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The 10 Best Air Tube Headsets and Headphones of 2021

Best Air Tube Headsets And Headphones

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More people are looking for the best air tube headsets and headphones as they discover the dangers of EMF radiation emitted by regular headphones and to a lesser extent Bluetooth headphones (about 100 – 200 times less).

High exposure levels can lead to some health issues. Common effects are chronic headaches, ringing ears, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, stress, insomnia, asthma, body pains, mood swings, and many others.

EMF Radiation Exposure From Headphones

The first is through the highly conductive wires. These wires serve as an antenna for both sound waves and other signals. The cables can expose any part of your body they contact to radiation. The bigger problem, however, is transmission of radiation up to your ears.

The second way is through the speakers which are right in your ears and close to the nervous systems is not healthy.

Air Tube Headsets Are Radiation Free

These headsets are radiation-free. Whether you have heard about them before or not, this article will cover everything there is to know. I will also provide an alternative way to block radiation from your regular headphones. For now, we shall start by answering the obvious question:

What Is An Air Tube Headset?

Kinden Air Tube Earbuds Radiation Free HeadphoneAn air tube headset, also known as anti-radiation headsets, are headphones that protect your head from EMF radiation. This occurs via the transmission of sound through air tubes instead of electrical wires.

It functions like a regular headset, compatible with the same gadgets. It works with the same ports, and may even include a microphone. You can consider an airtube headset as a regular headset with wired connection on some parts. The implication of this is that the wire transmitting the sound doesn’t reach your ears and head.

The wire connects to a hollow flexible air tube that transmits the sound to your earpiece. It is like a regular headset on steroids, with the primary aim to reduce radiation risk, while maintaining sound quality is secondary.

A regular headset will protect you from some radiation by getting the phone away from your head. Airtubes takes this protection further by getting the highly-conductive wires and the speaker away from your head.

How Do Air Tube Headsets Work?

The most crucial part of these headsets are the hollow flexible air tube which determines their operation. Unlike a regular headset, the speaker will not be in your ear. Rather, the speaker to an air tube, which transmits the sound as sound waves (instead of electrical waves).

As I stated earlier, it operates as a regular headset, so you don’t need to worry about learning how to use it or buying a device to make it compatible with your device. Just plug it in and use the same way you would any other headset.

Why Should You Use Them?

I started this article by talking about EMF radiation, which is why you should go for air tube headphones, but the best way to convince you is by describing how great they are at reducing it.

Common Types of Headsets

We can classify the three common type of headset using the table below

Headset Type Connection Type
Regular Headsets Wired Connection
Bluetooth Headsets Wireless Connection
Air Tube Headsets Partly Wired Connection


In a regular headset, the EMF radiation can travel from your device directly to your head while also exposing every part of your body. That is why it emits the highest levels.


In a Bluetooth headset, the routers’ radiation is lower than that of a regular headset. The air quality, however, suffers. In addition, more users are complaining about side effects like headaches, and there are unproven allegations that it could cause brain cancer.

Air Tube Headsets

By simply putting some distance between the speakers and your head, these headsets reduce the radiation levels by up to 98 – 99.9 %. This makes it safer than the other two options. However, there may be some compromises.

Potential Downsides

There are two main disadvantages of air tube headphones sound quality and durability.

Sound Quality

air tube headset sound qualitySound quality can be a significant issue with any headphones, although they get better with updates. This explains how the sound quality of Bluetooth headphones has increased significantly in recent years.

Sound reduces in quality as it travels through the air tubes, but remember that the air tubes primary priority is to minimize radiation. However, in this article, we have good products with decent or good sound quality.

Bear in mind, however, that a regular headphone at their price range will provide superior sound.

If sound quality is at the top of your list then I definitely recommend you get Defendershield’s Air Tube Stereo Earbuds because Defender Shield has far superior sound quality to any thing on the market to date.


Most come with a carry case for easy transportation and storage. The durability issue is a factor because of the rubber tube that makes them more delicate than a regular headset. The rubber tube can easily catch fire or be damaged. So keep this in mind when buying or handling your air-tube headset.

The 10 Best Air Tube Headsets

The following reviews will provide a description, features, pros, and cons for each product.

