Best EMF Protection for Babies

Congrats on your baby! I have two little ones myself and my concern about EMF protection for my baby is what pushed us on this journey. As amazing as babies are, they also bring a lot of stress to us as parents.

By taking steps to reduce your baby’s EMF exposure, you will give them the best start in life and you’ve got one less thing to worry about.

Currently pregnant? Skip to the bottom for pregnancy protection.

Why EMF Protection Is Necessary For Babies?

Babies and children are more vulnerable to all carcinogens and hazardous exposure than adults. It makes sense that they are also more at risk from EMF exposure, including microwave, RF, ELF, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 5G.

Babies have significantly thinner skulls and bones than adults and more fluid around their brains than we do. This means they absorb a lot more radiation than adults. One research study found they absorb up to twice as much radiation from cell phones.

Not only do they absorb more electromagnetic radiation, but infants’ bodies and brains are more conductive to this energy and they are more vulnerable due to their developing brains and nervous systems are just developing.

This puts babies and children at a greater risk of the negative health effects associated with this exposure. Dangers we really don’t even fully understand yet. And during a crucial period of your baby’s growth and brain development.

What is Wireless EMF?

EMFs or electromagnetic fields are frequencies or invisible energy fields emitted by natural and man-made objects.

The ones of concern are electronic devices like your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, Fitbit, smartwatch, WiFi router, smart meters, Bluetooth technology, smart appliances, microwaves, and wireless devices in your home.

It also comes from sources outside your home, like 5G towers (new ones are popping up everywhere, so look into if any are near you), cell towers, hydro stations, power lines, other people’s WiFi signals, and dirty electricity.

These forms of continuous non-ionizing RF radiation were classified as possible carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2011.

Scientific Research on Radiation Exposure in Babies

The World Health Organization has called on more research into the negative effects of radio frequency fields on children. More research is needed but the studies that have been published are alarming.

This 2010 study found that children absorb more microwave radiation than adults and showed that school age children are experiencing “digital dementia” while teenage girls wearing cellphones in their bras are developing cancer cells in the same area.

Another research study based out of Sweden shows that children are five times more likely to develop brain cancer if they use cell phones during childhood (before the age of 20).

This new generation is also the first being exposed to 5G for their entire lives at key developmental stages and research on its safety has never been done.

How Can I Protect My Baby From EMFs?

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to protect your baby from EMFs. Some are simple things you can do to reduce their RF exposure or switch baby products to safer choices.

Decrease EMFs in the Nursery

Your baby will potentially spend a lot of time in their bedroom, hopefully sleeping. So you’ll want to make this a safe EMF-free zone for them. Here are ways you can do that.

1. Choose a Low EMF Baby Monitor

Baby monitors give you peace of mind and allow you to get some much needed sleep. As convenient as smart monitors are, they are not ideal for your newborn’s health.

Wireless ones that connect to your phone emit WiFi and Bluetooth radiation. You’ll want to choose a low EMF baby monitor like the LeReve or Moonybaby.

You can still have video monitoring but with less wireless radiation. Even better if you can get your hands on a wired analog monitor. Unfortunately they’re hard to come by.

Keep your camera as far away from your crib as reasonably possible, at least six feet is ideal.

Learn more about low electromagnetic field baby monitors here and why you definitely don’t want to use a wearable baby monitor.

2. Use RF Shielding Baby Blankets

EMF blankets act as a shield between your baby and harmful RF EMF fields.

The inner layer is made of shielding fabric, while the outside is typically soft cotton.

Since you already use blankets for your little one, it’s an easy switch with added protection.

DefenderShield Baby Blanket

When my oldest was born we bought a DefenderShield EMF protection baby blanket for her. We took the blanket everywhere with us. I love that its made of organic bamboo and cotton, is hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Most importantly it shields 99% of radiation emissions. Protecting your little one from 5G, cell phones, WiFI, and Bluetooth radio frequency emissions.

This blanket is super soft, comfy and warm. It also has a little hood to shield your baby’s head and conveniently keep it on their head.My biggest complaint against it is that it is not machine washable, which was inconvenient when we had some major blowouts early on.

And it only comes in grey, which was an issue for my daughter when she became a toddler.

DefenderShield is one of my favorite shielding brands. I have a bunch of their products. They also sell blankets in full and queen size and have a duvet cover.

SYB Blanket for Babies

With our second born, we bought a Shield Your Body (SYB) anti-radiation baby blanket. Our daughter liked that it was “prettier” and had polka dots. It actually comes in 5 different styles and colors.

It’s also the largest EMF baby blanket on the market (40×32”) and since our newborn was a healthy 10 1/2 lbs at birth, we figured the largest option was probably best. Made of hypo-allergenic flannel, it’s 99% effective at shielding up to 26 GHz. Another great feature of SYB’s blanket is that it is machine washable.

