Cell Phone In Pocket – Is It Dangerous?

If you still carry your cell phone in your pocket, then you need to read this. The amount of EMF emissions we are surrounded with is getting out of control.

As technology advances, so too are more human-made electromagnetic fields. It’s not just cell phones and WiFi.

Quick Answer
There is plenty of research suggesting that there is nothing good that can come from carrying your cell phone in your pocket, in your bra or on your body.

Smart Technology is Everywhere

Now you can get smart everything – refrigerators, thermostats, locks, bulbs, glasses etc. The list goes on. There are so many wireless devices and technology connected to Bluetooth. Every waking and sleeping moment of your life, you are exposed to radiation.

Some types make up a higher percentage of our daily exposure. And there’s something you can do today to make a major difference in the amount of radiation your body absorbs every day.

Don’t Carry Cell Phone In Pocket

The habit you can change right now is… carrying your smartphone in your pocket (or your bra). It’s convenient to do, I get it. I used to do it too. People need to have their cell phones on them and clothing is a really easy place to store them.

But I’m going to convince you to change this habit. So let’s get your cellphone out of your pocket or bra.

Cell Phone Radiation is Dangerous

Smartphones (like all wireless technology) emit electromagnetic fields. It’s how they are able to connect with other devices and cell towers.

What Does The Research Say?

The research doesn’t lie. There are thousands of high quality and peer-reviewed studies that show extended EMF exposure results in negative and potentially serious health problems.

  •     Infertility (for both men and women)
  •     Different types of cancer
  •     Damage to your DNA
  •     Heart problems
  •     Diabetes
  •     Leaky brain (Albumin leakage through the blood-brain barrier)
  •     Neurological and psychiatric problems

Electromagnetic radiation is classified by the World Health Organization (WHO), specifically the IARC or International Agency for Research on Cancer, as a Class 2B carcinogen.

You’ll find conflicting evidence and articles (which I believe is affected by funding) but the National Toxicology Program in the United States found “clear evidence” that higher rates of cancer and genetic damage found in mice was directly related to iPhone radiation.

Reduce Exposure To Achieve Full Health

According to Dr Mercola in his book, EMF*D, “unless you take serious action to lower your EMF exposure, you will not be able to achieve full health.”

Even the California Department of Public Health issued an advisory to get residents to stop putting them in their pockets. This advisory was back in 2017 before we were carrying around smart computers in our pockets.

Multiple Forms of EMF Come from Your Device

You’re not just absorbing one kind of EMF from your phone. That little harmless-looking device, tucked in your pocket – right near your body and skin, is actually emitting about a half dozen sources of EMFs at the same time.

Cellular Signals Are Everywhere

You’ve got cellular signals to make a call, WiFi, Bluetooth, Wireless charging, battery, and now NFC (Near-field communication for things like Apple pay).

Bluetooth emits radio waves up to 30 feet and changes frequency multiple times a second. Throw in some 5G and it’s a giant hazard in your pocket.

Use Airplane Mode

As long as it’s not in airplane mode, your phone is actively trying to connect, send out signals, and radiation even if you’re not using it.

put your cell phone in airplane mode

I hope these health risks make you want to stop putting your mobile phone in your pocket or bra and make it clear why distance matters.

Cell Manufacturers Even Say It’s Not Safe

Have you ever read the fine print information in your user manual? You might want to now. The phone companies actually tell you to carry your phone at a distance from your body to be at safe exposure levels.

Check out this text, right from an Apple iPhone instruction manual;

carry iphone away from body warning

Cell phone manufacturers don’t want you keeping your cell against your skin, in your bra, your pants or shirt pockets, or even in a “dad-style” belt holster.

Doing so exceeds the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) exposure guidelines and the tested levels by the manufacturer.

SAR Ratings

The Specific Absorption Rate (often just called SAR) is a test to figure out how much electromagnetic radiation your body absorbs from a particular device. Phones are supposed to fall within those limits legally.

Not surprisingly, it has come out recently in the “PhoneGate scandal” that cellphones are exceeding this limit and that companies are faking results, since they’re the ones doing the testing themselves, instead of experts in the field.

There are scientists that believe the SAR is flawed. The companies are faking data. Seems like a lot of issues all around.

And still, they are saying don’t have your phone right on your body, whether it’s talking, messaging, playing a video, or just placed in your pocket.

Cell Phone Radiation Guidelines from the FCC

The FCC sets the guidelines for acceptable EMF and radio frequency emission levels and is supposed to regulate them. These health and safety guidelines were developed in the 90s, with technology nothing like it is today.

One of their many flaws is the assumption that people carry their phone in a belt clip or holster, which is how manufacturers are expected to test SAR levels.

Scientists and Researchers Have Always Questioned Guidelines

Scientists, researchers, and public users have questioned the safety and validity of these standards for years. Seems like their interest is more in provider and business sales than health and safety.

Recently, the FCC was sued by the Children’s Health Defence and the Environmental Health Trust. The U.S. court ruled that the FCC is in violation of its Administrative Procedures Act for not updating the regulatory limits.

This hopefully will force the FCC to look at the thousands of pages of evidence on the harm and negative health effects of cell phones, and actually look at 5G.

Actions You Can Take

So now you know how bad it is to have your phone so close to you and significant reason not to carry your cell phone on you. Here’s what you can do.

1. Don’t Carry Your Device in Your Pocket or Bra

One of the easiest and best things you can do to reduce your exposure and risk is to stop putting your phone in your pocket or your bra. Pretty simple.

Keep it as far from your body as you can. Place it in a purse, man bag, or your backpack. Keep it off your body.

EMF Weakens With Distance

The further from you, the less radiation you absorb as EMF weakens over distance. Testing with an EMF meter shows even small amounts of distance matter. According to Dr Friedman, “Radiation is 2 to 7 times higher in your pocket than if it were placed in a purse or holster.” So don’t put it in your pocket with the signal on again.

2. Use Anti-Radiation Cases or Sleeves

The best way to add extra protection and reduce your exposure if you are putting your device in your pocket, keeping it near you, or just using it in your hand, is to use an anti-radiation cell phone case. There are many different styles and sizes so you have lots of options.

favorite Safesleeve

Using an EMF case will allow you to use  your phone fully and keep it near your body but with only a small percentage of radiation. You likely use a case anyway, might as well use one that keeps you safe.

3. Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode When Not in Use

Something else you can do when you have to carry your phone close to your body is to put it in Airplane mode. This significantly reduces the radiation emitted by your device, keeping you safer. It does mean you’re disconnected from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cell signals.

You won’t be able to talk on it, go on social media, or receive texts, or anything. Not everyone knows that it does still track your location.

4. Use Selective Airplane Mode If You Can’t Do Airplane

Now, using airplane mode isn’t an option for everyone. Some people need to be available at all times in case of a family emergency, to be reached by their kids, or for work. Perfectly understandable!

If you need some parts of your phone, you can use airplane mode options. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can choose which features to disconnect or leave on.

Turn Off WiFi and Bluetooth

You can keep cellular data on to be able to make calls while disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So no Instagram access or texting but your phone will still ring if you need it.

You don’t reduce your emissions as much this way but it will definitely make a difference. If you can’t disconnect completely, at least you have a choice in reducing your emissions.

Wrapping it Up

Phone habits are hard to change but I hope that knowing how dangerous it is to put your device in your pocket will make you think twice before doing it. No one wants cancer, long-term health problems or to be absorbing high levels of radiation. So change your behavior now to keep yourself safe.




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