Best EMF Protection for Pets | Protect Your Dogs And Cats

Your pet is a member of your family and they deserve to be protected from radiation too. With smaller bodies, better sense of hearing and smell, and a more sensitive nervous system, they are more vulnerable to the effects of EMF’s.

More studies continue to come out on the harmful effects radiation has on ours pets. This is why it is important to take steps to protect your dog, cat, and other pets as you would any other member of your family.

Here is the best EMF protection for pets and some easy, free things you can do at home to reduce their exposure to radiation.

Quick Answer
The best EMF protection for your pets is to limit and distance the sources of EMFs they are exposed to. The next best thing is to use protection charms, protective pet vests and grounding beds/mats.

Best EMF Dog Tag or Cat Tag

There are a few options for pet charms to protect your dog or cat from EMF radiation all the time. Here are my top recommendations.

1. Karelia Shungite Pet Collar Charm

Karelia Creations Shungite Pet Collar Charm

Karelina Shungite Dog Collars are made of 100% genuine Shungite from Russia and saturated in colloidal silver to enhance protection. Available in two sizes (small/medium and large/extra large), they will fit any size dog or cat.

Shungite is a powerful mineral, known as ancient material, and used extensively in EMF protection. It is been proven to purify water, and absorb chemical pollution and heavy metals, making it great for radiation protection for your pet.

These collar charms are inexpensive, durable, high quality, attractive looking and just clip right onto your pet’s collar. Bonus is there are reports of pets being calmer and less anxious after wearing them.

2. Secret Synergy Stones Protective Pet Jewelry

Secret Synergy Stones EMF Pet Protection Dog Charm

The Secret Synergy Stone protective dog charm is for dogs over 25lbs, giving them 24/7 protection from electromagnetic fields.

Handmade from Orgonite, Shungite, Black Tourmaline, and Rose Quartz all in the shape of a dog paw charm.

These crystals are powerful minerals, believed to;

  • Clear EMF smog and negative energy
  • Absorb chemical pollution and heavy metals
  • Filter energy and block toxins
  • Have grounding properties
  • Bonus health benefits including calming, reduce anxiety, anti-inflammatory/pain, promoting circulation and metabolism

A good price, adorable, high quality, and lots of additional benefits on top of EMF protection make Secret Synergy Stones protective pet jewelry a great addition to any dog collar.

Best EMF Protection Pet Vest

defendershield EMF Radiation Protection Pet Jacket Vest

DefenderShield’s protective pet vest for dogs and cats blocks up to 99% of wireless EMF radiation, including 5G up to 10 GHz, WIFI, Bluetooth, Cellular and more.

Click here to buy from Defendershield (not free shipping unless you spend over $125 or here to buy from Amazon (free shipping).

It looks like a regular dog jacket. It’s comfortable, stretchy, and lightweight, but with advanced EMF shielding silver fabric between two layers of cotton-spandex. No one will know you’re protecting your dog or cat from radiation.

This anti-radiation vest comes in 4 different sizes from extra small to large, fitting pets between 7 and 70 lbs. It has adjustable chest and neck straps and the hood is removable with an adjustable drawstring cord. At this time it only comes in grey.

An added bonus is that it gives gentle compression pressure which has a calming effect on your pet. This is helpful for anxious, fearful, or over-excitable dogs and may help dogs with pain.

Defendershield is a reputable brand and leader in the EMF industry. They value scientifically-backed research, testing, and regularly consult with a Medical and Scientific Advisory Board. I love their products and am thrilled they’re behind the pet vest.

Best Grounding Mats for Pets

Hooga Grounding Pet Bed

Hooga Grounding Pet Bed

This grounding pet bed by Hooga is made of polyester and cotton with a conductive silver fiber.

The Hooga Grounding pet bed will help neutralize free radicals from your pet’s body and regulate their body’s natural electric charge, protecting your dog or cat from EMFs.

Added bonus for your pet is the many positive health effects of grounding, including improved sleep, and circulation, less pain, inflammation, and anxiety, reduced stress and more.

Simply plug the 15 foot grounding wire into your 3 prong grounding outlet and snap it onto the bed. Watch how much your dog loves grounding while they nap or just relax on their new bed.

Available in two sizes, this bed is comfortable, durable and just looks like a regular dog bed.

2. Earthing Grounding Mat

Earthing Grounding Mat

If your pet doesn’t like beds or prefers to sleep in yours, another option is a grounding mat. The Earthing Grounding Mat is a universal mat that can be used almost anywhere.

