EMF Harmony

EMF Harmony provides innovative, advanced technology designed to neutralize, rather than block, harmful electromagnetic radiation. This unique approach offers a robust defense against potential health dangers associated with EMF exposure from electronic devices.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always about dodging the presence of EMFs, but harmonizing with it to promote our body’s energy for optimum health.

They make protective jewelry, Harmonizers for cell phones, wireless devices, WiFi Routers, the home and office and a device for electric cars.

All powered by a bio-energetic approach, developed and widely used in Europe, to neutralizing the negative effects of EMFs, thereby supporting the body’s energy for good health.

Quick Answer
EMF Harmony offers a range of EMF protection products that harmonize electromagnetic radiation, converting the energy into safe waves, while supporting your cells and strengthening your own energy.

Unmasking EMF Harmony

In an era where electronic devices have become an indispensable part of daily life, the need for effective and holistic EMF protection has become increasingly significant.

EMF Harmony has a unique approach to protecting you from harmful electromagnetic energy and 5G based on quantum physics. Their products have a dual-level technology; Direct Technology and Adaptive Technology.

With Direct Technology, their jewelry and Harmonizers create specific vibrational frequencies that basically neutralize the negative effects of man-made electromagnetic waves around you. This creates more natural energy that surrounds us all the time and doesn’t harm our bodies, DNA, and cells.

This works on cellular signals, Wi-Fi radiation, smart technology, Bluetooth signals, 5G, and the radiofrequency emissions from your electronic devices.

The second level is Adaptive Technology, where the energetic information within your pendant, bracelet, wristband, or Harmonizer interact with your own energy or biofield to boost your own energy and health. They transmit biophotons (light particles or life energy) into your body at a cellular level.

This resonates with and increases your own energy. It essentially provides nutrition on a cellular level, leading to positive health benefits, which also helps to protect you from the damaging effects of RF and ELF radiation.

Research and Manufacturing

All products are made in a facility in Europe that has been making bio-energetic products for over 20 years and backed by independent testing and research.

There is more info about their research can be found at the bottom of this article. Through testing EMF Harmony obtained a Certificate of Protective Influence on Human Organism against wireless router radiation and Certificate of Energy Influence on Human Organism.

This unique technology can be particularly beneficial for individuals with EHS, are surrounded by electromagnetic fields all day long and are seeking to minimize their long-term exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation.

EMF Harmonizers

EMF Harmony has a range of products for on the go, like jewelry and devices for your cell phone or tablet. They also have options for home and office protection as well as electromagnetic radiation protection for gas and electric vehicles. Lots of options for creating EMF free spaces.

All of their products use the same research-based bio-energetic technology to neutralize harmful tech-made energy and signals into natural energy that isn’t harmful to your body, while supporting and strengthening your own bio-field. Here is more info about each of their protective products.

EMF Protection Necklaces

All pendant options are long-lasting nice and attractive pieces of jewelry.

They give you day and night electromagnetic frequency protection with proven results using the dual layer bio-energetic technology, wherever you go. Maintain peace of mind, knowing you’re minimizing the negative effects of RF and ELF radiation.

  • EMF Harmonizer Pendant – an attractive round comfortable pendant, made of stainless steel and measuring 7/8 inch in diameter.

  • Pure Light Pendant – A sleek and elegant 18k gold plated or silver-rhodium plated necklace. The pendant is 1 & 1/8 ” long. Made in collaboration with Life Harmony Energies. A jewelry piece you can wear to dress up your outfit for a night out or wear it on a daily basis.

  • EMF Harmonizer Charm Necklace – 18k gold-plated or silver-rhodium pendants, so you can look elegant while protecting yourself from EMFs. The pendant measures 3/4 in diameter and has a removable charm to give it a more masculine look.

Protective Bracelets and Bands

There are several options for bracelets and bands, chips for your Apple Watch or smartwatch, and affordable bands for children to give you EMF protection wherever you go.

These are great options for hidden protection you can wear day and night. Made with the same EMF protection energy with dual-layer technology. The difference is in the style you prefer.

  • EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband – A stylish braided leather band with a magnetic clasp. Water resistant and great for all day protection. Available in different sizes and colors (black/silver, white/gold).

  • EMF Harmonizer Mobility+ Bracelet – Durable and waterproof silicon rubber. This wristband has a standard watchband closure and is available in black or white. A wristband you can wear anytime, whether it’s during sports, washing dishes, working in the garden, at work, or going out.

