Best Laptop Radiation Shields of 2024

Laptops are not meant to be used on your lap but if you have to then I recommend using on a laptop radiation shield. Laptops emit high levels of ELF radiation, which can be harmful to your health, so it’s important to use them safely.

Since my business is online, I’m often on my MacBook (usually on my desk). But I admit sometimes I use it on my lap but only with my radiation shielding pad. It’s just part of my computer now.

So I’d like to share with you what I have found to be the best radiation shields for your laptop.

Best Laptop EMF Shields

There are so many laptop pads on the market with a range of quality and price.

This product should last you a really long time, so you want the best quality and highest EMF absorption.

You also want a mat that’s the right size for your device. Check out my list of the best EMF laptop shields I updated in 2023.

Quick Answer
The best laptop radiation shield by Defendershield because of it’s advanced technology that blocks the full spectrum of EMF radiation including 5G frequencies.

1. Defendershield Laptop Shield

This EMF radiation and heat protection shield by Defendershield fits laptops up to 17 inches making it compatible with most Mac or PC laptops. You can buy it from Defendershield or Amazon.

With it’s Ultra Armor technology and multiple layers of shielding it blocks up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation including 5G frequencies (0-90GHz) from going to your lap.

While reducing your heat exposure with its thermal blocking capabilities. It has a non slip grip and has a waterproof surface.

Its comes in three different colors black, azure blue and cool grey. You can use it with an optional Defenderpad pillow for added comfort. This pad is made in the USA. The best place to buy it from is or Amazon.

2. SYB Laptop Pad

This protection radiation shield by SYB comes in 3 different sizes. Two for laptops (14 inches or 17 inches) and one for your tablet or iPad (all models and readers up to 11 inches). You can buy it from SYB or Amazon.

It comes in three different colors; jet black vegan leather, midnight microwave and ultra marine. I first bought the midnight microwave design but found it to be really trippy on my eyes. It kind of gives off a 3D appearance which I just didn’t like looking at. This might not be a problem for you, but I personally prefer the jet black flat look.

All three versions of this EMF radiation protection pad are thin and portable. They are scientifically proven to shield up to 98% of RF radiation and up to 96% ELF magnetic radiation.

They also shield 99% of the heat. You can really feel the difference on your lap or tabletop. It’s easy to clean with a waterproof surface and have an anti-slip grip.

3. HARApad EMF Protection Laptop Radiation & Heat Shield

This laptop anti-radiation shield by HARApad comes in 4 different sizes and 2 different finish options.

The four sizes are: for 13 inch laptops, for 15 inch laptops, for 17 inch laptops and a 25 inch lap desk. They are available in an black acrylic and walnut real wood option.

It’s has military grade EMF shielding and protects you from all 4 forms of radiation that come from laptops. The 4 types are EMF and RF radiation from Wifi, blueprint etc. ELF which are extremely low frequency radiation. And heat from radiation, conduction and convection).

It has been independently gauss meter tested. HARApad is family owned from the USA.

It’s best to use your laptop on a table or desk, just like with other EMF emitters – the further away you can be from them the better.

But let’s face it, there will be times when you will use your laptop on your lap. If you work, stream, or browse while you commute to work or school then it’s pretty hard to avoid using it on your lap. Or maybe you just want to lay on the couch while on your computer.

This is where anti radiation laptop shield comes in handy. You can still do these things. You don’t have to go completely hard-wired but you can still reduce your radiation exposure, just by putting a shield between you and your device.

4. HARApad Edge Laptop EMF Shield

This laptop shield by HARApad takes things to the next level because it isn’t flat like all the others on the market. Flat shields only block the radiation that goes directly down whereas this one isn’t flat and blocks in the front vertical and the horizontal walls.

So you get protection from three different directions. It is designed it fit most laptops.

They comes with 2 free from shim pads that add extra heat and EMF protection. You can glue the foam pads in place if you want and they can be used to life thinner laptops closer to your fingers.

This is the first multi directional EMF shielding technology pad on the market and is proudly made in the USA.

My Experience with My Laptop EMF Radiation Pads

I stopped using my laptop on my legs quite a while ago, after reading some research on male infertility and EMF frequencies. I always use a desk (plus I like to have several monitors connected) and I use a wired keyboard, mouse and connect to Ethernet.

Even with this setup, I still have an anti-radiation pad under my computer.

And when I (or my wife) aren’t working in our office, we use our pads (but our devices are still not on our laps). The biggest thing I noticed was that it acts as a heat blocker, with much less laptop heat coming from the bottom of my computer. This is great for my fan and computer life.