2. Use shielding Baby Hats

There’s a lot of shielding clothing options for adults but currently only anti-radiation hats for babies and kids are available (well blankets too). They’re made with cotton, nylon, and EMR silver fabric.

This silver fabric shields your little one’s precious head from RF radiation (5G, Wifi, Cellular, Bluetooth).

My favorite hats are the DefenderShield EMF Radiation protection baby hat (also available for small kids) and SYB baby beanie (comes in sizes newborn to 12-24 months

They’re soft, stretchy, and lightweight so you don’t have to worry about your one overheating. And made of cotton and nylon. They’re also pretty cute. My top choices are all grey, like a lot of shielding products seem to be so I hope you like grey.

My top brands come with good warranties. SYB actually has a lifetime warranty. They’re reputable brands with scientists that do a lot of research on their technology and send out to independent labs too.

Feel free to check out the best EMF clothing for moms and dads too.

Keep WiFi Out of the Nursery

WiFi signals are a type of RF radiation. This energy creates electromagnetic fields potentially connected to numerous health issues. The safest option is to keep WiFI technology out of all bedrooms, especially your newborn’s.

Don’t install anything “Smart” in your nursery, no matter how many moms talk about it. Disconnect WIFI and Bluetooth and stick to hardwired connections.

This includes;

  • WiFi baby monitors
  • Wearable monitors
  • Wireless sound machines
  • Smart lights, outlets, smoke alarms, shades, thermostats, etc.
  • Smart speakers with Alexa, Echo Dot, Google Assistant etc.

4. Block Fields Outside The Nursery

EMFs can come in through windows, walls and the floor. Here are some options to block out signals you can’t just remove.

EMF Bed Canopies

Using an EMF canopy, like the SYB Faraday Serenity Canopy will create a complete safe zone or Faraday cage around your crib or bassinet. It is a lightweight mesh netting, so very breathable and made of 100% silvered cotton.

The canopy is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and offers 5G shielding, as well as other EMFs like WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G etc. SYB’s canopy comes with a floor mat for complete protection from every direction. Not all canopies come with a mat.

EMF canopies are a popular choice in our community. People are amazed that once inside their shielding bed canopy they cannot get a signal to their phone. It’s a completely signal free space.

Shielding Curtains, Fabric, Paint, and Wallpaper

If you have smart meters, hydro towers, power stations, or 5G cellular towers next to your home or close by then using RF blocking curtains or blocking fabric and RF shielding paint or wallpaper will block these sources from coming into your room.

Combined, wall and window coverings create a Faraday like cage for an entire room. This would be particularly helpful if you live in a condo or apartment and your adjacent wall is next to your neighbours wireless router.

It allows you to create a force field on that wall so the signal doesn’t come straight into the bedroom.

You can hang EMR shielding fabric on walls or make your own curtains with it. Anti-radiation wallpaper and paint are a more permanent solution and can also block the ceiling or potentially floor.

Reduce Your Baby’s Exposure In Your Home

The nursery isn’t the only room your newborn will be spending time in so it’s important to consider their exposure throughout your house. One way to do this is to use an EMF Meter to locate the biggest energy culprits in your home.

If you don’t already have one my favourite meter is the Trifield Meter.

Here are ways to lower the emissions in your home.

1. Switch to a Low EMF Router

Switching to the JRS Eco Router is one of my top recommendations whether you have children or not. This is the only WiFi router available that goes into sleep mode, where it produces ZERO emissions if you are not actively using a WiFi signal.

Your internet speed and range are not affected but the EMF fields in your home will be reduced.

You can turn off the wireless component and just use ethernet cables or use the timer switch to disconnect WiFi overnight.

Even when using the WiFi it’s safer because it has a 90% reduced pulse frequency. Routers and devices send out beacon signals to connect to each other. Routers send out 10 signals every second, 24 hours a day.

JRS routers only send out 1 pulse per second, reducing the electrosmog in your home.

Since routers are one of the biggest sources of electric fields in your home and you are likely not going to stop using one entirely, switching to a safer option is a really good choice.

2. Use Dirty Electricity Filters

Another type of electromagnetic energy are ELF-EMFs or extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields. This is different from the RF fields your electronic devices give off but are still connected to EMF health effects.

ELFs come from electrical wiring, outlets, electrical equipment, and power lines.

Electronics don’t use the same electrical energy they used to for a number of reasons. This means that there is extra energy in your wires and it comes out through your outlets. You can learn more about dirty electricity here.

Unfortunately most bedrooms have outlets next to the bed, close to your head. It would be ideal to place beds and cribs away from outlets when possible. If you have dimmer switches, you may want to switch them to the classic on/off ones as this will reduce your dirty energy too.

