The 10 Best EMF Protection Necklaces of 2024

Wearing an EMF protection necklaces can help reduce your exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

With EMF radiation outside from cell towers and electrical poles, and radiation being emitted from cell phones, Bluetooth, and WIFI, many of us are concerned about our level of EMF exposure.

Because of this, we have been trying to find different ways to protect ourselves from EMF radiation. This is where the best EMF protection necklaces come in. A small protective pendant that can be with you at all times.

Quick Answer

The highest rate EMF protection necklace is the Aulterra Silver EMF Energy Pendant. It’s made of Sterling Silver and uses their patented paramagnetic technology to neutralize man-made energy frequencies.

The tricky thing about necklaces is that you can’t always prove that they all work to block EMFs with an EMF detector. Some work by harmonizing your own bodies energy or neutralize the effects so that you are able to handle exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Best EMF Protection Pendant

There are many choices available for EMF necklaces, which is great for finding the best one for you but overwhelming to sort through to find the top pendants to choose from.

Here is my quick list of the top 10 EMF protection necklaces or you can keep reading to learn more details about each necklace.

RankHeadsetRatingMaterialHow It Works:
1.Aulterra Silver Energy Pendant9.8/10Sterling Silver- helps strengthen your own energy field
- neutralizes man-made EMFs
- uses patented paramagnetic technology
2.EMF Harmonizer Pendant9.6/10Stainless Steel- Supports Body
- Neutralizes EMFs
3.Q-Link SRT-39.2/10Acrylic- Sympathetic Resonance Technology
4.Defence Copper Necklace9.0/10Copper
- BioEnergetic Attunement Mechanism
- Energetic shield
5.Ultra EMF Orb Pendant8.7/10Stainless Steel- Disrupts/Cancels EMF waves
- Rebalances Your Body's Energy Field
6.Karelian Heritage Shungite8.5/10Shungite- neutralizing negative impact of the EMF radiaiton
7.5G EMFreedom Vintage8.4/10Stainless Steel- Negates EMF / 5G Signals
- Stengthen and Harmonize Your Own Energy Field
8.eLink EMF Neutralizer8.2/10Opalite- Neutralize and harmonize the electromagnetic field

#1 Aulterra Silver EMF Energy Pendant

The original Aulterra pendant is my top recommendations for a number of reasons. It’s a pretty piece of fine jewelry made of Sterling Silver, you wouldn’t know is protecting you from 5G and EMFs and it also uses patented paramagnetic technology to neutralize man-made energy frequencies.

Instead of absorbing RFs or blocking them, the crystalline properties of the paramagnetic minerals in your pendant essentially clean the harmful EMFs, converting them into harmless frequencies, like the energy that’s all around us, which your body can actually process safely.

Make Your Own Energy Field Stronger

At the same time the pendant helps strengthen your own energy field, promoting balance to your meridians and Chakra centres, and helping at a DNA level to restore natural unwinding and rewinding. 

The inventor, Kim Dandurand first used this technology to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste in landfills before discovering it could also neutralize the electromagnetic waves from cell phones and electronic devices.

Independent Testing and Peer-reviewed Research

Another reason this is one of my top recommendations is that Aulterra has close to 20 years of research on this technology, including independent testing around the world by Doctors, labs, and universities, as well as published peer-reviewed research clearly showing its effectiveness.

They also have studies using Live Blood Dark Field Microscopy showing how the negative effects of cell phone radiation on the blood (clumps, damage, and deformed blood cells in as little as 2 minutes of phone use) are reversed with the use of their neutralizing pendant (blood cells have good shape, free flow, circulation and oxidation again).

This is a great EMF pendant that I highly recommend. Aulterra also has a heart EMF Energy pendant, great for kids and pets and a Pillar Energy pendant made of stainless steel that both use the same patented paramagnetic technology.

#2. EMF Harmonizer Pendant by EMF Harmony

The EMF Protection pendant by LifeHarmonny is one of my top recommendations for protective jewelry. This is a popular pendant, it looks great and I’ve only heard positive feedback about it.