1. DefenderShield EMF-Free Earbuds

DefenderShield EMF-Free Earbud Headphones stereo headsetVarious independent testing has cemented DefenderShield’s status as the best air tube headset available for users by far. It stands out among other headset with various top features. Check them out at or

Radiation Protection: DefenderShield reduces radiation by 99%. The hollow tube is essential for anti-radiation. There is a copper-infused, braided nylon cord for protection against extremely Low-Frequency electrical signals.

Sound Quality: The presence of advanced inbuilt speakers allows Defender Sheild to deliver fidelity sound. Users get a crisp sound unmatched by any other available air tubes, including those on this list. The wide tube space enables the sound to mature, producing superb audio for music, podcasts, or calls.

Sound and Call Controlling: They include an inbuilt microphone with Play/Stop and On/Off switch.

Price: They are the most expensive on this list but well worth it.

Warranty Policy: DefenderShield EMF-free headphone has a 1-year warranty.

Design: The nylon cord air tubes on a DefenderShield headset are flexible, tangle-free, and strong. It also has removable ear hooks and clips, making it easy to secure them on your ears during rigorous activities like exercises and sports.

  • Impressive sound quality
  • Features durable air tubes
  • Adaptable with iphones and galaxy phones
  • Blocks 99% EMF radiation
  • The only sour point is the price for some
  • Presence of magnet is a turn off for some people

2. Dr. Mercola Blue Tube Headset

Dr. Mercola Blue Tube HeadsetNext on our list is manufactured by Dr. Mercola, a brand known for its contributions to radiation protection and alternative medicine. Check for the best price here.

Radiation Protection: Although Dr. Mercola doesn’t provide protection values, they have state-of-the-art air tubes and shielded wiring.

Sound Quality: Dr. Mercola’s shielded headphones deliver crisp, clear sounds without distortion or feedback. The high-grade inbuilt speakers make them great for listening to a podcast or music.

Sound and Call Controlling: They have a microphone but don’t include inbuilt switches to change volume, answer and end calls.

Price: Dr. Mercola’s blue tube headphone is medium-priced.

Warranty Policy: It also has a 30-day warranty.

Design: The headphone is designed to be tangle-free, with ergonomic positioning, ensuring the air tubes hang freely with minimal contact with your face or body.

  • Impressive sound quality
  • Price is good
  • Great at reducing EMF radiation
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Unit does not include hands-free features
  • The durability can be improved

3. SYB Air Tube Headset

SYB Air Tube HeadsetSYB is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and since its inception in 2012, the company has earned a reputation for creating products to protect users from excess exposure to EMF radiation.

Radiation Protection: SYB protects you from radiation at a rate of 99%. The airtube headsets are entirely free of metal or magnets. With this, users do not have to worry about EMFs.

Sound Quality: While the air tube technology reduces sound quality, SYB can maintain crisp, clear sounds and superb bass to rival some regular headsets or set it apart from other brands. The audio is crystal clear for your calls, music, podcast, and audiobooks.

Sound and Call Controlling: They include a microphone with a switch for volume control, audio playback, and one-touch call answering.

Price: SYB falls within the medium price range; it is only a couple of dollars above the medium price of our list.

Warranty Policy: SYB offers a lifetime warranty.

Design: This headphone is lightweight, comfortable to use, and easy to transport. It also comes in 3 different sizes.

  • SYB headsets comes in a sleek classic design
  • Easy to use, plug and play
  • Comes with a free carry case
  • Volume control, playback and other functions built into it
  • Available in multiple designs
  • The sleek design also makes them easily prone to damage

4. Safesleeve Radiation Free Air Tubes

Safesleeve Radiation Free Air Tube HeadphonesSafesleeve air tube headphones are one of the most affordable, and they still deliver good sound quality. Check here for the best price.

Radiation Protection: Like Dr. Mercola, Safesleeve also doesn’t provide radiation protection value.

However, it is still an anti-radiation headphone and one of the best at that and blocks a significant amount.

Sound Quality: Safesleeve includes high definition (HD) speakers that deliver clear audio with great bass and a microphone.

Sound and Call Controlling: They include an inbuilt microphone equipped with On/Off – Play/Stop button. This allows you to enjoy your music, audiobooks, activate Siri, or answer and end calls hands-free.

Price: Safesleeve is one of the most affordable headset this list, going for a mid range price.

