EMF Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is a hot topic. Some people say it’s safe because non-ionizing radiation isn’t the same as ionizing radiation and isn’t capable of causing cancer and other say it does. Even the World Health Organization has acknowledged wireless radiation as a “possible human carcinogen” back in 2011. Since then our use of wireless technology has exploded which increases our EMF exposure. We use cell phones, laptops, computers and other wifi and Bluetooth connected devices all the time.

EMF don’t just come from our devices either, we have dirty electricity in our homes, magnetic fields coming from power lines, etc. Researchers, scientists and everyday people are becoming more concerned about the health effects and risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) than ever before. As more research studies are done the evidence for it being harmful to human health is growing. There are many things you can do to protect yourself.  One of the best ways is to reduce the frequency that you use these devices and put as much distance between you and the sources of radiofrequency radiation as possible. You can learn more below.

Cell Phone Radiation

The World Health Organization classified wireless radiation a “possible human carcinogen” in 2011. Since then the evidence that the cancer risk is higher. There are now research and studies showing that the effect of cell phone radiation exposure to your head (brain) and body have negative health effects. The risks for children are even higher.

Cell phones emit rf signals when connecting to cell phones towers, using wi-fi, Bluetooth etc. Phones use more energy and radiofrequency radiation emissions are higher more when using video calls and when there is low reception or a weak signal. Here are some quick tips. When you call people use a landline when possible and when are using mobile phones don’t hold it up to your ear, use speakphone or headphones instead. Never carry your phone in your pocket or bra, and avoid sleep with your phone next to you and if you do make sure it’s in airplane mode.

When it comes to EMF (electromagnetic fields) emitting devices limiting the amount of time spent on devices and increasing the distance between you and the device goes along way. There are many steps you can take and protection products available that can help reduce the potential damage from exposure.

Faraday Bags

Faraday bags and pouches are used by the military, law enforcement, government and everyday people looking to protect their devices and technology from hackers and ensure data security. This pouch or bag is made from layers of fabric that block RF (radio frequency) signals and radiation like 5G, GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI, RFID, NCF. They also offer EMP and EMF protection. This special material can be used for electronics like cell phones, tablets, laptops, car key fobs, and RFID chips (in credit cards, IDs, etc). They are durable, high-quality, well-made and have a good price.

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