Put it on their bed or yours, on the couch, or the floor in their favorite spot.

This earthing mat brings electrons from the ground outside to your pet inside your home, to help protect your pet from the effects of EMFs and replenish their electron balance.

Made of patented eco-friendly, non-toxic vegan leather and infused with carbon, it measures 12.5x 29 inches. Grounding mats for dogs or cats have a ton of amazing health benefits too. Maybe your pet will even let you have some space on the mat too.

EMF Faraday Fabric for Pets

TitanRF Faraday Fabric Kit for pets

Another great way to protect your pet is to invest in Faraday Fabric. I like the TitanRF Faraday Fabric Kit here.

You can use this shielding fabric to create a canopy around their crate, birdcage, or on the wall behind their tank. You could wrap it around their bed.

Create a Faraday Cage for your pet, giving them a safe space to relax in, free from EMF radiation and any electronic noise.

6 Easy and Free Things You Can Do Around Your Home to Protect Your Pets

There are some simple changes you can make in your home that will not only reduce your exposure to EMF radiation, but they’ll also reduce your pet’s exposure as well.

This will likely improve their quality of sleep and overall health.  If they could, your dog or cat would thank you for making these simple changes to your home.

1. Turn Your WIFI Router Off at Night

You’re not using WIFI while you sleep so turn it off. This will help your dog, cat, bird, even your turtle to sleep better and reduce their RF radiation exposure. Extra bonus, it’ll help you sleep better at night too.

Turn it off when you leave your home as well. Your pets aren’t streaming any shows or podcasts so why expose them to WIFI radiation just because? You can set a timer to turn your router off for you at night and when you’re away for the day for work.

2. Keep Your Router in a Room Far From Your Pets

In general, it’s best to keep your router in a room that is used less frequency (but also far from bedrooms). But don’t forget to keep your WIFI router far from your pets’ sleep space and common areas as well.

Better yet, upgrade to the low EMF JRS Eco Router or JRS Firmware. This router has a 90% reduced beacon pulse frequency, cutting down on your elecrosmog. It also goes into an eco stand-by mode when not in use making it 100% radiation free when you’re not using the internet.

3. Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode When Not in Use

If your dog is anything like mine, he’s often right at your side, even when you sleep. This means he’s being exposed to a lot to cellular and WIFI radiation from your phone.

So do your pet and yourself a favor and put your phone in airplane mode at night or when you’re not using it. This will reduce everyone’s exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

4. Get Rid of Smart Technology

Not only is your dog, cat, or pet more vulnerable to EMF radiation, they can also hear your electronic devices when you can’t. I used to have tinnitus so I feel for animals hearing constant electronic noise.

Stop using Bluetooth connected devices and smart technology (bulbs, outlets, smart watch/trackers, Alexa, TVs, meters, etc.) if you have any in your home. This will reduce your pet’s EMF exposure significantly.

5. Create EMF Free Space for Your Pets

Your dog likely loves walks so take them on regular hikes in nature and parks, areas that aren’t densely populated. They will love it and it’s great for your health too. Don’t forget to switch over to airplane mode to really be in an EMF free space.

6. Let Your Pet Get Grounded

I mentioned grounding/earthing mats and beds above which are great for everyone. A free way to ground your dog is to go for walks at the beach or let him run around and roll around in the grass.

Having contact with the earth (not concrete) helps to balance their electrons, neutralize and regulate their body’s natural electrical charge. This is really amazing for your health too.

Is EMF Radiation Harmful to Pets?

Yes! Dogs and cats are affected in the same way humans are from constant exposure to EMFs except their bodies are much smaller than ours.

Few studies have been done on pets but thousands of EMF studies have been done on rats. It can affect their behavior, digestion, sleep, fertility, endocrine system, and have long term negative health effects.

How Much Does EMF Protection for Pets Cost?

You can buy protective devices for your pets that cost anywhere from $20 for a protective crystal pet charm to $150 USD for a grounding bed.

The best EMF protection for pets is free just like with humans by limiting and distancing their exposure to electromagnetic field emitting devices.

Can Dogs Hear My Electronic Devices?

Dogs can hear much higher frequencies than humans can. Dogs hear frequencies up to 45,000 Hz, while humans can only hear up to 20,000 Hz and cats hear even higher frequencies than dogs.

So your dog can hear frequencies from your electronic devices, which may be distressing to them that you can’t hear.References