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The Most Common Sources of EMF in the Home

The Most Common Sources of EMF in the Home

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In this article I will identify the most common sources of EMF in the home. I will be using my favorite EMF meter the Trifield meter model TF2 to measure electromagnetic pollution.

With the Trifield TF2 there are 5 numbers that can be measured which include standard magnetic field, standard electric field, weighted magnetic field, weighted electric field and RF. Its preferred that all 5 be below the following emf levels for a low EMF home.

  • Standard magnetic field under 3.0 mG
  • Standard electric field under 50 v/m
  • Weighted magnetic field under 5.0 mG
  • Weighted electric field under 50 V/m
  • RF radio and microwave under 0.200 mW/m (squared little 2) or 1.000 peak

Measure Where You Spend The Most Time

Using this meter check the areas where you spend time, if one of the numbers is high in the given location then you can take action to reduce exposure.

Periodically check again because of new construction and cell tower installations etc.

RF measure the power of 20 MHz – 6GHz radio waves. Includes most planned 5G cell towers. However, this meter cannot measure experimental 5G bands above 24 GHz.

You can measure the present value of the field and the highest value that’s occurred in the past 5 seconds. You can also follow fast changes.

Small Power Lines

Surprisingly small power lines may have very little magnetic fields of only 0.1 but always have a high electric field over 200 unless it’s blocked. Fortunately this electric field rarely gets inside the house because it’s easily shielded by construction material or even by your hand.

Large Power Lines

Larger power lines usually do have a significant magnetic field of about 3.9 and this field can penetrate into the house. These larger power lines also have a high electric field over 400. If you live by large power lines moving isn’t always an options but there are step you can take to protect yourself from the magnetic fields. There are many EMF shielding fabrics available, you could invest in EMF curtains and EMF wallpaper. You can wear an EMF protection necklace and protection crystals. You can get EMF protection clothing, EMF blankets or protective EMF bed canopies.

Cell Towers

Cell towers emit quite a lot of RF these digital signals will fluctuate and may be hard to read so the peak is easier to read with the TriField meter. The peak at 1/4 mile away measured at 6.893.

Dimmer Switches

A dimmer switch that’s dimmed has some RF present 0.164. If you have the sound turned on it’s not very long so it can’t be heard in noisy environments. Weight electric is about 25. Weighted magnetic is about 20. Standard electric is about 30 and standard magnetic about 8.9.

When the dimmer switch is turned to full power the standard magnetic rises to 15.1 and the electric fields stay about the same. But the weighted magnetic decreased to 15.5 because high frequencies from the dimmer are no longer present.


Electric stove that’s off. There is some high magnetic field 2.1 probably from the clock. When the burner is turned on the field rises significantly to 9.8. The electric field is high near the clock but surprisingly very high near the refrigerator 301 Vm. Usually this can be fixed by unplugging it and plugging it back in with reverse polarity.

WIFI Router

The RF near a WIFI router is pulsing fast so the peak number is easier to read at about 9.684. Further away PEAK is 4.996 (about half as much). If you are looking to reduce your WIFI router radiation you can get a WIFI router guard or even better get the best low EMF router. The router is the JRS Eco Wireless Router which will only turn on when you are using your wireless devices and also can be set to emit lower levels of radiation.

Smart Meters From Electric Company

Smart meters from the electric company only pulse once a minute, watch for bars to jump. So set to RF and wait. Then read the PEAK about 7.260.

Smart Meters from Gas or Water may only pulse once a day so it’s probably pointless to try and measure that. You can invest in a smart meter guard to lower these levels.

Regular Landline Telephones

Regular landlines normally have a low RF but in some cases a near by cell tower can contaminate the telephone wires.


All microwave ovens leak a large amount of RF when on 2.401 with a PEAK of 9.037 close to the microwave when it’s warmed up. Both numbers decrease significantly as you back away. Not that the peak number holds for 5 seconds with the TriField meter so wait for it to settle. By about 15 feet away the numbers are much lower 0.243 and PEAK of 0.506

Cell Phones

Cell phones can have significant RF unless you use earphones to distance yourself. A cell phone streaming has a peak of approximately 6 which is a high level.


Laptops when streaming data actually have a fairly low RF output of about 0.022 with a peak of 0.084.

Hair Dryers

Have a very high magnetic field when turned on with a max over 20 mG. They have also have a very high electric field (approx 23) when off if plugged in incorrectly about about 180.

You body influences the near by electric field this means that you should hold the meter when measuring electric field in order to measure what you’re actually being exposed to.


Those are some of the most commons sources of EMF in the home. Once you establish what is emitting the highest EMF radiation you can take steps to eliminate or reduce the output. Take a look at my article about the top EMF protection products to find the best solutions to eliminate or reduce your radiation exposure.

I began learning about EMF out of fear and safety for my kids, wife and myself. This set me on a passionate (aka obsessive) path of research, which has led to this site in hopes of helping you and others like us protect yourself and your family the way I have.

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