Shungite for EMF Protection and More…

You’ve heard of this amazing black stone and you’re here because you want to know how does Shungite work for EMF Protection?

I’m excited you’re interested in learning more about how amazing this stone really is. It’s often referred to as the stone of life and has gained popularity recently over claims of its amazing health benefits and, of course, ability to work as EMF protection.

I can tell you I’ve purchased pendants and cell phone stickers for myself and family. We have stones around my house and wouldn’t go without these stones now. So let me tell you about this mineral and how it blocks EMFs.

How does Shungite work for EMF Protection?

According to research by Russian scientist Regina Martino, Shungite doesn’t actually block or shield electromagnetic radiation. Instead, it transforms the energy vibrationally.

Shungite is electrically conductive. Basically, it turns man-made electromagnetic fields into fields that are more similar to ones made by the Earth so they’re compatible to our bodies.

A 2023 research study in the Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry states that Shungite has electromagnetic radar-shielding and radar-absorbing properties. This expands earlier research on Shungite rocks being used to protect against electromagnetic interference in the frequency range of 1 to 500 MHz.

EMF Benefits of Fullerenes

Research by Russian Professor Grégori Andrievsky shows that the fullerenes in Shungite have incredibly powerful antioxidants.

Radiation creates free radicals in our bodies which weaken our bodily functions and can make us sick. These fullerenes actually attract the free radicals like magnets, attaching to the fullerenes.

They then form a neutral compound, but these amazing fullerenes can still keep working to attract more free radicals.

Humans are constantly surrounded by EMFs from our cell phones, smart technology, WiFi, 5G towers, and other technology like your tablet or laptop. Shungite helps to absorb the radiation emitted by these devices so that your body doesn’t absorb it.

Not only that but it helps to repair the damage that radiation causes when we do absorb it into our bodies.

According to patent #US5640705A, case studies show evidence that fullerene carbon (the amazing molecules inside Shungite) is used to contain radiation from nuclear waste.

According to the scientists, Fullerene is the only single-layer molecule that “will completely contain high energy ionizing radiation… and can absorb the five main types [of ionizing radiation].”

Further research on carbon nanotubes (created by the fullerenes within Shungite), shows that these carbon nanotubes have good electrical conductivity and electromagnetic wave absorbing properties.

Shungite Shielding in Technology

In Japan, a company is using Shungite as a coating on their circuit board as a way of blocking electromagnetic interference, also called EMI.

This company’s patent argues that Shungite is the best material for eliminating the most EMI. The material can be applied to laptops, computers, your phone, etc. too.

How Do I Use Shungite for EMF Protection?

For personal protection, you can wear Shungite jewelry, like a necklace, pendant, or bead bracelet. Another option is to simply carry a stone in your pocket or on your cell phone case.

For home protection, put larger pieces of Shungite near your electronic devices that emit RF-EMF radiation, like your WiFi router, TV, computer, radio receivers. Place your stone between yourself and your electronics when possible.

You can also put small stones in a bowl or dish between you and your RF-emitting devices and can always add other crystals or stones to the bowl for added color and other benefits depending on the crystal. Here is my list of the 10 best EMF protection crystals.

What is Shungite?

Shungite a rare and powerful stone. One of the oldest on the planet, at an estimated 2 billion years old. It’s only found in one place in the world, a Russian province called Karelia.

What makes it so special is that it has a really high carbon content and nearly the entire periodic table of elements within it. It’s not really a mineral itself, it actually has a lot of minerals in it.

This carbon is also unique. Its molecular structure has fullerenes (called c60), which have a ton of amazing health properties. It’s a powerful antioxidant, prevents DNA damage, slows cancer cell growth, purifies and absorbs radiation, etc.

Types of Shungite

This mineral is divided into three types, depending on the amount of carbon within it. This affects cost, availability, strength of EMF protection and benefits you get from your stone. The quality depends on the concentration of carbon inside the stone.

Type I – Silver Shungite

Also known as Elite or Noble Shungite. This is the purest and highest quality stone you can find.

It is the rarest form and makes up only about 1% of Shungite. It’s 98% organic carbon.

Elite Shungite is easily recognizable by its silver shiny appearance. It’s a fragile, glassy mineral. You can only buy it in its raw form.

Because of its high carbon makeup, it has the most powerful EMF protection and health benefits.

Type II – Black Shungite

Black Shungite looks like coal, with a deep black color. It contains 50-70% organic carbon. Because of its makeup, it can be easily cut and polished so you can find it in all different shapes.

This type is most likely to be found as pendants, beads, and jewelry.

