How To Reduce EMF In Bedroom

It’s estimated that you’ll spend approximately 33 years of your life in bed. So it’s safe to say that your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and why you need to EMF proof your bedroom.

Sleep is also a crucial time for our health. It’s when our bodies and brains slow down and recover. Our cells regenerate, brain growth and healing occurs, memories are filed away, your energy gets restored, and hormones rebalance.

And of course, EMFs disrupt your quality of sleep and sleep patterns, interfering with melatonin production ( your sleep hormone).

EMFs disrupt quality of sleep

They also affect your nervous system, endocrine system, immunity and there’s research on tons of possible long term health problems connected to them.

For your health, it’s important to have good sleep hygiene. Here are easy changes how to reduce the EMFs in your bedroom to improve your sleep, for both your short-term and long-term health.

Quick Answer
One of the ways to reduce EMF in the bedroom is to unplug anything that is in a 8 foot radius of your bed. It will really help bring down your electromagnetic exposure at night and help you have a more rejuvenating and healing sleep.

Sleep With an EMF Blanket

One great way to reduce your exposure in the bedroom is to use an anti-radiation blanket. They’re soft, come in different colors and sizes to fit your bed, kid’s bed, baby blanket (to swaddle with), or use as a personal blanket or throw.

It’s an easy way to add protection since you sleep with a blanket anyway. We have them on all our beds plus throws in different rooms. You can learn more about high quality EMF blankets here.

The middle layer of the blanket is made of shielding technology that reduces your exposure to 5G, WiFi and other Wireless EMF sources for the parts that are covered up.

Use A Shielding Bed Canopy

The best way to avoid electromagnetic fields while you sleep is to use an EMF bed canopy. Thin, breathable silver fiber fabric is draped over or around your bed creating an EMF-free space.

Anti-radiation canopies create a type of Faraday cage around your bed, blocking out all signals from within your room. You’ll notice a difference in the quality of your sleep, EHS symptoms, and overall health.

There are different types to choose from. My daughter thinks it’s a princess bed. Find my top recommended shielding bed canopies here.

Once you start using your canopy – don’t use your electronic devices inside your canopy because it could amplify the effects as you would be trapping EMFs inside the canopy.

Coat Your Walls In RF-Shielding Paint

I’m always surprised to see how many people haven’t heard of shielding paint. It’s a conductive paint that will block out RF fields and low frequency electrical fields.

You apply it on your inside walls and possibly ceiling as a prime coat then paint overtop with your regular paint. Don’t worry it’s Non-toxic and zero VOC.

Learn more about how easy EMF paint is to apply and the best brands of paint here.

Blocking paint is really helpful if you live near towers or a neighbors’ satellite and especially if you live in a condo or apartment, surrounded by countless wireless routers and smart meters.

Sleep On Grounding Mats and Sheets

Earthing has so many wonderful benefits for your health. While the best place to ground yourself is outside barefoot, you can also use grounding mats on your bed while you sleep or earthing sheets and grounding pillow cases.

EMFs disrupt our natural energetic frequencies (among other things) and emit positively charged ions. Grounding helps to neutralize these positively-charged oxidants in our body, helping us to heal from the effects RFs and ELFs have on our body.

They also have a ton of other benefits, like reducing inflammation, pain and stress, improving sleep, etc. which you can read about here.

Switch to EMF Curtains

EMF shielding curtains act as a barrier between the inside of your bedroom and RF signals outside your home (like power lines, 5G towers and other communication towers, other people’s Wifi signals’).

You can get blackout anti-radiation curtains, a variety of colors, material, length etc. to match the decor in your room. No one other than you will know that they’re RF shielding fabric and not just regular curtains.

Alternatively, you can buy EMF blocking fabric to make your own curtains, drape your entire exterior wall, or use around your bed similar to a canopy.

Add Crystals To Your Decor

Crystals have been used for protection for thousands of years. They have all sorts of benefits but there are a handful of crystals that can block and absorb RF radiation.

Simply place them in your bedroom, between your bed and sources of radiation, whether that’s near your phone, an outside wall or window, or an inside wall that may be near your WiFi router or other wireless device.

See my article here on the best EMF absorbing and blocking crystals for your bedroom to learn more about which ones you should use.

Crystals come in all different sizes so you can have many small ones around your room or a larger focal piece. Bonus is they add to your bedroom decor and have other healing properties like improved mood and energy, relaxation, calmness, and rebalancing.

Wear Your EMF Protective Clothes

You have a ton of options when it comes to anti-radiation clothing for sleeping. From pyjamas to underwear and socks, t-shirts, ponchos, and beanies for your head.

Your body can be shielded night and day with comfortable, breathable, sweat-absorbing antibacterial protective gear.

GetLambs is one of my favorite brands for EMF clothing (read my GetLambs review here). I love their boxers and t-shirts. Check them out and see for yourself.

