Best EMF Paint – Shielding That Works

So you’re considering using EMF paint in your home. This is one of the best ways to protect against 5G, RF and ELF sources from outside your walls.

We’re bombarded with EMF radiation in our homes. From electronics in your house and signals outside, like your neighbors’ WiFi and Bluetooth, smart meters, 5G towers, electrical towers, etc.

We spend a significant amount of our lives in our homes. One third of your life will be spent in your bedroom alone. So it’s important for your health to minimize your daily exposure.

best emf paint

Our bodies absorb harmful electromagnetic frequency energy and there is a ton of research connecting this exposure to a ton of negative health effects from headaches and ringing in the ears, sleep problems, to serious issues like cancer and tumors.

Painting your walls with shielding paint to block out external frequencies from coming into your room is one of the most effective strategies for reducing your daily exposure in your home.

What Is EMF Paint?

EMF Paint is a conductive paint, made with carbon, natural graphite, or metals. It protects spaces from RF, Microwave, high frequency and low frequency electromagnetic fields.

It has an almost constant attenuation and creates a form of shield on your wall, reflecting EMF waves away from your home.

These paints are non-toxic, low VOC, and don’t contain toxic solvents. They’re used as a primer coat, so you can paint over it in your design style and color choice.

How Does Shielding Paint Work?

So how is this possible? Well, the paint is conductive and repels a certain range of frequencies from passing through it.

The frequencies depend on the number of coats and brand but we’ll say an average of 40dB attenuation or lower frequencies up to 300hz as well as higher ones in the mega and gigahertz range.

EMF Blocking Paint Reduces Radiation From:

  • WiFi Signals
  • Cell towers (3G, 4G, 5G)
  • Smart Meters
  • Power lines
  • Electrical stations
  • Street power converters
  • Electrical wires behind walls
  • “Smart City” components
  • Satellites

If you were to completely paint a room, like your bedroom, that means doors, walls, ceiling, and floor, you would essentially create a dead zone. Meaning your phone wouldn’t get a signal, you couldn’t access WiFi or any wireless signals. What a great space to sleep in!

The Best EMF Shielding Paint

EMF paint is an investment. So since you’re putting a lot of time and money into this home protection you want to use


YShield paints

My personal favorite shielding paint is by YShield. I find it easy to paint with. This product is available on Amazon so easy to order and a better price than some other options.

It seems to be one of the most popular brands in the EMF community and has a lot of positive customer reviews.

They have several options in different sizes (1 liter and 5 liter) including;

  • HSF54 – A great all around paint, that shields up to 90dB
  • Max54 – The highest shielding possible up to 100dB
  • NSF34 – Special paint focused on low frequency electric fields

It’s a low odor paint and doesn’t use harsh chemicals. YShield paint has graphite and black carbon as its shielding properties so you don’t have to worry about oxidation (there’s no metal particles).

YShield is 5G ready. The company has improved its paint to cover 5G and is over 99% effective, lab tested. They have a grounding kit, the GS3 available with everything you need to ground the paint.

My biggest complaint is that it’s black so it takes several coats to cover up. But all the blocking paint is dark.

YShield has been around for almost 20 years and is a reputable brand based out of Germany. They lab test their products for effectiveness.

They’re a family-run company with a passion for EMF safety and have a ton of information and shielding products from paint, to bed canopies, tents, netting, fabrics, and more.

Get Your YShield EMF paint here.

Woremor RF-IE50

Woremor RF IE50

My second recommendation is the Woremor RF-IE50 EMR shielding paint. It’s a silicate-based paint that repels frequencies up to 18GHz and has a shielding attenuation of 36dB for one layer and 43dB for two layers.

This paint is more than 99% effective at repelling high-frequency fields, low-frequency electric fields, and RF/Microwave radiation.

I like that it’s really low VOC and breathable, doesn’t contain any toxic solvents, plasticizers, or toxic ingredients. Like YShield, it is carbon and graphite based.

Woremor RF-IE50 paint is unique in that it can be applied to exterior walls (is water-resistant and corrosion-resistant) as well as interior walls. Customers really like this feature.

Check Woremor prices on Amazon.

Canadian based company out of Toronto and part of the EMR Shielding Solutions organization. Their clients include homeowners as well as the Navy and Air Force, Department of Justice and federal investigations.

MG Chemicals Supershield

MG Chemicals 841AR Super Shield Nickel Conductive Painting

MG Chemicals makes a water-based shielding paint with a nickel coating that works on wood or drywall. It low VOC, low odor, and non-flammable.

Nickel is ferromagnetic so shields the magnetic component as well as the electric component of electromagnetic waves.

This product is abrasion and corrosion resistant and can be applied by brush, roller, or spray.

You can buy a can of 841AR Super Shield in three different sizes (largest being 3.6L) or in an aerosol spay or small jars for painting objects.

One thing I really like about this product is that is is a silver-grey color so easier to cover up with a lighter room color. The

MG Chemicals also sells an acrylic-based shielding paint, conductive epoxy paint, and silver-coated copper based shielding paints. They’re a Canadian based company, out of Burlington Ontario.

Where To Get RF Blocking Paint?