How To Test If Your Laptop Pad Blocks EMFs

You can test if you laptop pad is providing an reduction in EMF emissions by using an EMF meter like the Trifield TF2 below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get emailed a lot of questions and there seems to be quite a bit of interest in EMF laptop pads. So here are commonly asked questions I get about laptop shields.

How Much Radiation does a Laptop Emit?

The bottom of a laptop emits 40-100 MilliGauss of EMF, which is 40-100 times higher than the standard guidelines for exposure. You have WiFi, Bluetooth, battery or charging power cord all sitting right on your thighs and reproductive organs.

It’s no wonder that research studies have linked laptop use to a decrease in sperm quality, among other health issues.

Manufacturers even recommend against having it close to your body. Their recommendations are to have it 8 inches (20 cm) away from your body. That is definitely not directly on your thighs.

How Well do Laptop Radiation Shields Work?

Laptop EMF shields are designed to protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by your laptop.

My top recommendations have been tested for effectiveness and block up to 99% of EMF radiation from the underside of laptops.

They block RF radiation, ELF, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and heat radiation.

It’s  important to remember that they only reduce the emissions coming from underneath your laptop. If you use your laptop on your lap, your body is still exposed.

I don’t recommend you use your laptop on your lap but if you are going to, you can use a EMF protection blanket to reduce your exposure as well. Defendershield also has a blocking pillow pad.

What are the Benefits of Using One?

The main benefit of using a laptop radiation shield, is that it provides distance between you and your computer, protecting you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

It also absorbs heat, which helps prevent overheating and helps with extending the life of your computer. But this isn’t as important as helping to extend your life.

You can also use it with tablets, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

How do they Work?

Simple to use, just put it under your laptop and don’t think about it again.

There are two types of shields: those that block EMFs and those that absorb it. Blocking shields are typically made with some kind of metal in its layers, while absorbing shields are usually made of a material that absorbs EMFs, such as metal oxide.

Most are flat and go underneath your computer, while the Edge wraps around the front to give shielding for more than one side.

Block RF and ELFs

Although they don’t block all electromagnetic radiation from your device, they significantly reduce what comes out the bottom – which is the part closest to your body.

For example, DefenderShield’s Ultra Armor technology blocks all radiofrequencies (300 Hz to 90GHz – which includes 5G and c-band) and extremely low frequencies (ELF). This shield blocks 99% EMF radiation.

Why Should I use Laptop Protection Products?

Laptops send electromagnetic frequency radiation into your abdomen, crotch, and legs at much higher levels than recommended by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). They’re also supposed to be kept at least 8 inches away from your body.

If you use a laptop you should know just some of the reasons for using laptop EMF protection:

  • Laptops emit RF (radio frequency) radiation from Bluetooth and WiFi
  • They emit low frequency radiation from the AC power (whether running on battery or plugged)
  • It emits heat radiation (directly onto male reproductive parts)
  • It concentrates EMF radiation onto your lower abdominal area
  • laptop radiation can affect a developing fetus
  • Emissions are 40-100x higher than recommended exposure
  • Laptop emissions have been linked to fertility issues (particularly in men)

So which ones do I use?

I like that it’s absorbing radiofrequency radiation from the bottom and front (with the HARAPad Edge), meaning my dog, who is always under my desk, and myself are exposed to less EMFs, since I spend a lot of time at my desk.

I don’t like the trippy colors on the SYB Midnight Microwave, but I like its portability. I like to keep the HARApad in my office because it’s bigger.

Bottom line, this is a product I use every day.

What Can I do to Reduce EMFs from my Laptop?

Since we use laptops for such long periods of time and directly on our legs (which is not recommended by manufacturers), it’s important to take some steps to reduce your EMF exposure.

Here are things you can do:

  • Use your laptop on a desk, workstation, or a laptop lap desk even
  • Don’t use your laptop while it’s charging
  • Use a wired mouse and keyboard
  • Connect to the internet through an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi
  • Use a laptop shield

Wrapping It Up

We spend a lot of time on our laptops, whether it’s working, doing school work, streaming, gaming, photo and video editing, etc. They’re lightweight, portable, and just so easy to use on your lap. I mean why else would they be called a “lap top”?

Unfortunately, radiation guidelines do not recommend using them for the duration of time we all do. Nor should they be as close to your body as they are.

More and more research is coming out on the possible health risks of having so much EMF radiation right on your abdomen.

To help reduce the effects this has on your body and possible long-term health problems, there are easy steps you can take to reduce your exposure, one of them being purchasing a laptop radiation shield.

This is a protective tool I use every single day and I hope if you’re on your laptop anywhere near as much as me, that you’ll take steps to reduce your exposure too.


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