hacking, anti-tracking, and anti-spying.

I love Faraday technology and recommend these products to everyone. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this technology – especially with the amount of hacking and tracking these days.

This great Faraday backpack by OffGrid is over $100 off. I love this bag. This is the lowest price in over a year.

You can see all the savings on shielding bags here.

Laptop Shield

SYB’s laptop pad is up to 36% off, saving you over $40. This is the laptop shield I use daily (but I didn’t get this price!).

Grounding Mats

Earthing mats, pads, and sheets are amazing for your health (with proven health benefits) and neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiation. A tool you can use daily while doing nothing at all. I sleep with one every night.

Get 15% off this universal mat or 20% off this mattress cover.

Pendants and Jewelry

Great savings on anti-radiation jewelry today and this weekend.

Get this black tourmaline pendant 70% off. I just bought several of these for gifts.

This bracelet by Uswel is 20% off, comes with a bonus pendant as well.

There’s also other savings on crystal pendants, like this Orgone 7 Chakra necklace.

EMF Meters

Unfortunately I haven’t found any great sales on meters. There is one listed for an Erickhill meter, but it’s a fake sale and actually at a higher price point than it was a month ago.

3. Shield Your Body

Click this link to get up to 40% sitewide sales on all SYB products for cyber weekend.

And free global shipping when you spend over $100.

20% orders up to $100, 25% over $100, 30% over $500, 35% off $100 and 40$ off $2000+.

SYB is one of my favorite brands so I am thrilled with this sale!

They make phone pouches, air tube headsets and headset attachments, protective bags and backpacks, shielding hats and baby beanies. 

I could easily spend over $2000 on products I want from their line – I won’t be but I’d like to!

4. Aires Tech Savings

Save 35% sitewide. Click this link and use code BF2022. 

Plus free shipping in the US and Canada.

Simple to use, with extremely effective technology. There’s choices for personal and whole room protection (large space).

Backed by science and peer-reviewed published research (you can read them on their site).

And you can use the discount at this link (with code BF2022) on their bundle discounts too.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about these companies or products, feel free to send me an email or check out my recommended products on this site for more information about them.

I’ll be adding more sales I find throughout the weekend, including flash sales. So sign up for my email list to get the most up to date sales sent right to you or check back here throughout the weekend.

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