Another thing to consider is using filters, like the Greenwave dirty electricity filters. You put them in individual outlets and then use the plug on the filter as you would any other plug. These are great to have in outlets you are particularly close to.

If you want to reduce the dirty electricity in your entire home then consider a whole home dirty electricity filter. These boxes are installed near your breaker panel to protect your whole electric system.

They are pricier than individual filters but will give you cleaner power throughout your house, increase the efficiency lowering your monthly bill, and have surge protection for your gadgets.

3. Reduce Your Baby’s Cell Phone Exposure

It’s so easy to text, mindlessly scroll, or binge shows on your screen while nursing in the middle of the night or stuck on the couch for hours while your baby naps. Mothers have a tough job. But keeping your cell phone or tablet close to your baby’s head for an extended period of time comes with health risks.

I’m not saying you have to put your phone down entirely. Setting a time limit or following some of the tips below that are safer options and still allow you to entertain yourself (or keep your sanity) can be helpful.

  • Download podcasts or episodes and watch them in airplane mode
  • Use wired headphones (like air tube headphones or earbuds) instead of Air pods
  • Don’t use your phone when the battery is low – it has to work harder and emit more energy
  • Don’t use your phone if it has a low signal – it has to send out stronger signals
  • Disconnect unnecessary signals – like Bluetooth and data, just use WiFi
  • Keep screens out of eyesight and as far away from infants’ head as possible
  • Use an EMF shielding cell phone case (also available for tablets and laptops)

It’s difficult at first to change cell phone habits but with the knowledge gained here, I hope it makes it easier for you. My wife and I barely use our devices now and many people think we’re weird for it!

It’s actually very freeing to be disconnected and takes off a huge anxiety knowing it helps our kids’ health, pets’ and our own.

4. Use a Smart Meter Guard

Smart meters emit RF radiation. The US Safety limit for RF radiation is 1,000 microwaves per square meter but it’s common for these hydro meters to emit up to 60 times that.

They’re banned in Germany, Ireland, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, and areas in California. If you’re lucky enough not to have a smart meter then do everything you can to prevent one from being attached to your house. Some states allow you to opt out, while some have banned opting out and require you to have one.

If you already have a smart meter then I recommend you put a smart meter guard like the Mission Darkness Smart Meter Cloak on your meter. See my top recommended EMF meter guards here and learn more about how they work.

5. Place Shielding Crystals Around Your Home

There are a number of crystals that have been used around the world for thousands of years to absorb energy and for their healing properties. Certain stones like Shungite and Black Tourmaline absorb EMF smog.

Placing stones in the nursery, near major electronics and just around your home will help clean the energy in your home and they may have other benefits for you too. You can wear EMF crystal necklaces or bracelets too but these would be for mom, not baby.

High EMF Baby Products To Avoid

I’ve gone over a ton of options for shielding your baby from EMFs. I hope you haven’t found it too overwhelming. Now I just want to touch base on a handful of products that you will want to avoid.

Avoid The Following:

  • Wearable baby monitors
  • Wearable diaper humidity sensors
  • WiFi baby monitors and sound machines
  • Nanny cams
  • “Smart” technology like smart speakers, lights and bulbs, plugs, thermostats, window shades

Pregnancy Protection

If you are currently pregnant, there are ways you can protect yourself and your unborn baby from EMFs. There’s a lot of research connecting exposure in the womb to future behavior problems, learning disabilities, speech delays, asthma, lower birth weight, etc. This is not something you want to mess with.

You also have a 2.72 times greater risk of having a miscarriage. I don’t share this to stress you out and I apologize if it has.

The goal is just to make you aware of the possible effect activities like prolonged scrolling or streaming with your smartphone or tablet next to your belly, or sitting in an office right next to a WIFI router can have on your growing baby.

So be aware of the wireless technology around you. The greater the distance, the safer you and your baby are. And consider some of the following EMF shielding solutions.

Great options for EMF protection during pregnancy:

  • Getlambs radiation-proof belly band
  • DefenderShield belly band
  • Radia pregnancy belly band
  • Radia EMF poncho
  • EMF shielding necklaces and bracelets

Shielding throws or blankets are a great way to protect your belly anywhere you go. The small belly throws can also be used as protective baby blankets when your little one is born.

You can also check out my top recommended shielding products to lower your exposure from your devices and the technology around you.

Wrapping It Up

I just want to say congrats on your pregnancy and your baby. This is an incredible time in your life. I really hope that this information does not give you too much anxiety.

I hope it helps to just bring more awareness to the sources of wireless radiation around you that you and your precious little one are being exposed to and gives you the power to reduce that and protect your family.

You don’t have to do everything on the list but figure out which are the best options for your growing family.


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