The Best EMF Protection is Free

Understanding what electromagnetic fields (EMF) are can be confusing for people. It’s not something that you can see, smell, or touch.

You can easily measure it with an EMF meter. This will help you to find your biggest sources and where you can focus reducing or protecting against EMFs first.

With so much information available on the internet, it can be overwhelming figuring out how to best protect yourself. But you may be surprised to learn that it doesn’t have to be complicated and the best EMF protection is actually free.

Quick Answer
The best EMF protection is free and simple yet hard to do for most people. The key is to limit your use of electronic as much as possible and put as much distance between you and the devices as much as possible.

Products are Never 100% Effective

It’s important to know that there aren’t any EMF products out there that are 100% effective and there never will be. One reason for this is because EMFs are what make the technology work, it isn’t a byproduct that can be eliminated.

technology emits emf

For example, if you block all the EMF from your cell phone it won’t work to make phone calls or use the internet. If you block all the EMF from your wireless router, there won’t be a signal for your wireless device to use.

The technology works by sending electromagnetic frequency signals so if you block them completely, none of your devices will work. This is great but not very convenient.

The amount of technology we are surrounded by grows every year and isn’t going to stop. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take steps to protect yourself.

Best Two Free Ways To Protect Yourself From EMF

The two best ways to protect yourself are super simple and they are:

  1. Minimize how much you use technology that emits EMF
  2. Maximize the distance you have between the devices and your body

Minimizing Use

The first way of minimizing your use of technology is simple and straightforward, use your devices less. This is more difficult for some people to practice than others.

There are some easy steps you can take that will work for even the people who are addicted to technology.

One easy thing you can do is to turn your WIFI router off at night. You can even buy a mechanical timer for around $10 and set it to turn off at night when you go to bed and back on in the morning around the time you wake up.

Another easy thing you can do is to switch your phone into airplane mode when you aren’t using it, especially while you sleep.

Maximizing Distance

The second thing you can do is to maximize the distance between you and your devices. Modern technology is going to emit EMF radiation whether you like it or not.

Most people don’t know that EMF gets weaker exponentially the further away from the source it is.

This means that with every added inch that you have between the source of the EMF and your body, it will have a huge impact on your exposure to EMF radiation.

avoid phone radiation in bed

Two easy and free things you can start doing right away is not sleeping with your phone in your bed or on the night table beside you.

You can also make sure you wireless router is as far away from you as possible. The more distance the better.

Other things you can easily do include; use your cell on speaker when making a call instead of up to your ear and stop using wireless earbuds.

I use air tube earbuds. This gives more distance from the speaker (radiation source) and my head. My favorite brand is DefenderShield. I actually love a lot of their RF shielding products. You can read my DefenderShield review here.


Minimizing your use and maximizing your distance are the two best ways to protection yourself from EMF radiation and they are both free. You can start reducing your exposure today with only a little effort.


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