Type III – Grey Shungite

This rock is a dark grey colour and contains the least amount of organic carbon, at 30-50%. It can be cut and polished into any shape but has the lowest number of Fullerenes.

Meaning it has the lowest RF shielding effects but will also be the lowest cost stone.

Other Amazing Health Benefits

Shungite has been used for hundreds of years for all kinds of health benefits. Research has been done on its benefits over the years, starting in the 60s with historic use going back to the seventeenth century. More on its history at the bottom of this page.

Here are some of the amazing healing and health benefits of Shungite.

  • Promotes anti-toxicity – neutralizing toxins in the body
  • Speeds up wound healing
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Increases enzyme activity
  • Normalizes cellular metabolism
  • Detoxifying properties
  • Immune booster
  • Pain reliever
  • Allergen suppressant
  • Calms anxiety and the mind

Its healing strength depends on its mass and how much carbon content and fullerenes(c60) are in the Shungite. So, Type 1 or Elite stones are going to have the most health benefits and the highest carbon content.

Research on the Benefits of this Stone

Since Shungite is only found in Russia, it took the rest of the world longer to learn about its uses and benefits.

Original research is from Russia but more recent research shows the fullerenes are able to slow the growth of cancer cells and the development of AIDS.

A 2018 study found a positive impact on mice with a skin condition. It improves damaged and wrinkled skin in mice through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Alternative health practitioners believe it is useful in treating a number of illnesses including, insomnia, pain management, increasing energy, and helping to balance the mind.

Shungite Water – An Amazing Purifier

Recent studies show Shungite purifies water. They indicate that the mineral absorbs 95% of the contaminants in the water, including heavy metals, and phenols.

It also removed oil, benzene, pesticides, chlorine, and ammonia.

A 2017 research study also shows that the carbon in Shungite eliminates radioactive particles in water.

Other research shows that using Shungite rocks in water kills bacteria, while adding magnesium, calcium, oxygen, and other essential minerals.

Shungite was used hundreds of years ago for safe drinking water and now we know why. It was also used in farming, adding nutrients to the soil. According to this research, you can add a rock right to your glass of water. You definitely want to make sure it’s genuine and of high quality first.

There are even more studies on the many benefits this mineral has for water, animals, plants, and our health, but I think I’ve covered enough for now.

Is My Shungite Authentic?

You can’t always tell by looking at your Shungite, if it’s real or not. Fortunately, fake Shungite isn’t a common problem.

Because of the fullerene content, Shungite is electrically conductive. If the fullerene content is high enough, it will actually act like a piece of metal. So to find out if you have an authentic mineral, all you have to do is test it.

EMF Meter Test

Using an EMF meter I check the levels both before and after putting a Shungite pendant infront of it. The results were quite dramatic.

Multimeter Test

You can also measure this current with a multimeter or ohmmeter. Your stone should give a reading of 0, which means there’s no resistance and that it’s conductive. If the number bounces around it’s not Shungite or at least it’s not pure Shungite. The numbers shouldn’t move around like they are confused.

Flashlight Test

This is a really cool test you can do with a flashlight for every piece of Shungite you own to check if it’s authentic but it will also give you an idea about how pure it is.

As you can see from the picture below this piece powered the light but it’s much dimmer than the picture below of pure shungite. This means that there is something else inside the stone that is interfering with the conductivity.

In this picture you can see that the light is much brighter indicating an authentic and pure Shungite stone.

Light Bulb Test

You can do this easily with a lightbulb, a battery, and a couple of wires. Oh and you’ll need your Shungite, of course. Create an electric streamline with your stone between the bulb and the battery. 

If your mineral is authentic, your bulb will light up as the Shungite conducts electricity through it.

If you don’t have a multi-meter there are a couple things you can look for. Real Shungite has iron it in so you might see some rust and it has Cortz which are little white stripes running through it.

Fake Shungite

In the first example the shiny piece with the lines is marketed as Shungite but Shungite doesn’t have lined on it like that when ,it looks like Selenite painted black. Those lines are created when Selenite is shattered.

How Do I Buy Shungite?

If you’re lucky enough to find some in a shop, let the stone choose you. Which one are you drawn to? Which one do you pick up and hold in your hand? Some people do muscle testing while others ask their pendulum. Don’t overthink it.

If you’re ordering online or are more of a left-brained person, first consider how you’ll be using your Shungite. Will it be carried in your pocket, or worn as jewelry? It will be in your energy system.

Go with a trustworthy and reputable company. It definitely should come from Russia and having a certificate of authenticity is always a good thing too. If buying online, always check reviews of the sellers.

