WIFI Radiation vs Cellular Radiation: Tested With An EMF Meter

Cellular radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones and other mobile devices. It is a type of low-frequency radiation. Wifi radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation emitted by wifi routers and other wireless devices. It’s a type of high-frequency radiation. So which is better WIFI radiation vs cellular radiation?

The research is mixed about whether exposure to low frequency and high frequency is harmful. In my opinion we haven’t researched the short term effects of being surrounding by EMFs never mind having a clue about what the long term effects are. Are they keeping the information muddy on purpose?

WIFI vs Cellular Data (Video)

Watch the video below where we tested which one is worse, using your WIFI or cellular data.

Here is another great video of Ben testing and comparing what emits more EMF radiation using WIFI or cellular data.

You can watch the video below or continue reading where I will share the results with you. He is using the Trifield TF2 EMF meter to take all the measurements.

With Cellular Turned On

The first test he did was measure the RF radiation coming from his cell phone. He started with the meter a few feet away and as it got closer to the phone the number went up significantly.

Streaming Video With Cellular Data

cellular data

When he put his meter right up against the front of the phone and started streaming a video the numbers went off the chart, higher than the Trifield EMF meter model TF2 can read. That’s at least peak 20+ mW/m. I was fluctuating up to 12 mW/m

Where he had the meter would be against your head and I don’t think you will have your phone next to your head when you are streaming a video. But it’s almost that much when you are making a call.

Then he moves the meter about 8 inches away and the number are significantly lower.

Surfing Using Cellular Data

So streaming emits high levels of RFs but does surfing the internet without video do the same thing? Just loading a page to read maxed out the meter. So over 20 mW/m. But scrolling had low readings until a piece of audio played automatically and maxed the meter out again.

Making A Phone Call Using Cellular

He makes a phone call through cellular with the meter right up against the phone. The peak measurement above 20 a lot of the time.

Making A Phone Call Using Data

Using WIFI to make a phone call had significantly lower measurements than with cellular. The peak was at 1.8

Cell Phone Protection

There are a number of products out there that offer radiation protection for cell phones. You can get EMF blocking phone cases and sleeves, stickers, shields and more.  It’s always better to not use these devices but that’s not possible for many people.

Shielded Wifi Router Test

shielded wireless router

This test is with the wifi router on and no one using it for anything. The meter is placed about 16 inches from the wireless router unit.

He shielded his WIFI router with a piece of stainless window screen he had lying around. It worked pretty good with the meter readings only peaking to about .8.

Then he takes the screen off of the router and the meter and the signal pulses like crazy. The meter gets a peak reading of up to 9.2 with a average of .15 If he had done the test while someone was using the internet the results would have been much more extreme.

So if you have been wondering if things like Faraday cage router guards really work at reducing the emissions you now know that they do. When the meter was placed right next to the antenna on the router when it wasn’t cover it maxed the peak measurement of the EMF reader at over 20 most of the time.

What Can You Do To Reduce Your Exposure

Use A Low EMF Router

A router with low electromagnetic field emissions is one of the best steps you can take. The JRS Eco router is a fantastic firmware build into reliable ASUS routers. This low EMF router only emits signals when someone is using it. Unlike regular routers that never stop sending out signals. That’s just one of it’s features of the JRS Eco WIFI router.

1. Use A Router Guard or Faraday Cover

If you aren’t streaming video one thing you can do to significantly reduce your EMF exposure from your wireless router is leaving a Faraday cover or router guard on until you need to stream something.

2. Use WIFI over Cellular

If you have access to a WIFI signal use that over your cellular signal.

3. Distance Your Router

Place your router is a place that people spend the least amount of time in and as far away from people or pets as possible. RF frequencies drop off exponentially with distance.

Every router is different so you should measure but a guideline of about 10 ft away reduces the measurements almost completely

4. Use a Power Line Adapter

You can eliminate wireless easily by buying a powerline adapters. The adapter connects to an Ethernet cord and then any outlet you use a power line adapter with will have internet.

5. Use WIFI Calling Over Cellular Whenever Possible

6. Turn Data and WIFI When Not In Use

7. Turn Your Wireless Devices Off At Night

Turn all your wireless devices off while you sleep to give your body the best chance to rest and repair itself during that critical sleeping time. If you have kids out and you have to keep it on try to leave your phone as far away as possible.

8. Turn Off Router At Night

It’s a great idea to turn your router off at night and when not in use. You can set up an inexpensive mechanical timer to automatically go off when you go to sleep and back on in the morning. You could even set it to go off while you are work especially if you have pets.

9. Turn Your Wifi Off On Your Laptop

Make sure if you are on your computer and don’t need the internet to turn off your WIFI. Turn off your Bluetooth when it’s not in use too. Use a wired connection whenever possible.

10. No WIFI In The Bedroom

If it’s possible keep your bedroom an WIFI free zone, or limit your use of it as much as possible. If you have cell phone towers near you or EMF radiation from neighbours that you can’t help you could get shielding netting bed canopies to reduce your exposure.

Is It Harmful?

Some experts say that WIFI and cellular radiation is harmful while other experts tell you it’s safe. It’s incomparable to the normal rate of radio frequency radiation we all experience if you are not near wireless communication systems.

Your Level of Safe Exposure

So you will have to be the one that ultimately decided your risk level for exposure. Keeping in mind that the peak levels are too high for a mid range priced high quality meter can detect.

Does Airplane Mode Work?

Yes Airplane mode work, there basically no RF radiation coming from the phone when I switched it into airplane mode.

RF EMF From A Router

The nature of RF EMF via phones and routers seems to be that the radiation moves intermittently fluctuating wildly from moment to moment, so averages are difficult to attain without more expensive equipment.

All use of these devices involves thousands of times the natural background rate of high frequency radiation.

Patterns of use make a massive difference, example streaming or scrolling through photos generate many hundreds of times the radiation from the phone and laptop (routers seem to stream as much either way), than if the internet is simply on in the background and not downloading or uploading data.

Touching the device, laptop, phone or router appears to increase the radiation measured from the device 2-5 times.

Calls, streaming video, audio they all produce similar amounts of rf, they all max out the Trifield meter during pulses at over 20

WIFI router guards or DIY shielding the router work at reducing EMF emissions but you might not be able to play videos if you are more than 15 feet away from it. If you are just clicking around and and reading different websites then it should be good enough for that.

Always remember that distance matters, the farther you can get away from your phone the better. RF radiation drops off very quickly.




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