Protect Yourself From EMF On The Go

Today you’re surrounded by EMF radiation everywhere you go. From your home, place of work, neighborhood, your car or public transportation, out shopping or for a run, even in nature unfortunately.

You can take control of and protect yourself from many of the sources in your home, like using router guards, EMF paint, avoiding Bluetooth and Wireless technology, etc. But when you’re away from your home it’s a lot harder to reduce your exposure.

Sources of EMF in your Community

5g towers

How many cell phone signals are you exposed to on any given day? Never mind everyone’s Wifi signals and don’t get me started on 5G towers that are popping up everywhere you look.

If only we could have large invisible bubbles to protect us from everyone else’s electromagnetic frequency radiation. I know I’d be a lot happier, not to mention healthier.

So I wanted to share with you some ways to take control of your radiation exposure when you leave your home. Easy ways you can reduce the EMFs around you everywhere you go.

Protection from the electronics you keep on you all the time, like your cell phone, and shielding from signals around you.

Protection From Your Own Devices

Since your devices are close to your body, and often on you all day long, it makes sense to tackle these devices first.

You have lots of options to protect yourself and block EMFs from your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices.

Switch to Air Tube Headphones

switch to air tube headphones

If you don’t already use air tube headsets, this should be a priority for your next purchase for yourself and loved ones.

There is a ton of evidence (and more coming out) on how bad Bluetooth earbuds are for your health. You’re sending radiation right into your skull.

Even regular wired headphones send EMFs from the speaker into your head and although they’re better than wireless ones, you can reduce the EMFs near your body and head a lot more by switching to radiation free air tubes.

You can read more about these radiation free earbuds and find the best ones here. I personally use Defendershield air tubes. You can follow that link to learn more about my favorite brand.

Never Leave Home Without A Faraday Bag

I do not leave home without a Faraday bag or Faraday backpack and when I’m travelling we always use Faraday duffel bags. I think this technology is one of my favorite inventions.

So why are they so amazing and why should you be using them too?

Faraday technology shields your electronic devices, like your phone, laptop, tablet, and key fob from hackers, tracking technology, and spyware. With your device in the RF shielding pocket or pouch of your bag, signals cannot reach it.

Not only do Faraday bags protect you from outside attacks, you also aren’t exposed to constant cell signals, Bluetooth, or Wifi from your devices. They keep your smartphone further from your body and protect you from the harmful effects of cell phone radiation.

Read more here about why your cell phone in your pocket is the worst place for it.

Anti-Radiation Phone Cases

When you need access to your iPhone, you should still have EMF protection. You can easily switch to an anti-radiation cellphone case. Find the best EMF shielding smartphone cases here.

You need a case anyway, so why not choose one that protects you too?

If you’re on your mobile phone a lot, sleep with it next to your bed, or keep it in your pocket then you may want to read this article on why cell phones are bad for your health.

Choose a Low EMF Fitness Tracker

If you’re going to use a fitness tracker, there are low radiation options that offer the same quality of tracking (like sleep, heart rate, steps, etc) but without the constant Bluetooth radiation 24 hours a day.

See the best low RF fitness trackers here.

There’s also a really unique low EMF fitness tracker called an Oura Ring. It monitors your sleep, readiness, and activity with high degree of accuracy. It even monitors your blood oxygen levels.

If you can’t part with your Apple Watch or Fitbit, there are bands or anti-radiation chips that you can easily attach on your band that neutralize EMFs, like this one here.

Personal Radiation Protection Wherever You Go

people on devices

Since 5G towers are going up everywhere, not to mention all the WiFi, Bluetooth, and other EMFs you’re absorbing all the time, it’s important to have personal EMF protection at all times.

Here are some of the ways I protect myself and my family and recommend to others concerned about SAR.

These options are a great place to start and to figure out which work best for you.

EMF Neutralizing Necklaces

Shielding necklaces and pendants are an easy way to reduce the effects of EMFs on you. You may be familiar with the Q-Link pendant. It’s used by a lot of famous people and professional athletes.

