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Best Low EMF Infrared Sauna Blanket

Best Low EMF Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Infrared blankets are a great alternative to personal or outdoor saunas but make sure you have the best low EMF infrared sauna blanket to get all the amazing health benefits they offer while keeping you safe.

Easy to use, just heat up, climb inside your sauna sleeping bag and get the same feeling as a hot yoga class or going to the spa.

You get to lay down and relax while your body detoxes, improves your circulation, strengthens your immune system, helps get rid of your pain, and helps you lose weight.

Low EMF Sauna Blankets

There are many options out there but many of the most popular brands are not low electromagnetic radiation so I’ve put together a list of my favorite sauna blankets that are.

Since your body is surrounded by the heater panels and electricity and you may lay in it for up to an hour, potentially daily, you want to ensure your body is exposed to the least amount of radiation as possible.

Here are my recommendations. I hope you enjoy your home spa!

1. Reviiv Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

Reviiv Far Infrared low emf Sauna BlanketMy top recommendation for a low EMF infrared blanket is REVIIV’s Sauna Blanket Pro. This low EMF heating blanket is spacious, comfortable, and made of five layers of carbon fiber far infrared heating and non-toxic fabric.

It has a wide velcro strap for easy fastening (like a sleeping bag) and opens up completely for easy cleaning after all the sweating and detoxing you’ll be doing inside.

The controller is easy to access and allows you to select the temperature and a timer, and has an auto shutoff after 60 minutes. The temperature is adjustable from 77 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit (25-80 degrees Celsius).

This is a great way to get the benefits of an infrared sauna (reduced inflammation and pain, increased circulation, detoxing and burning calories, anti-anxiety, improved sleep, and more), from your bed.

You also get a carry bag for easy storage and use while travelling and a one year warranty on your blanket.

2. 1Love Professional

1Love ProfessionalAnother one of my top recommendations is 1Love’s premium blanket with therapeutic stones. Made with Zero EMF Technology, the 1Love Premium Sauna blanket is a professional quality, heavy duty FIR personal sauna.

It is a top-of-the-line unit with features beyond most other blankets. It has 3 separate independently controlled heating zones, where most have one or two.

Made with 96 Therapeutic stones, including Tourmaline, Jade, and Germanium, this intensifies your experience, releases negative ions, and has many additional health benefits.

With 8 non-toxic layers, including a durable waterproof outer layer and Zero EMF Carbon Fiber, and 360 degree coverage, this blanket is designed to last.

It fits people up to 6’3”, comes with a pillow and control unit with timer for consistent, reliable heat. There are also several safety certifications, including RoHS chemical and negative ION certifications. And if you care, it comes in several different colors.

3. Gizmo Supply 3 Zone

Gizmo Supply 3 ZoneGizmo Supply Co’s blanket is also a really popular choice for a far infrared blanket. It also has three separate heating zones (upper body, waist, and lower body), and can heat up to 194 degrees Farenheit (90 degrees Celsius), giving it the highest temperature on my list.

This unit uses Japanese made Carbon heater panels, making it low EMF and also allowing it to heat faster and more efficiently. It’s also UL Certified and made from non-toxic materials with a soft interior and waterproof exterior.

Great for detoxing, pain relief, circulation, boosting your immune system, improved sleep and for reducing anxiety. My only complaint is that it is smaller than my other recommendations (66×38 inches) so it’s best for people under 6’.

4. FuLove Portable Therapy FIR Blanket

Fulove Portable Therapy far InfraredFuLove’s infrared blanket is a larger size for comfort and space compared to similar units at 70.9×82.6 inches long. It’s an affordable and comfortable home sauna, made of non-toxic, flexible, stretchy, and waterproof fabric.

It heats quickly, provides 360 degree far-infrared heating, and goes up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with an easy to access remote to set temperature and timer (5-60 minutes).

With this blanket, you also get a travel and storage bag, certificates and test reports.

It only releases 9-14um far-infrared, making it a low EMF and safe option. Great for detoxing, immunity, relaxation, etc. you can also burn 600 calories in 60 minutes, simply by laying inside this blanket.

5. Luar Global

LUAR GlobalWith the Luar Global blanket you not only get your sauna blanket and protective carry bag.

You also get a comfy pillow, a cleaning cloth and spray bottle, two microfibre towels (one for your body and one for your face), a handheld controller, and a user guide.

Lined with a high grade water resistant material, it’s durable, easy to clean and doesn’t absorb any smell, germs or sweat. It’s also designed to distribute the heat evenly with a single heating zone setting.

A great size, at 70×82 inches, it should fit most adults comfortably. This one has a zipper, while the other options on my list all come with a velcro attachment to “burrito” you in to your sauna.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding use, maintenance and more, in case you have the same questions.

How Do I Clean It?

The best way to clean your home sauna blanket is to open it completely and use a soft cloth. The same way you would clean a yoga mat. Some companies recommend water while others don’t so make sure you check with your specific instructions. Don’t use harsh chemicals and make sure to wait until it has cooled to clean it and put it away.

Can I Use This Sitting Up?

This sauna is designed to be used laying down, which is great for relaxation, reducing stress, and improving your sleep. Don’t heat the blanket while it is folded or fold it while in use.

What Should I Wear?

It’s recommended that you wear a light and loose layer of clothes under the heat and use a towel underneath your body to absorb your sweat.

I began learning about EMF out of fear and safety for my kids, wife and myself. This set me on a passionate (aka obsessive) path of research, which has led to this site in hopes of helping you and others like us protect yourself and your family the way I have.

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