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Last year, I was made aware of a breakthrough product… an internal supplement which increases one’s resilience to EMF radiation. At first, I was very skeptical. I then spent hours researching the best EMF supplements and Dr. Marco Ruggiero, the scientist behind this product called “Praesidium”.

Dr. Ruggiero is an MD, PhD, and one of the world’s leading scientists in the fields of immunotherapy, radiology, quantum biology and microbiome medicine. He has published more than 240 peer-reviewed papers, including more than 25 on EMF radiation.

Live Probiotic Silica and Spirulina blend

Praesidium supplement for EMF protection

Praesidium is the result of 32 years of research on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, and aims to – put simplistically – take advantage of the incredible radiation resistance that certain microbes naturally have.

For example, the microbes included (and mixed with specific strains of probiotics) could in theory survive the radiation from a nuclear blast 2,000 times more potent than that of Nagasaki.

You know that I make it a mission to put things into their proper context, and to stay in full integrity. What I’ll say about Praesidium is this:

This supplement is one of the ONLY credible approaches to “internal EMF protection” in the world. Period.

Anecdotally, many people who suffer from electro hypersensitivity have reported a reduction of their symptoms after taking Praesidium.

Our friends at Praesidium have just launched a 30 day bottle (in addition to their best selling 3-month supply) and we are the first to offer it to the EMF community!

Multivitamin For Cellular Defense

defendershield light body multivitamin

The Lightbody multivitamin by Defendershield contains a daily blend of 23 essential micronutrients for optimal immune support and nutritional cellular defense.

We are constantly exposed to radiation and toxins from the environment, this formulation will help your body become more resilient. Click here to find the best price.

OMEGA 3 High DHA Pure Fish Oil

defendershield OMEGA 3 High DHA Pure Fish Oil

The Lightbody OMEGA 3 high DHA pure fish oil supplement by Defendershield is concentrated essential fatty acids that target brain health, cognitive and eye health, while fortifying the cell membrane against toxins.

It is gluten free, GMO free and diary free. There are two options available high DHA and high EPA.


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