Check out prices on Amazon first. I have often found it’s where you can get the best price on your purchase with free shipping on all orders. Shipping is super fast if you have a prime account.

Will I Benefit From Using RF Shield Paint?

I strongly believe everyone will benefit from using this form of protection, unless you live on a acreage with no neighbors or towers in sight. 

It’s especially important for people living in condos, apartments, houses in a city and anyone living in close proximity to a 5G tower or other form of tower.

Your living environment will experience a lot more EMR interference from all your neighborhood EMF sources.

measure paint shielding with EMF meter

EMF meters are an easy way to see which rooms have high EMR fields and levels in them. This will help you to decide which walls or room (or rooms) need blocking paint.

It’s also something everyone should have. Check out the Trifield EMF Meter here. It’s my top recommendation.

Or learn more about EMF meters here.

How to Paint Your Walls with EMF Protection Paint

Although RF shielding paint is like regular paint in many ways, it has some unique steps you must do for it to work effectively. I wanted to share this information to avoid any confusion.

Here is how to apply EMF blocking paint.

1. Prepare Your Walls

Just as you would with any paint, make sure to wash your walls, fix any holes, sand them if that’s what you normally do, and prime them with a non-oil based primer.

2. Start with Grounding Tape

grounding tape

Grounding is important for the paint to work effectively. It’ll still work if you skip this step but not as well so the manufacturers really recommend you follow their grounding steps.

Some countries (like current EU legislation) require surfaces are grounded by a qualified electrician. This could also be required by your insurance provider. Double check the requirements for your home before doing this yourself.

Map out where your grounding plate will go after you paint (usually near an outlet) and apply the tape across all walls to be painted (and ceiling if you’re painting it too). You’ll need three extra grounding straps around the spot for your plates.

You probably want to do this low to the ground, just so it’s not noticeable through the paint. Then go up one corner and across a section of your ceiling. The idea is to connect all walls being shielded.

Most people require about 20-30 meters (66-100 feet) to cover an average size bedroom.

Many paint brands have their own grounding tape or you can find grounding straps online. Click here for the best price on ground tape.

3. Shake and Paint

Now you’re ready to add your first application of paint. Shake your paint for about a minute and apply like normal. You can use a regular roller, tray, paintbrushes, and any other standard paint accessories.

Make sure you paint a nice even layer, not too thick. You don’t want it to get lumpy. Since the paint is black, you’ll be able to see areas that are too thin pretty easily.

To work well you don’t want any gaps so make sure exposed areas are completely covered.

When you’re painting around your electrical outlets, make sure to leave about 2 inches distance around all outlets. Since the paint is conductive, for safety reasons you need to keep some distance between your paint and any electrical wires.

4. Take a Break While It Dries

EMR paint takes about 24 hours to dry so enjoy your break from painting. Hopefully it doesn’t disrupt your night’s sleep too much.

5. Apply A Second Coat If You’d Like

One coat of shielding paint, like the YShield Paint provides approximately 37dB attenuation. Adding a second coating will enhance the shielding ability, (up to 44dB).

Further applications will continue to increase your shielding strength. Most brands recommend applying 1-2 coats.

6. Apply Grounding Plates

After your paint has dried you will install a grounding plate on each wall being painted, near your outlet. If the walls are less than 8×8 ft surface area and touching then only one is necessary.

This is often part of a grounding kit that comes with your tape.

For your safety, regulations, and insurance purposes, your earthing plates should be installed by a licensed electrician.

The plate will have a plug that attaches to a power point, which is connected to the earth by a grounding wire. Your electrician may hard-wire your grounding straps to a metal pipe or into the wall directly to your electrical wires.

7. Paint With Your Color of Choice

Almost done, all you have to do is paint your room with the color of your choice.

Plastic bonded, water-based emulsion paint, facade paints, or silicon resin paint in all colors work best over top of your EMF shielding paint.

8. Enjoy Your Bedroom

That’s it! That’s all you need to cover your walls in EMF paint. Time to set your room back up and enjoy with greater peace of mind.

If you’re painting exterior walls, you’ll want to consider adding EMF shielding curtains or fabric on your windows too. Otherwise there’s a big hole in your coverage area. You can learn more about EMF-blocking curtains here.

Which Walls Should I Paint?

This is going to depend your individual situation. I’d use an EMF meter to figure out which rooms have the highest levels of EMFs and start there.

Consider walls with a Smart Meter on the outside, facing a 5G tower, or walls that adjoin or face neighbors.

How Much EMF Paint Do I Need?

A 1L container of paint should cover 81 square feet. Remember you will likely need two coats of paint.

Why Do I Need Grounding Tape?

Shielding paint creates an electrically conductive surface. This means that if you were to drill into the wall with a power drill or something, it’s possible that they could get electrocuted – unless the paint is grounded.

So it helps protect you.

An added benefit to earthing your walls is that it helps to reduce electric field exposure from the electrical wires within the walls.

Other Things To Consider

If you paint an entire room (some people paint floors too) then you do not want to have wireless electronics inside the room so this might not be ideal for your office. For one, they won’t get any signals. But it also means that you’re trapping those electromagnetic waves inside that room, which you don’t want.

And your phone would be working harder to connect, having a lower signal so it would produce more RF radiation to do that.

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