Best Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth for 2023

Fitness watches are a great tool for anyone trying to get into shape. The best fitness trackers allow you to track your activities, count your steps, and even monitor your sleep.

These features are measured using a gyroscope, which senses your movement and detects when you do things such as walk or run.

Bluetooth Connected To Your Phone

Some watches offer Bluetooth connectivity to your phone, as well. While Bluetooth connectivity may sound convenient, it comes at a high price.

EMF reading of activity trackerIt means that when the Bluetooth on the watch is turned on, the device is emitting electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

And if you’re a frequent visitor of this site, you know how harmful EMF is.

Health Concerns

It can affect fertility, promote tumor growth, and lead to a number of other serious health issues.

Testing Your EMF Exposure

If you want to see how much your fitness tracking device emits here is a link to my favourite EMF meter. You can use it to find out what else in your living environment is emitting high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

This page provide a list of the best fitness trackers without Bluetooth for 2023.

Do all fitness trackers use Bluetooth?

Some fitness trackers don’t use Bluetooth at all (see #3 on this list), and others come with the option to disable it and a lot of other features. If you’re looking for a safe option, consider one of these.

1. Garmin Vivosmart 4

Garmin Vivosmart 4 activity and fitness tracker

An affordable activity tracker with the ability to monitor your heart rate, the Garmin Vivosmart 4 is number one on my list. It is one of the few on the market that allows you to completely disconnect from Bluetooth.

It features heart rate at the wrist, all day stress tracking, Body Battery energy monitoring and more. The advanced sleep monitoring detects light, deep and REM sleep stages to better understand your rest.

It’s safe for swimming and showering, features 7 days of battery life and has smart notifications.

Setting the no Bluetooth option is simple to turn off on this device. Simply engage the touch screen and press and hold to bring up the settings window. Scroll to Bluetooth settings, and select off.


It’s worth noting that the Vivosmart does not have WiFi, which is great from an EMF standpoint. It also means that you will need to briefly enable Bluetooth once every day or so in order to allow your watch to sync with the Garmin app.

It will store 14 days of your 24/7 activity data and up to 7 timed activities before it starts to overwrite your old data so make sure you sync it at least once in this time period to save your data.

2. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is a feature-rich watch but quite a bit more expensive than the Garmin Vivosmart 4.

It’s water resistant up to 50 meters and comes with a heart rate monitor, step tracker, GPS tracking, and a long-lasting battery. And best of all, you can completely disable Bluetooth.

To do so, swipe left from the home screen over to the settings window. Under settings, scroll to Bluetooth and uncheck to disable.

Just like the Garmin Vivosmart, you will need to enable Bluetooth (or WiFi) at least once a day to allow the Gear Fit Pro 2 to sync.

3. Huakua Fitness Tracker Watch

Huakua without bluetooth

Huakua’s Fitness Tracker watch is a really affordable fitness watch without Bluetooth or Apps.

If you’ve always wanted the features of these watches (like steps, distance, sleep duration, calories, etc.) but didn’t want Bluetooth technology on your body then this watch is for you.

With a 1.47 inch touch screen, long battery life, Hakua’s waterproof Bluetooth-free fitness tracker has a ton of great features and is really easy to use.

Ideal for kids, seniors and anyone concerned about their electromagnetic radiation exposure.

Features Include:

    • Water and stretch reminders
    • All day activity tracking (steps, distance, running, walking, calories burned)
    • Sleep tracker
    • Useful tools (timers, alarms, respiratory training, stopwatch etc.)
    • 3 colors to choose from (Black, Grey, Pink)

Fitbit EMF Protection

If you can’t part with your Apple Watch or Fitbit but you still want to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation then go with an EMF harmonizer instead. They’re discreet, neutralize EMF radiation emitted by your device, and are easy to add to your wireless wrist device.

EMF Harmonizer Apple Watchband

EMF Harmonizer Apple Watchband

The EMF Harmonizer Apple watchband is comfortable, stylish, and waterproof. It fits all series of Apple watches, with several sizes for straps, and is available in black or white.

Most importantly it neutralizes the effects of harmful frequencies from radiation emitted by your Apple Watch or Fitbit, and other EMF’s that you encounter, including 5G. Your Apple Watch will still function normally with less risk to your health.

Proven to have protective effects through double-blind research studies and third party researchers, EMF Harmony has been using their bio-energetic technology in Europe for over 20 years.

EMF Harmonizer Smartwatch Chip

EMF Harmonizer smartwatch chip

Like the radiation-blocking watchband above, the EMF Harmonizer Smart Watch Chip neutralizes the effects of radiation emitted by your Fitbit, Apple Watch, or other smart watch, while protecting you from EMFs around you.

Simply screw the small stainless steel rivers into any existing hole or rubber on your watch band and it is turned into a protection wristband. It works with any wearable device, whether the band is rubber, fabric, or leather.

Bluetooth and Electromagnetic Field Radiation

Bluetooth radiation exposure has not been extensively studied. The few studies that do exist, however, indicate that this is something to be taken seriously. For example, one study found that insects experienced cell death after just six minutes of weak exposure.

The government does regulate Bluetooth radiation, and most devices do emit less than the designated acceptable amount. There are two problems with government standards on this, however.

The lack of research on Bluetooth is one– how can you set safe levels when it hasn’t been studied? The second issue is cumulative Bluetooth radiation from the sheer number of Bluetooth-enabled devices we are surrounded by on a daily basis.


Fitness watches help users get in shape and stay aware of their activity level. They’re a good idea in theory, but they do come with an inherent risk due to EMF.

You can help minimize that risk by purchasing non Bluetooth fitness tracker or one that allows you to disable Bluetooth and not wearing it while you sleep. Hopefully, as additional research is done on Bluetooth radiation, more watch manufacturers will recognize the need to allow users to disconnect from Bluetooth and create radiation free activity trackers.

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