Made of stainless steel, it is stylish, discreet, and high quality. It is an EMF neutralizer, meaning it emits bio-energetic frequencies to neutralize the harmful effects of radiation from the electromagnetic field, while also supporting your health.

The back of this neutralizing pendant has four energy elements. Each color is for specific energies to balance your energy, defend against harmful frequencies, increase grounding, and support healthy physiological functioning.

It is designed to work best on your neck to circle your body’s meridian system.

Life Harmony’s products are made in Europe. Their bio-energetic technology has been used for over 20 years and is scientifically proven to be protective against electromagnetic exposure.

This technology is used in a number of their products like the Harmonizer Mobility+ bracelet, cell phone stickers, watchbands, etc. Other items you may want to check out to continue protecting yourself while supporting your health.

#3 Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3

The Q-Link pendant is a very popular necklace. You may have seen professional athletes, including golfers and baseball players, or some celebrities wearing it.

It is powered by a trademarked system that’s been around for 25 years called Sympathetic Resonance Technology, which is a process of infusing materials with frequency-specific patterns of energy.

SRT causes the pendant to resonate at a frequency similar to the person wearing it, mimicking natural frequencies. This brings your energy (biofield) back into balance and protects from EMF radiation.

Additional Reported Benefits from the Q-Link:

  • Increased energy and ability to handle stress
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Deeper and more restful sleep
  • Improved emotional stability
  • A feeling of being more balanced/centered

There’s a reason this pendant is so popular and tops most lists for reducing effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Testing Your Q-Link

You can’t test your q-link with an EMF meter like most other protection products. You have to try it and see if you feel a difference, not usually what we want to hear when we are buying products I know!

#4 Defense Copper Necklace

Startsmart’s copper pendant looks like an expensive, high end piece of jewelry. It’s small at 2 inches long by 5mm wide and is embedded with a BEAM system and an orgone coating.

BEAM stands for BioEnergetic Attunement Mechanism that helps on two levels to focus and balance your life energy while harmonizing negative energetic frequencies from electromagnetic radiation.

The copper exterior is naturally conductive and works with the BEAM technology to exchange energy and give you an energetic shield. This pendant gives you a protective field of 5 feet. 

There’s also a Defense Pet Pendant that can be worn day and night to protect your dog or cat from wireless technology.

The feedback on this pendant is that it is calming, balancing and grounding, helping with mental clarity and ringing in the ears. While the bio-energetic field is still pretty controversial in today’s conventional science world, there is research to support the use of copper and biofields to help with the EMFs all around us.

#5 Ultra EMF Orb Pendant

The Ultra EMF Orb Pendant is a unique egg shape pendant full of tiny Tachyonized beads that work at a subatomic level, bouncing energy off each other. This energy helps to rebalance your body’s energy field (known as SOEFs), disrupting and basically cancelling out 5G and EMF waves.

Although I’m still trying to fully wrap my head around Tachyonization myself, quite a bit of research has been done on this energy since the 1990s. Tachyon energy and products:

  • Harmonize and negate electromagnetic fields
  • Help with natural detoxification and immunity
  • Increase absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Increase energy, circulation, and stamina
  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased physical and emotional
  • Balance and connectedness

The Orb pendant is inexpensive, made of hypoallergenic stainless steel and comes with a durable chain. One con I’ve heard and my wife commented on was that it’s a little heavy on the neck. I didn’t notice this myself.

#6 Karelian Heritage Shungite

The Karelian Heritage Shungite Crystal Pendant is one of the most effective EMF pendants available. It is made of authentic and pure Shungite, which has known protective properties against radiation, neutralizing electromagnetic radiation.

Karelian Heritage Shungite jewelry

Made of Type 1 elite shungite (the most protective form) is composed of 98% carbon and each piece is unique and irregularly shaped. Karelian Heritage also shares that it is useful for chakra balancing, meditation, and healing rituals.

