Benefits of Low EMF Fitness Trackers

Are you among the 1 in 5 people who use a fitness tracker? Maybe you’re one of the 202 million people wearing an Apple watch.

It’s no surprise this technology is so popular, as it has become a complex and personalized wearable gadget with a ton of benefits for you.

But as more research comes out on the negative health effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs), the more cautious people are becoming on being attached to a device that emits constant RF radiation.

This is why you should choose a low EMF fitness tracker or smartwatch. Here are just some of the benefits of wearing a non Bluetooth fitness tracker.

No Bluetooth or Bluetooth Shut Off

low emf fitness tracker no bluetooth

One of the best features of having low EMF fitness trackers is the ability to shut off Bluetooth when you want or even better having wearable fitness gadgets with no Bluetooth capabilities at all.

Bluetooth devices emit RF radiation. They “hop” or transmit data signals up to 800 times per second.

Since most people wear their smartwatches 24/7, unless you choose a low EMF option, you’re being continually exposed to Bluetooth radiation, day and night.

Although manufacturers tell you that Bluetooth radiation is safe, this study on EMF and fertility found Bluetooth signals from a cell phone in your pocket to be harmful and has negative effects on sperm quantity and quality.

Negative Effects Of Bluetooth

More and more research has been showing negative health effects from Bluetooth exposure. Learn more about what is Bluetooth radiation here and find more studies showing its harmful effects.

Since you wear your smart device while you sleep, it’s especially important that Bluetooth is disabled at night. Sleep is when you heal, grow, store your memories, and your cells repair. You don’t want to be absorbing EMFs at this important time.

Don’t worry, your data is still being collected. You can still track steps, heart rate, sleep, etc. This information can be logged whenever you choose to connect to Bluetooth or when you manually connect your gadget to sync your data.

No WiFi Exposure

no wifi exposure

WiFi emits even more harmful EMF emissions than Bluetooth signals.

So if you are using a low EMF smartwatch or fitness tracker then you will want to ensure WiFi is disabled.

Some of the low RF options do not even have WiFi, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

But the Google Pixel, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, some Fitbits, and others do have WiFi capabilities.

Greater Protection From Hackers

hackers can track location and activity

Having WiFi and Bluetooth on makes you vulnerable to hackers who can potentially track your location and activity, gain access to your personal information, financial information, and know when you sleep.

By choosing a low electromagnetic field radiation fitness device without Bluetooth or WiFi (or these options disabled) you’re more secure.

It’ll be a lot harder for any thief or hacker to gain access to your information and location.

Longer Battery Life

Since your smart device is working less without having to connect to your phone and tracking app all day and night, you actually get a longer charge on your battery, which further reduces your EMR exposure as charging cords also emit levels of radiation.

Bonus is your battery should have a longer life as well, meaning it’ll save you money and your wearable will last longer.

Safer Option For Kids

If you are purchasing an activity tracker for your child or teenager, you definitely want to choose a low EMF option. Children are more vulnerable to the effects of EMFs as their skulls are thinner, meaning they absorb more radiation than adults.

Reduce their RF radiation exposure and keep their devices secure from hackers. Good reasons to go with low electromagnetic devices instead of the most popular gadgets.

Can Save You Money

Some of the lowest EMF rated fitness trackers cost less than the high tech versions. People are paying more money for more toxic exposure. Protect yourself and save money. Sounds like a win-win to me.


Low EMF fitness trackers help keep you accountable to yourself. You get daily reminders to get in your physical activity and you can easily see if you’ve reached your goals or how far you are from reaching them.

You can monitor your activity over time to see which days are harder to get in your activities or steps and how you can work harder to reach your goals.


Another benefit is the motivation to reach your goals, get your heart rate up, get in those steps, get moving, etc. It motivates you to push yourself every day, even when you’re busy or tired.

If you’re in group networks, you have group motivation as well. Your friends can see your progress and encourage you or you can challenge each other to beat each other’s steps.

Sleep Quality Tracking

Smart devices have several ways to monitor your sleep quality, depending on which you have. From time spent asleep, your heart rate variability, sleeping heart rate, breathing rate, restlessness, and how long you spend in each stage of sleep.

This is a great way to learn about your sleep quality, factors that affect your sleep, how often you wake in the night, how long it takes you to fall asleep, and how to improve your sleep hygiene.

Sleep is important for so many reasons. It’s important for healing, immunity, recovery, emotional and hormonal regulation, and brain function. It helps keep your weight under control.

Having info on how you sleep and how you can improve that is really beneficial for your health.

Improved Stress Management

We all experience daily stress but being able to reflect on your stress, reduce it, and develop your stress management skills is key to good health.

Trackers monitor your stress through your heart rate variability, resting heart rate, sleep patterns, and some have more advanced features that give you a stress management score, log your feelings, etc.

Some trackers have stress-reducing features like deep-breathing programs, helping you to reduce stress every day or when you need it most.

Stress affects your immune system, heart, digestive system, weight, fertility, sleep, etc. Being able to see when you’re most stressed out, how often, and taking steps to lower your stress levels will help your health in so many ways.

Gets You Moving


Seeing that step counter really pushes people to move more. We don’t always realize how little we’ve moved, especially if you sit at a desk all day for work.

Many fitness gadgets have movement reminders too so if you’ve been sitting for too long it’ll vibrate or beep to let you know it’s time to get up and move.

Movement is good for your heart health, digestion, weight loss, and your mental health.

Readiness Predictors

The Oura ring (the only fitness tracking ring that also has Bluetooth shutoff) lets you know if it’s a good day for an intense workout or whether you should take a rest day. It calculates your readiness score based on your sleep patterns, heart rate variability, activity, and other body signals.

This can help you to avoid injuries and aids in recovery. Giving you greater insight into what your body needs and helping to promote reflection.

Keeps A Log Between Doctor Visits

Tracking heart rate, oxygen levels, body pat percentages, and more gives you an easy to read log with graphs of your bodily changes to share with your medical team. This gives your family practitioner or doctor a more accurate picture of your health and progress.

This also has the potential to detect disease earlier.


Is there a Fitbit that doesn’t have Bluetooth?

No there isn’t. You can’t turn Bluetooth off on any Fitbit bands or smartwatches. So if EMF is a concern for you, I’d go with a different brand.

Although switching to a low RF fitness tracker is the best option to reduce the electromagnetic field you’re exposed to, you can still reduce the RF waves you’re exposed to if you use a popular one like a Fitbit or Apple Watch.

There are options like using a low EMF fitness tracker band or smartwatch chip. These are small objects that attach onto your fitness gadget to absorb EMFs so your body doesn’t. You can learn more about these options here.

Low EMF Is Your Best Option

low EMF fitness tracker

As you can see there are a lot of reasons to choose a fitness tracker or smartwatch that is low EMF.

Since you will be wearing this device all day and night and doing so for your health, the best thing for your health is to reduce your RF radiation absorption or SAR.

Choose a low EMF fitness trackers instead.