Warranty Policy: Safesleeve offers a full money refund within 30 days.

Design: These come in both black and white. It also includes Zipper packaging for easy storage and transportation.

  • Safesleeve provides good audio
  • Price is good
  • Impressive protection
  • Comes with carrying case
  • The company should work on improving the fitting of the earbud
  • The warranty period can be increased

5. Kinden Air Tube Earbuds

Kinden Air Tube Earbuds Radiation Free HeadphoneKinden is a popular brand, and this product is the most affordable on our list. It is a terrific option for anyone looking to try out their first radiation free airtube headset. Check here for the best price.

Radiation Protection: According to Kinden, this headset blocks 99% EMF radiation. While the air tubes protect your head, this headset also has shielded wires. This prevent RF radiation from moving up the electrical cord like an antenna, which protects the rest of your body.

Sound Quality: Kinden includes noise-canceling earbuds to keep out interference and ensure clear audio.

Sound and Call Controlling: It has an inbuilt microphone with a call answer/end switch.

Price: Possibly the most affordable quality headset on the market, Kinden is perfect for price-conscious a new buyer.

Warranty Policy: Kinden has a “risk-free 12-month limited guarantee,” in which they will either refund or replace the shielded headphone. You can get additional info from their terms and conditions

Design: They comes with a long cord and 3 rubber earbuds of different sizes, ensuring that you get the perfect fit.

  • The price will likely attract most people, but the shielded wiring is the best feature
  • Price is good
  • Impressive protection against RF and EMF radiation
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Gives perfect fit for the ears
  • Appropriate for apple, android, and windows phone
  • The inferior ergonomic design causes the tubes to move around and fallout
  • It also doesn’t help that many people have difficulty finding the earbuds (rubber tips) that fit them snuggly

6. Atmosure Anti-Radiation Air Tubes

Atmosure Anti-Radiation Air Tube HeadphonesAtmosure a shielded headphone with excellent radiation protection, sound, and comfortable design. Check here for the best price.

Radiation Protection: Atmosure EMF free headphones blocks radiation up to 99%. They also include shielded wires to prevent radiation from traveling along with the cords.

Sound Quality: These deliver clear stereo audio that is great for music, podcast, audiobooks, and calls.

Sound and call controlling: This headset has a microphone for optimal sound input and included a single button to answer or end calls.

Price: They are priced at medium range.

Warranty Policy: It has a 1-year money-back guarantee.

Design: Atmosure has a built in sonic concentrator and shielded wires to provide additional protection.

  • Comfortable earbud, gives a snug fit
  • Clear and distortion free sound
  • Strong and nice case
  • Price is good
  • Various earbud size. So you can choose the perfect one
  • It doesn’t have a switch for volume and audio playback

7. RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Air Tubes

RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones with MicrophoneRadiArmor EMF-free headphone has shielded wires and constant updates to provide better radiation protection. Check the best price here.

Radiation Protection: According to RadiArmor they reduce radiation by 97% compared to a regular headphone and 99.9% when holding a cellphone to your ear.

Sound Quality: The newly updated dual drivers are large drivers that allow the RadiArmor headset to deliver excellent acoustics compared to its competitors. The drivers’ impressive dynamic range and amplified tremble compensate for high notes lost in the air tubes.

Sound and Call Controlling: These come with all your hands-free needs, including an built in microphone and switch to change volume, answer, and end calls.

Price: At a medium price, RadiArmor headsets offer excellent protection and superb audio.

Warranty Policy: It also has a 1-year warranty.

Design: These come with a long tangle-free cord and 2 different size silicone earbuds.

  • Features volume and call-answering button
  • Very light, comfortable on the earbuds
  • Gives a snug fit
  • Price is good
  • Manufacturers can improve on the durability

8. Aircom A3x Air Tube Wireless

Aircom A3x Air Tube Anti-Radiation Wireless HeadphonesAircom is one of the new kids on the block, and they have low emf headphones that provides a concert-level listening experience while providing radiation protection. Check the best price here.

Radiation Protection: According to Aircom, these air tubes provide 100% radiation blocking experience.

Sound Quality: Aircom uses a patented airflow technology, which increases the air space (by 8x) to allow the sound to breathe and mature. The result is a robust and natural audio. It also has earbuds to reduce ambient noise.