If you’re getting a piece for your office or home, then you’ll want to consider the size of the space, the level of EMFs in that space, and other effects you’ll get from your crystal.

Choosing the Right Shape Stone

Most Shungite can be easily cut, so you can purchase it in a variety of shapes, which is nice if you’re using this stone for jewelry.

Here are just a few of the most common crystal shapes and the beliefs around them. Different shapes are believed to have different effects. Something to consider when choosing the best shape for your space.

Pyramids are said to be one of the most powerful shapes, with strong wave forms. They also tend to be more stimulating, so they’re a great choice for your office, classroom, playroom, etc.

Spheres are uniform and have harmonious form waves. This creates a calming energy. Spheres would be a better option for your bedroom, baby’s room, or meditation space. They also pair well with other shapes to balance energies.

Cubes are believed to have a connection to the earth and grounding power. They’re good for helping with concentration on mental tasks. Their area of protection is smaller than the sphere and pyramid.

Eggs are a good choice for harmonization and connection. They are a symbol of new beginnings and fertility and are preferred for bringing luck, starting a new journey, and balance between leisure and work.

Raw stones are in their natural uncut form with rougher surfaces. Many healers believe they have a more pure energy. They’ll be unique and irregularly shaped.

Tumbled stones are polished raw pieces of Shungite. They’re the most common shape and are pretty versatile. Great to carry in your pocket, purse, next to your skin, or fill a small bowl of them to use near your electronic devices.

Since this stone can be shaped, you can find products in so many shapes, including stars, hearts, animals, moons, etc. More information can be found on the spiritual meaning behind these objects.

What Size Crystal Should I Choose?

The larger the stone, the stronger and further the range. A bigger piece of Shungite will be able to cover a larger room.

I like overlapping fields of protection, basically having more than one piece of Shungite and other crystals in one space. A good option is to wear a piece of jewelry and keep a larger stone in your office too.

How Do I Take Care of My Stone?

Crystals and stones require some care. They have to be cleansed and recharged so that they can keep doing their job. This removes contamination from the toxins, EMFs, and negative energy and purifies it.I haven’t looked for any research on this myself, but anytime I buy a crystal I’m told about how to cleanse it and how often.

For Shungite, once or twice a month, you should rinse your stone under running water then leave it in the sun for about an hour. Not all crystals can go in water, so don’t use this technique with all your crystals. Another option is to put it in the ground (in soil) for a few hours.If it is used continuously, you’ll want to replace your stone in about a year and a half.

Since Shungite is an absorbing cleaning stone, you can actually use it to cleanse your crystals.

History of this Mineral

Now that we’ve covered how amazing Shungite is, how to use it to shield yourself from EMFs, and how to buy some. You may be interested in Shungite’s history. Geologists believe that Shungite formed 2.5 million to over 1 billion years ago, during the Paleoproterozoic (don’t ask me how to pronounce that) era.

This mineral has been used for healing purposes dating back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Russia. First written accounts of its healing powers were from the time of Russia’s Peter the Great.

It was discovered near a small village called Shun’ga, in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. This is the only place in the world where large amounts can be found. Hence, the name Shungite.

Peter I and his family also documented thermal baths in “Martial Waters” that had antiseptic properties, helping the tsar and his court heal from illnesses.

Peter the Great ordered his soldiers to keep a piece of Shungite on them to pure and disinfect their water and avoid dysentry.

Hundreds of years later, factory workers became seriously ill but healed within days after drinking water that gushed over this incredible black rock. Other diseases were also reported to be cured by this water.

Research was actually done on Shungite in the late 1800s by Russian geologist and paleontologist, Alexander Inostranzeff.

Research on Shungite water was carried out in the 1930s. Unfortunately, it was put on hold during the war. It became popular again in the 1960s after clinical research was done on its health benefits and fullerenes were discovered.

Wrapping It Up

Shungite is an incredible mineral and I’m sure there is still more for us to learn about the benefits of fullerenes as scientists do more research on it.

What we do know is, if you’re looking to protect your home from EMFs then adding this RF absorbing crystal to high radiation spaces in your home or office is a great idea.

If you’re looking for personal protection from electromagnetic frequencies, 4G and 5G signals, then add a piece of Shungite jewelry to your wardrobe or simply carry a stone or two in your pocket. Instead of you absorbing this radiation, your mineral will neutralize and absorb it for you. Saving you from some harmful energies.



Healing with Shungite: The Complete Guide for Protecting, Detoxing, and Purifying your Mind, Body, and Soul by Jessica Mahler ()

Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification by Regina Martino

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