Additional Benefits of the Shungite Pendant:

  • Healing properties
  • Attracts positive energy
  • Improves mood and energy


  • Type 1 elite Shungite – most protective form
  • Adjustable cord
  • Unique piece of jewelry

#7 5G EMFreedom Vintage Pendant

This is a popular pendant that has gone out of stock several times. The EMFreedom Vintage Pendant also uses Tachyonized materials within a Tachyon Ultra disc inside the pendant. This helps to strengthen and harmonize your own energy field while negating man-made EMF energy and 5G signals.

You have several design choices with this stylish round pendant including a tree of life. It’s a really pretty necklace. Made of stainless steel and measuring 30mm in diameter, it has different accent colours within the design and comes with a chain.

Advanced Tachyon Technologies has been developing EMF protection products since 1993 and 5G protection technology since 2019. Founder David Wagner is a scientist, naturalist and spiritualist who theorized and proved tachyon energy’s existence in 1990 and patented the technology in 2010.

#8 eLink EMF Neutralizer

The eLink EMF Neutralizer Pendant is made of silicon dioxide with a frequency embedded in it that overrides and protects you from the other frequencies.

It is made of the same technology that has been protecting computer CPU’s from electromagnetic energy for decades.

It is a 1 by 2 inch pendant, on a natural hemp cord and provides a field of protection of 6 feet in diameter, with the inner 3 feet being significantly stronger.

Additional Benefits Reported from the eLink:

  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Enhanced mental performance and productivity
  • Reduced pain and headaches
  • Improved mood and overall
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • A feeling of being more balanced/calm and grounded


  • Mid range Price
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • No metals or BPA
  • Easily disguised jewelry, really nice design
  • Technology that has been in use for decades
  • Long lasting, durable

Testing Your Necklace for EMF Protection

Once you have yours at home the next thing you will likely want to do is test your necklace. It’s understandable and great that you want to test your necklace. I know it was the first thing I did!

One thing you can do is just to be aware of how you feel while wearing the necklace. You can even write it down to track how you feel. Some people report an immediate change in themselves, like increased energy or self of balance. Other people take longer to notice any differences.

You may be tempted to use an EMF meter to measure any reduction. Unfortunately this method doesn’t work for all necklaces. Some protection pendants claim to neutralize the effects of EMFs, they don’t actually reduce the EMF radiation around you so your meter won’t show any measurable reductions around you.

So how do they work? Which necklace is the best? Let me answer some questions you and many others have about them.

Testing Your Shungite For Authenticity and Purity

You can test if you Shungite is authentic and pure using a 12v batter and light bulb.

What is an EMF Necklace?

An EMF necklace is a pendant on a chain that you wear around your neck. People might not have any idea that you’re protecting yourself! The pendant itself has the protective properties.

What Are They Made From?

They are made of a single element (like copper, silver or tourmaline) or multiple minerals, which form a natural field around you. Some offer additional benefits as well like improved sleep, an increase in energy, helping with pain management, and mental clarity.

How Do EMF Necklaces Work?

There are many types of protective necklaces, which work in different ways. Some work by blocking EMF waves while others neutralize EMF fields. Some brands have their own patented blocking technology (more about this below).

Not every necklace pendant is created equal. Some work more effectively than others. Also keep in mind that protection jewellery has not been extensively tested so make sure you:

  • Trust your gut when making a purchase
  • Check out the reviews for any purchase
  • Take manufacturers claims with a grain of salt
  • Test the necklace yourself and see how you feel

Who Should Wear One?

Really everyone should probably start investing in EMF protection jewelry but some people have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), which makes them more vulnerable to the effects of electromagnetic frequencies.

For people who suffer from EHS, these necklaces may be particularly helpful at providing relief from their symptoms; including dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and itchiness, among others.

If you are concerned about the effects of electric and magnetic fields for yourself then it may be something you want to try out.

What Next?

EMF protection necklaces can be made of a variety of materials, including metals like copper, silver and stainless steel and from crystals like Shungite and Tourmaline.

Anti radiation necklaces are one way to reduce the effects of EMF radiation on your body and protect yourself. They’re beneficial in that they are on you and close to our body at all times.

There are many other anti EMF radiation protection products and actions you can take to reduce your overall exposure as well as those around you and start living a cleaner life.