Defendershield Air Tube Headphones Review for 2024

EMFs and radiation are emitted through your laptop, ipad, cell phone and all other electronic devices you use.

When you use regular headphones vs Defendershield headphones the cables emit radiation all the way through the cable into your ears and directly into your head.

The cable that touches your body also emits radiation to your body. The speakers are inside the earbuds or on your ear emitting more radiation directly into your head.

Quick Answer

Defendershield headphones are highly rated EMF free air tube headphones. They have superior sound with built in microphone with audio controllers. They are available in earbuds, over the ear and child sized.

How Are Air Tubes Different

What makes the Defendershield headphones different there superior sound quality. They feature a nylon cord is infused with copper which stops the radiation from getting through to your body. After the cables there are two speakers followed by two tubes that are filled with air.

The sound comes from the cable to the speakers and then the sound is transferred through the airtubes to your ears so none of that radiation goes through to your brain.

All you have to do is plug in these headphones into whatever device you are using to eliminate EMF radiation to your body, ears and head.

Defendershield makes earbuds headphones, over ear headphones and kids over the ear headphones.

They are created by audio engineering specialist, the Defendershield airtube headset offers stereo quality sound with a lot of depth, while the cheaper versions the sound quality often sounds like you are underwater.

Like with any headphones, there’s no comparison between high quality and entry level sound.

Defendershield Air Tube Stereo Earbud Headphones

These Defendershield Earbud headphones come with 3 different size ear tips and 3 different size sport tips. You can buy them directly from Defendershield or Amazon.

The ergonomic sport tips fit securely into your ears so if you are exercising or running they won’t fall out of your ears.

They have a 3.5mm Audio Jack so if you have an iPhone you will have to purchase a lightning adapter or USB C adapter. There is a clip that attaches the wires securely to your shirt. You can talk and listen hand-free with the built in microphone controller with audio controls.

Audio engineering specialist developed the speakers so you can listen to high quality sound from the acoustic air tubes.

Defendershield Over Ear Headphones

The Defender shield over ear headphones come with a 3.5 mm audio jack so you will need to purchase a lightning or USB C adapter if you have an iPhone. They are available from Defendershield or Amazon.

The cable is infused with copper which stops the radiation from getting through to your body.

They have a built-in microphone with audio controllers. The acoustic air tubes provide high quality sound.

The headpiece is adjustable and foldable and come with a protective case for easy storage.

Defendershield Kids Air Tube Over Ear Headphones

These kids air tube over ear headphones come with a 3.5mm audio jack so if you are using them with Apple devices you need to purchase a lightning or USB C adapter. You can buy them from Defendershield or Amazon.

They are child sized with comfortable padded headphones with the EMF emitting speaker located away from their head.

They have an adjustable head hand and collapse for easy storage in the protective case that comes with them.

They have high quality sound from acoustic air tubes. They protect your child’s hearing with their Volume Limiting Technology of 93 dB. They feature hands free talk and listen with the built in microphone controller.

The Best Place To Buy Them

The best places to buy them from are the official Defendershield website or Amazon.

What Is The Price Range Of These Headphones

Defendershield headphones cost between 80 USD and 180 USD.

The Best Air Tube Headset Brands

DefenderShield is the brand my kids and I use pretty much every day. I am really happy with the sound quality and overall design and durability of these ear buds. If you’re looking for more options, see my post on the best air tube headphones here.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re making phone calls, listening to podcasts, music, or streaming, you want to reduce your exposure to EMFs. The best way to do that is by using these anti radiation Defendershield headsets. Keep your stereo quality speakers and fidelity sound while not compromising your health.


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