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Defendershield Review

Defendershield Review

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When investing in EMF protection for yourself, your children, and your home – the first brand you want to consider is DefenderShield.

With a state of the art product line, based on years of research and testing as well as consulting with a Medical and Scientific Advisory board, DefenderShield offers some of the highest levels of shielding, including up to 99% of EMF radiation, top quality, and scientific backing.

Passionate about EMF protection and safety, DefenderShield carries many of the EMF products you’re looking for; including cell phone cases, headphones, laptop shields, tablet cases, protective clothing, kids’ gear, blue light glasses. Click here to visit the official Defendershield website.

Defendershield Cell Phone Case Review

You’re going to use a cell phone case no matter what, so why not use one that provides you with EMF and 5G protecting benefits?

DefenderShield’s magnetic wallet cell cases have anti EMF radiation technology that block up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation and 5th Generation protection through multiple layers of shielding.

1. iPhone EMF Radiation Cases

DefenderShield Compatible Emf Shield iPhone caseWhether you’re using an iPhone 6 or a 12 Series, DefenderShield has a case for you.

Independently lab tested, these cases are currently the only ones on the market protecting from all forms of cell phone radiation, including 5G.

Their anti-radiation, detachable magnetic wallet cases use Ultra Armor+ Shielding Technology to block up to 99% of radiation from the face of your cell. This way you can safely have your phone against your body or face. Click here to check out to see all phone cases.

2. Universal Smartphone Cases

defendershield Universal Smartphone CaseAvailable in two sizes, medium and large, the universal magnetic wallet EMF case is designed to fit most android phones.

These cases use Ultra Armor+ shielding technology to block up to 99% of wireless EMF, including 5G.

Multi-layered protection, tested independently, without affecting signal or sound quality, allowing you to safely hold your smartphone to your head or body. Click here to check out to see all phone cases.

Defendershield Headphones Review

Developed by audio engineering specialists, DefenderShield’s air tube headphones provide crystal clear sound quality while reducing your exposure to EMF radiation.

Built with professional grade stereo quality aluminum speakers, hollow air tubes conduct sound instead of wires eliminating RF frequencies, Bluetooth, and ELF radiation.

1. EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Over-Ear Headphones

DefenderShield EMF-Free Over-Ear Adult HeadphonesThe only over-ear air tube headphones on the market, you will not be disappointed with their quality and depth of sound.

Flexible hollow air tubes conduct sound to eliminate your radiation exposure and provide a superior acoustic sound.

These headphones are comfortable, have a built-in hands-free mic with audio controls, come with a protective case and adjust to fit your head.

2. EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Stereo Earbud Headphones

DefenderShield EMF-Free Earbud HeadphonesDefenderShield’s most popular product, the air tube in-ear headphones protect you from EMF exposure through the use of hollow air tubes.

They delivering incredible depth of sound and clarity, like the over-ear headphones.

They come with interchangeable ear tips for a comfortable fit, a sports tip and clip to stay secure during sports and running, and a built-in hands-free mic and audio controls.

3. EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Kids Headphones

DefenderShield EMF-Free Over-Ear Kids HeadphonesKids’ developing brains are more vulnerable to exposure so this is the best time to start using air tube headsets.

Adjustable and comfortable, these over-ear headphones are safe, lightweight, and sized for kids.

They come with a carrying pouch, hands-free mic with audio controls, very flexible and strong air tubes and offer the same quality speakers as the adult headphones.

Defendershield Laptop Shields Review

Your laptop emits EMF radiation right onto your body (specifically your reproductive organs). If you are on it a lot, like me, then it would be very beneficial to use a laptop shield that simply goes under your laptop.

1. DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation + Heat Shield

DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation Heat ShieldDefenderShield’s second most popular product, the DefenderPad uses Ultra Armor+ technology to block up to 90GHz, 99% of ELF, and RF, including Bluetooth, Wifi, and 5G radiation from the bottom of your laptop.

It also shields you from heat radiation. Customers have reported not feeling any heat coming from their laptop.

Large size, fitting up to 17” display, but easily portable with a nonslip top keeping your laptop in place. You can also use it for a tablet.

2. Laptop EMF Radiation Protection + Safety Sleeve

Defendershield Laptop EMF Radiation Protection Safety SleeveThe DefenderShield® Laptop Sleeve is slim and light, great for travel, and offers protection for your device while on the go.

To protect your laptop, notebook computer or tablet, just slip it into the padded compartment to protect your device against damage.


I began learning about EMF out of fear and safety for my kids, wife and myself. This set me on a passionate (aka obsessive) path of research, which has led to this site in hopes of helping you and others like us protect yourself and your family the way I have.

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