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best emf protection devices

Best EMF Protection Devices

There are a variety of EMF protection devices available on the market today. These devices work by creating a barrier between you and the EMF emitting source. Some common examples of devices include: EMF shielding clothing, EMF protection cases, EMF blocking paint, and EMF blocking stickers. EMF protection devices are not 100% effective, but they …

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best grounding mats

Best Grounding Mats

Grounding mats realign your electrical energy by reconnecting you to the earth and its negative charges. With no effort from you, literally something you can do in your sleep – you can improve your overall health and reduces the effects from EMFs. I started with a small, inexpensive mat because I didn’t really believe it …

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best emf supplements

Best EMF Supplements

Last year, I was made aware of a breakthrough product… an internal supplement which increases one’s resilience to EMF radiation. At first, I was very skeptical. I then spent hours researching the best EMF supplements and Dr. Marco Ruggiero, the scientist behind this product called “Praesidium”. Dr. Ruggiero is an MD, PhD, and one of …

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best grounding bed sheets

Best Grounding Bed Sheets

Grounding improves the quality of your life. It helps neutralize the electric charge in your body. It also improves sleep, reduces inflammation, promotes healing, and reduces pain among other amazing benefits. Grounding fitted sheets let you ground your body for ideally 8-10 hours every day. Our bodies recover and heal while we sleep. This is …

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best low EMF router

Best Low EMF Router

Did you know that your wireless router is emitting electromagnetic radiation constantly, with beacon signals going out ten times a second, 24 hours a day? This is why I recommend a number of strategies to reduce this RF radiation, including switching to the best low EMF router, the JRS Eco Router. Top Low EMF WIFI …

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