Best Wifi Router Guard Reviews Of 2024

The fact is that it’s 2023 and most of us are addicted to technology. You can’t escape the harmful EMFs that are all around us, even inside your home they are all around you.

So it’s no surprise to me that you are seeking out EMF protection for you and your family because I’m doing the same.

WiFi Router Guard Reviews

After researching and reading several emf router guard reviews I found there are a few different options you can use to reduce the EMF exposure from wireless routers.

Make sure you measure the size of your router before purchasing one. You can buy Faraday cages, pouches and shielding bags or even DIY options like faraday fabric.

Quick Answer
The highest rated router guard blocks about 90% of the wireless router EMFs. It is made by the Smart Meter Guard, this company has been making guards for over 10 years. Its fits large routers too.

Here are the best options I have found for blocking the electromagnetic radiation and RF waves that are constantly emitted from wireless routers.

Best Router Faraday Cages

#1 Recommendation (Large Router Guard)

My number choice is this large WiFi router guard cover uses proven Faraday cage technology to block RF waves. It blocks about 90% of the router EMFs (including 5G) while being able to use your wireless internet at the same time.

It has over 100 positive reviews and it’s made by Smart Guard Meter which is a reputable company that has been around for a while.

It’s easy to install with no assembly require. You don’t even have to unplug any of the cables, just open the lid place your unit inside and put the lid back on. It fits most large WiFi routers like AT&T Unverse, Comcast and Xfinity. The dimensions are 12 inches by 11 7/8 inches by 5 1/2 inches.

If you have a smaller unit you might want to consider this one anyway, some people have order a larger size to fit their modem inside too. Here is the link to the official website.

#2 Recommendation (Fits Most Small Routers)

This WiFi router guard cover is also by the company Smart Meter Guard so you can trust that it uses the proven Faraday cage technology and blocks about 85% of the EMF and RF radiation from wireless routers.

It’s easy to install with no assembly required. You don’t even have to unplug or turn it off just lift the lid and put it inside.

The dimensions are 12 inches by 9 inches by 2 inches so make sure you measure your unit before ordering. Make sure that there is a 1 inch space so that the cables fit too.

It doesn’t fit large ones like AT&T Unverse, Xfinity or Comcast. If you have one of those you want to get this large router guard instead.

Best Router Fabric Covers

My top choice for Faraday fabrics covers is this shielding guard by NewBeau. This cover can be used for ones that have antennas or ones that don’t.

The fabric is breathable to allow for natural air flow so your unit doesn’t overheat. You simply place it inside, if you notice your signal is too weak you can just wrap the antennas.

This fabric comes in two different sizes 13.8 inches by 15.7 inches and 11.5 inches by 14.5 inches so make sure you measure your unit.

Best Place To Buy a Guard

After spending countless hours researching where to buy one I have narrowed it down to two places:

I personally picked Amazon because I have prime and I love how fast they ship but either way will work.

Low EMF Wifi Router

Another great option is this low EMF WiFi Router. This Wireless JRS ECO router it’s easy to set up, its 100% radiation free in standby mode and it automatically switches back on when a device asks for a wireless connection.

It has a 90% reduced pulse frequency when you are using the wifi compared to regular units.

JRS ECO routers only emit a WIFI signal when you are using it! You can read my full JRS Eco Wifi Router review here.

Anthony J left this review: I bought this router to reduce radiation in my home and gain more control over the coverage of Wi-Fi. It is a very high-quality ASUS router with firmware that grants you control over when Wi-Fi is on, how strong the signal is, and dramatically reduces radiation in the home. Installation and configuration was fairly straightforward. I had a few questions which were answered very quickly and effectively”

What is Wifi Radiation?

The type of radiation produced by WiFi signals is called radio frequency (RF) EMF radiation. This is particularly problematic because it is always on and it’s job is to always stay connected to all your devices.

Not to mention the signal covers your entire house and some people even have it reach to the perimeter of their properties.