Sound and Call Controlling: This headset has an inbuilt microphone with a switch to stop/play music or answer/end calls.

Price: These are the second most expensive on this list, although it is considerably more affordable than the DefenderShield.

Warranty Policy: Aircom provides a 12-month warranty

Design: This headset comes with magnetic end caps and 3 different earbuds of different comfort sizes. The air tube is also tangle-free, water-resistant, and detachable.

  • These deliver excellent audio
  • The end caps will keep them from falling off during exercises like running or jogging
  • Users get 12 hours talk time with less than 3 hours’ charge period
  • Gives incredibly clear sound
  • Water resistant and detachable
  • The price may turn you away

9. Tuisy Air Tube Headset

Tuisy Air Tube Headset with MicrophoneAccording to Tuisy, this headset focuses more on blocking radiation as they admit that the sound quality is decent. Check the best price here.

Radiation Protection: Tuisy blocks 99.9% of EMF radiation, using a Triplex anti-radiation function of air tubes, no speaker in the earbuds, and shielded wires.

Price: Tuisy EMF-free headphones are one of the most affordable on this list.

Sound quality: It uses a dual sound concentrator and noise-canceling to provide clear sounds; even if the company claims to prioritize health, the audio good for its price.

Sound and Call Controlling: These come with a microphone that has simple function keys to control volume and answer or end calls.

Price: It is an affordable option that will make a great first EMF-free headset.

Warranty Policy: Tuisy offers an 18-month unconditional refund or resend policy.

Design: It comes with 3 different-sized earbuds for a comfortable fit and a carbon fiber case for easy storage and transportation.

  • Tuisy offers excellent protection and sound for its price
  • Compatible with iphones, iPads, and Android devices
  • Function button on headset gives easy control
  • Protects you from headache, insomnia and other EMF-related issues
  • Manufacturers should improve on the durability and fit

10. Docooler Radiation Free Wireless BT

Docooler Radiation Free Wireless BT Earphone Air Tube Sport EarbudsThis beautiful Docooler allows you to make calls and enjoy music without fear of EMF radiation at a reasonable price.

Radiation Protection: Doccoler blocks 98% of EMF radiation. It uses both air tubes and shielded wires to accomplish this.

Sound Quality: This headphone has high-performance inbuilt speakers and high-grade amplifiers to deliver crystal clear audio.

Sound and call controlling: This Bluetoothheadset has a great microphone with hands-free that allows you to control your music.

Price: This Docooler comes at a medium price.

Warranty Policy: Docooler doesn’t offer a warranty for this product.

Design: They are designed to be comfortable on soft skin. It also includes earbuds to reduce ambient noise and prevent the headphone from falling off.

  • The wires are shielded
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Impressive protection built into the device
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and different types of laptop
  • Perfect fit, will not fall off during exercise
  • Manufacturer can improve on sound quality and durability
  • There is no warranty

Air Tube Alternative

SYB Headset Anti-Radiation Device

SYB Headset Anti-Radiation Device HARDSYB Headset Anti-Radiation Device (HARD) will appeal to you if you don’t like the idea of losing sound quality, or you want to keep using your regular headset.

The SYB HARD contains a dielectric gel that absorbs radiation emitted from your device.

You only need to connect the HARD to your device, then connect your regular headphones to the HARD. It will block 99% of the radiation without sacrificing audio quality.

The SYB HARD is compatible with any device, and the sleek, portable design allows you to always have it with you always. Plus, it doesn’t require batteries. Check for the best price.


DefenderShield EMF-Free Earbud Headphones stereo headsetWhen choosing a radiation-free headset, we recommend that you start at the beginning of the list and work your way down.

DefenderShield is my top choice by far. The impressive sound quality and protection makes it stand out in our list. Click here to check them out.

Whatever you decide, try to buy a set with shielded wires. The air tube prevents EMF radiation from reaching your head, but it can’t stop it from traveling along the lengths of the highly conductive wire.

Your body can still be exposed when it comes in contact with the lower/wired part of your air-tube headset. That’s why you need the shielded wires.

However, if your anti-radiation headphone doesn’t have this, then you can use a ferret bead to block out all the EMF radiation from the wire. The ferret bead is a clip that absorbs radiation in the wire, clip it to the base of your headsets, and you are good.

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