Shielding necklaces are discreet, stylish, and simply make you feel good. You have a ton of options from classic designs and stones, like black Shungite, to colorful or intricate designs, such as Orgonite pendants. Other necklaces have extra benefits like grounding Chakra stones embedded in them.

Of course there are pendants designed for men, women, and kids. Here are the best rated EMF necklaces. See which is the best fit for you.

Shielding Clothing – Wear Anywhere

Anti-radiation clothes blocks specific parts of your body from radiation; protecting your brain, organs, important reproductive parts, pregnant belly, and so on. Important things to block.

GetLambs is one of my favorite brands. Their pieces are comfortable, breathable, antibacterial, and of course radiation proof. There’s a ton of scientific researching backing Lamb’s technology.

You could get lost for hours reading about all the different shielding clothing pieces, so check out my guide to EMF clothing here. It’s organized by article, like hats, sweaters, t-shirts, underwear, etc.

Carry Protective Crystals

Crystals have been used as a protective power for thousands of years around the world. Not all crystals absorb radiation and block EMFs but specific stones can shield and neutralize EMF energy around you, like Shungite or Tourmaline.

Learn all about the strongest anti-radiation crystals here.

Even small crystals are effective and can be kept in your pocket throughout the day. Other options include keeping one in your purse, your child’s backpack, wearing a crystal necklace or bracelet, or simply keep stones on your office desk, in your vehicle, etc.

You might be interested in reading my post Do Crystals pyramids really block EMFs? there is also a really great video measuring the blocking effects tested with an EMF meter.

Bonus, you’ll get extra benefits from having the stones on you, like stress relief, improved mood, grounding, energy just to name a few.

EMF Shielding Bracelets

It’s not a bad idea to use more than one form of protection when you’re away from your home. EMF shielding or neutralizing bracelets are an inexpensive extra piece of protection.

The most popular styles are Shungite and crystal based bands and the EMF Harmonizer. Similar to the blocking necklaces, you have a lot of choice in style, size, and flourish.

Anti-Radiation Stickers

EMF stickers are another way you can reduce your exposure from specific devices. Simply place the sticker on the back of your phone, tablet or other EMF emitting electronic device in your home or office.

Many have metals within them that absorb or block RF frequency radiation and help to neutralize the waves before it’s your body absorbing them.

Too bad they’re not invisible, you could cover all your friends’ and coworkers’ devices too!

There are quite a few option so go see my list of the top rated anti-radiation stickers here.

Don’t Forget To Protect Your Pets Too

Animals are sensitive to RF radiation, more than we even know. Canine cancers and illness are on the rise. Whether at home or out on a walk, there are ways to keep your pets safer.

You can find out how to protect your pets from electromagnetic radiation here.

Testing EMF Levels Around You

You may not believe just how high the RF radiation is in the spaces you spend your time. An easy way to assess EMFs is to use a meter, like the Trifield EMF meter, my favorite meter.

Easy to use and understand, just point it and you’ll get a reading, often with beeping to tell you how high the radiation is around you. I bet the results will shock you.

This is a great tool to have on hand to test your home, work, and your protective items to make sure they’re working.

Take Control Over Your Health

It sucks that we have to worry about EMF radiation, what it’s doing to our health, and if there will be a 5G tower next door. However, it is good to know that we have options to protect ourselves in our homes (emf protection article?) and wherever you go.

You can take control over your health to reduce symptoms you may have that are connected to radio frequency radiation, to be able to worry less about your future health and know that you are protecting yourself from high EMF levels around you.

Research on Public EMF Exposure

Research in Health Physics, The Radiation Safety Journal studied personal RF EMF exposure for the general public in a bunch of different environments.

They found indoor exposure (office was the highest) had higher levels than outdoors. Most outdoor environments still had higher levels than desired. Other high areas of concern are inside trains and buses.