Dirty Electricity Filters

if you look around your bed, you’ll likely have at least one outlet close to your head and one on the other side of your bed. These were placed for convenience not with our health in mind.

These outlets, energy efficient lights, and dimmer switches give off dirty electricity into your home and bedroom. Learn more about dirty electricity here.

To eliminate dirty electricity and convert it back to 50/60 Hz power you can plug dirty electricity filters into your outlets then continue using them as normal plugs.

Add A Whole House Filter

Instead of having dirty electricity filters in all the rooms in your house, you can use a whole house neutralizer, which filters and conditions all your electrical lines for your entire house.

Not only is this good for your health, it also reduces your electricity bill, gives you surge protection and magnetic field reduction to your home.

This is something you’ll want to have installed by a licensed electrician.

EMF Protection For The Nursery

You can use all of the same strategies above for your baby’s and children’s bedrooms, like RF shielding blankets, anti-radiation paint, blocking bed canopy or fabric etc.

But one significant electromagnet field source unique to your nursery is your video baby monitor. Learn more about how much RF radiation your monitor emits here and the best low-EMF monitors to switch to.

Babies skulls are thinner than ours, making them more vulnerable to the effects of EMFs as they can absorb more radiation than we can.

Researchers analyzed 9 studies and found a two-fold increase in risk of childhood leukemia among kids exposed to high levels of magnetic fields.

Babies and toddlers sleep more than adults so they spend a lot more time sleeping in their bedroom than we do (or at least we hope they do). So keep them safe and healthy by creating and EMF-free bedroom and protect them while they sleep.

Free EMF protection

In addition to the bedroom EMF protection options I’ve written about above there are some things you can do that are completely free but will have a huge impact on your exposure while you sleep. Now they may not be easy!

1. No Cell Phones In Your Bedroom

You may like most people have a bad habit of scrolling on your phone before falling asleep but having your phone in your bedroom exposes you to high levels of radiation… all night long.

Every inch your phone is further from you, your exposure is reduced. So the best place to keep it is out of the bedroom.

If you sleep close to your phone, then you may want to read this on why cell phones are really bad for your health.

If you’re not ready to keep your smartphone out of your room, at least switch to airplane mode and keep it away from your head (like on your dresser across the room).

2. Turn Off Your Wireless Router At Night

There’s really no need to have your Wireless router pinging multiple times a second all night long while you sleep. A great thing for your health is to unplug your router or use a timer to have it go off at night.

My favorite WiFi router is the JRS Eco router. It has a built in timer to go off at night and a sleep mode so it’s only activated when you’re actually using the internet. If no one is on their phone or computer, you aren’t being exposed to thousands of Wifi signals an hour.

This is the only router of its kind and it is made in Europe. Learn more about it here.

And no matter what, keep your router in a room as far away from the bedrooms in your house as possible. Don’t forget to keep it away from where your pets sleep too.

Assess Your Bedroom with A Trifield Meter

I think an EMF detector is an essential household item these days. It’ll allow you to easily and regularly assess your home or anywhere really, for levels of electromagnetic frequency radiation.

They’re easy to use and read and can tell you the biggest sources of RF radiation in your bedroom, how well the protective measures you’ve added have reduced those levels, and when your equipment needs to be replaced.

I find the Trifield TF2 EMF Meter to be the most accurate. You can learn more about it at this link.

If your Faraday bag gets a hole in it, then signals can leech out of your bag or reach your devices. This changes its effectiveness. I think it’s important to regularly check your bags to know when it’s time to replace them.

EMF Sources in Your Bedroom

Here is a list of commonly found ELF and RF emitting electronics found in your bedroom or that can reach your bedroom. Do a bedroom check to see what electronics are in the bedrooms in your home.

  1. Your cell phone – get it out of your bedroom
  2. Same goes for your tablet, laptop, and computer
  3. Wireless router and Wifi signals – keep it as far from your bedroom as possible
  4. Power lines outside your home
  5. Communication towers
  6. Smart meters – if they’re on an exterior bedroom wall
  7. Dirty electricity – check where your electrical plugs are compared to the head of your bed
  8. Portable radios
  9. Baby monitors
  10. Mobile phone chargers
  11. Your TV – especially if it’s ‘smart’
  12. Beside clock
  13. Cable box
  14. Wireless speakers
  15. Stereo – especially if it’s Bluetooth
  16. LED lightbulbs
  17. Electric blankets
  18. Fans
  19. Exercise equipment
  20. Circuit breakers – if in the bedroom
  21. Electric heat pads

Research on Bedroom EMF Reducing Strategies

Researchers followed men and women over two months, using EMF reducing strategies in their bedroom and found the people who implemented the strategies had better homeostasis, sleep, and maintenance of health.

That was just in two months! Proof that these simple changes can have a significant affect on your health and sleep.


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