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Best Low EMF Router

best low EMF router

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Did you know that your wireless router is emitting electromagnetic radiation constantly, with beacon signals going out ten times a second, 24 hours a day?

This is why I recommend a number of strategies to reduce this RF radiation, including switching to the best low EMF router, the JRS Eco Router.

Top EMF WIFI Router

JRS Eco routers reduce your router’s beacon pulse frequency by 90%, sending out a beacon signal only one time per second instead of ten. This significantly reduces the EMF radiation you are exposed to from your router at any given time. Click here to visit the official website.

They are also the only WIFI routers that automatically switch to radiation-free Eco standby mode when your devices aren’t connected, giving off zero emissions when not in use. This is especially great for the night, when there is no need to be exposed to radiation from your WIFI router.

But you can also use their WIFI time-switch, where you set a time for the WIFI to automatically completely switch off for the night. This is especially helpful for keeping your kids and teens off their devices during the night.

Don’t worry your internet speed, range, and connection stability are not affected and it is compatible with any provider and internet modem/router.

JRS Eco 100 D2 on Asus

JRS Eco 100 D2 AsusThe JRS Eco 100 D2 model is one of JRS’ newest top of the line Eco routers. It has full eco standby mode with zero emission, only switching on when your devices are connected and using the internet.

It offers high speeds of 400+Mb/s on, and has a 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) ethernet port. It operates at both 2.4 and 5 GHz, but the 5GHz can be turned off to minimize radiation even further.

The D2 model also has a detachable antenna, cabled LAN ports with a WIFI disabling switch, WIFI time switch to have a scheduled disconnected period overnight, USB ports, Firewall and WPA-2 security, VPN, and Guest networks.

This router has everything you could need, which is why I recommend it as the best low EMF WIFI router.

100 D1 on Asus

100 D1 asus low emf routerThe JRS Eco 100 D1 model is my second recommendation for a low radiation router.

It has everything that the D2 model has including 90% beacon pulse frequency reduction, full eco standby mode, WIFI time-switch, dual band with the option to disable 5 GHz, etc.

What makes the D1 router cheaper is that it doesn’t have detachable antennas, and an on/off switch for the WIFI transmitter if you want to use the ethernet LAN ports instead. Otherwise they offer the same features.

01A on Asus

eco 01AThe Eco 01A Model low radiation router has a 90% reduced beacon pulse frequency, WIFI time-switch, and an on/off WIFI switch while using the cabled LAN ports, but does not have the Eco zero emission standby mode.

The only reason I’d suggest you get this router over the other two is if the main consideration is cost.

You still get significantly less radiation from your typical router with the 01A low EMF WIFI router, it just doesn’t have all the amazing features as their newer models.

It only operates on the 2.4GHz network and the range is a little less. It has max speeds of 25 Mbps which is great for browsing and normal internet usage. However it does offer external detachable antennas, Firewall and WPA2-security with password, VPN, and guest networks.

More About JRS Eco Wireless

JRS Eco Wireless is located in The Netherlands and founded by Jan-Rutger Schrader, PhD. Their mission is to improve people’s well-being by reducing EMFs in their environment. Their goal is less radiation, same performance, and technically measurable.

JRS is a member of the association of experts in electromagnetic radiation metrology.

They also have an iPad and iPhone hardwired adaptor so you no longer have to have WIFI or cellular radiation in your hands and close to your face. Reduce your kids’ RF radiation exposure by connecting them to an Apple certified hardwired adaptor.

Do Low EMF Routers Really Work?

Yes they do! With the same upload and download speeds as a regulator router and 90% less radiation, why wouldn’t you switch to a low radiation WIFI router? The JRS Eco Router is the best low EMF router available, with an eco standby mode, WIFI switch and timed WIFI settings.

Giving you many options to safely use your WIFI with reduced radiation exposure.

What is the Best Low EMF Router?

The best low EMF WIFI router currently available is the JRS Eco 100 Router D2 on Asus. You can learn more about it here.

I began learning about EMF out of fear and safety for my kids, wife and myself. This set me on a passionate (aka obsessive) path of research, which has led to this site in hopes of helping you and others like us protect yourself and your family the way I have.

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