Fortunately there is a easy solution to eliminating up to 90% of the EMFs and that’s to invest in the best Wi Fi router guard you can afford.

What Is A WiFi Guard?

A WiFi router guard is a metal mesh box that works as a Faraday cage for your router. To use it all that you have to do is open the lid and place it inside and close the lid. It works and it’s easy to use, that’s a win in my books.

The guard box works by acting as a conduction that spreads the RF radiation all around metal mesh. This process reduces the radiation output outside of the box by up to 90% and stops the WiFi radiation from touching you and your family.

Investing in one of these is a great way to protect you and your family from unnecessary radiation. It is effective, easy to install and relatively inexpensive.

Installing a guard is an easy and effective EMF reduction strategy. It’s especially beneficial for families who have their unit placed close to areas where they spend a lot of time or even worse in a child’s bedroom.

How Much Do Router Guards Cost?

A router guard costs anywhere inbetween $70 to $90 USD.

Do Wi-Fi Router Guards Work?

Yes they do work and can reduce WiFi radio frequency radiation output by up to 90%. There are tons of positive reviews on Amazon where people have tested the output before and after with different EMF meters.

What is Radio Frequency EMFs?

Radio frequency EMFs vibrate at a higher frequency than other forms of EMF and the health risks associated with WiFi radiation are a growing concern.

Scientists have found through their research that there is a possible link between exposure to WiFi radiation and health risks.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Although not widely recognized by the medical community, more clinics are popping up that recognize that many people suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Symptoms include headaches, muscle aches, heart palpitations, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, and many more.

Build Your Own [DIY Cover]

If you can weld or know someone who does, apparently it’s pretty easy to build your own router guard with metal mesh and some solder.

Alternative Options

Move Your Router

Move it to a space in your house that isn’t used much. The farther we are from it, the less Wi-Fi radiation we absorb.

Turn It Off at Night

You can significantly reduce the risks of WiFi radiation by simply turning the unit off at night. You might even be able to change the settings to do that automatically. (Check your user guide for instructions.)

These options will give your body relief from the constant onslaught of WiFi emissions for the hours you sleep, every night—a significant reduction in the EMF radiation that you absorb in a 24-hour day.

Temporarily Block All Signals

You can use this TitanRF Faraday Fabric by Mission Darkness to make a pouch you can put your unit inside of. It has a positive rating of 4.1/5 stars with over 360 reviews.

Mission Darkness TitanRF Faraday fabric kit

The dimensions of the fabric 44 inches wide by 36 inches. One reviewer says they tested their unit in it and it blocks 100% of the signals. I’m not sure why you would want to do this but I thought I’d through it in here anyway just in case.


This may be a last resort for some folks but replacing your WiFi with Ethernet connection  would be the best possible solution for Wi-Fi EMF reduction.

And the No-Tech Solution?

Simply cover your router with an upside-down mesh wastebasket. Not pretty, but cheap. You could place it on a piece of furniture and hide the wastebasket behind it. (A corner would work great!)

The sad truth about WIFI radiation is that we can’t escape it—and most of us don’t want to. We believe we couldn’t live without Netflix, Alexa, or our tablets or video games. The situation is unlikely to improve, so it’s becoming increasingly important to take steps to protect ourselves.

Controlling the toxicity from your household WiFi is a bounding leap in the right direction. I hope you found my WiFi router guard reviews helpful.


I can pretty much guarantee you have a WiFi router in your home. This is likely one of the biggest and constant sources of EMF radiation in your home and it really doesn’t need to be.

This is one of the first changes I suggest for people just starting out as you don’t need a WiFi signal going out when you’re asleep or not using it. You can switch to the best low EMF router in your home and/or cover your current router with a router EMF cage.

My top recommendation is my first choice since it fits most routers and has the best and most reviews but make sure to measure your current wireless router to make sure it’s the best option for you.