  • Pure Light Cuff – Developed by Life Harmony Energies, this delicate and attractive cuff is available as 18k gold-plated, silver-rhodium plated, or Hematite plated. Comfortable enough to wear all day, but stylish enough to wear as accent jewelry. Available in sizes for men and women.
  • Kids EMF Harmonizer Band – A great option for kids. This band is affordable and made of non-toxic durable silicon rubber. It’s waterproof and can handle everything your kids get up to. Available in a bunch of colors (yellow, pink, blue, black, turquoise, purple) and sizes for babies to teens.

  • Apple Watchband EMF Harmonizer – A great option to minimize EMFs without giving up your Apple watch. This watchband is made of soft silicon rubber with a small metal clip, both imprinted with bio-energetic information to reduce harmful EMFs. Available in black or white and completely waterproof, easy to clean and will fit any series of Apple watches. This band protects you from EMFs all around you, not just your smartwatch.

  • Smartwatch Chip – Another awesome option if you wear a Fitbit, Apple watch or smartwatch. This small bio-energetically powered chip inserts into one of your watch holes on rubber, cloth and leather bands. It’s waterproof, durable, and very small. You won’t feel it on your watch but will feel the positive effects from using it. The chip is mainly to protect from your watch.

Harmonizer+ for Cell Phones and Wireless Devices

Our cell phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, but they also emit significant EMFs. The Harmonizer+ is specifically designed to address this issue.

It works by infusing a fine-tuned blend of beneficial frequencies into the environment immediately around your phone, harmonizing the harmful effects of EMF radiation and 5G signals.

This device is a stainless steel 1.2″ x 1.2″ square that can be adhered to the back of your phone or its case, providing continuous protection without interfering with your phone’s functions. Or simply place it between your phone and your case. This can also be used on tablets or moved to different phones.

The Harmonizer+ for Wireless devices can laptops, tablets, keyboards, speakers, printers, baby monitors, etc. Use one Harmonizer per electronic device and reduce the harmful EMFs from that piece of wireless technology.

This Harmonizer is slightly smaller, made of metallic material and plastic that can be adhered to your electronics and reused as needed.

Harmonizer Ultra for Wi-Fi Routers

Wi-Fi routers are major source of EMFs in our homes and workplaces. The Harmonizer Ultra is engineered to neutralize the detrimental effects of electromagnetic field radiation emitted by Wi-Fi routers without impacting the performance of the internet connection.

By emitting beneficial frequencies that counteract harmful EMFs, this device helps create a safer environment where your health and well-being are prioritized. Simply place one stainless steel stick on Harmonizer on your router.

EMF Harmonizer Home & Office for General Use

For broader protection, the EMF Harmonizer Home & Office is designed to safeguard against all types of EMFs commonly found in residential and professional settings.

It seamlessly integrates into your living or working environment, creating a harmonious space for your family and pets that minimizes the adverse impact of electromagnetic radiation on your well-being.

It comes with several adhesive Harmonizer plates that cover a specific square footage of your home or office. You place the larger thin metal plate on the inside of your fuse box door and the smaller thin metal plates on outlets around the space to be covered.

These plates provide comprehensive coverage against the full spectrum of EMFs, including 5G technology, cellular signals, your own and neighbors’ WiFi signals, power lines, cell towers, smart technology, and electronic devices.

Additional Benefits include, restoring a natural balance of + and – ions in your home, removing dust, pollen, smoke, dander, air pollution, giving your space a better more positive energy and helping to promote positive feelings in your space.

Another option is the Carbon+ Home, developed by EMF Harmony’s sister company Life Harmony Energies. It offers the same dual-layer technology, creating an EMF protected zone in your home protecting you from electromagnetic radiation sources in and outside your home, while balancing positive and negative ions in your space.

Carbon plates with bio-energetic technology are placed on your fuse box with smaller plates adhered to electric outlets throughout your home. Simply choose the kit that corresponds to the square footage you require protection for. The Carbon+ Home kit harmonizes the entire electrical network within your home.

Protection for Pets

Have you heard the stories of dogs freaking out over smart technology in the home? Pets seem to be more sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies than we realize.

It seems to me like maybe they can hear the frequencies or at least feel the effects on their smaller bodies.

EMF Harmony has Harmonizer pet tags that attach to your dog or cat’s collar, giving you a sense of security knowing it neutralizes the harmful frequencies around your pet and restores their own biofield and energy.

They’re waterproof, made of durable stainless steel to last your pet’s entire life, and a small 1″ round pendant so your pet doesn’t even notice it’s there.

Vehicle Protection

Modern vehicles, especially electric cars emit a lot of electromagnetic frequencies. You have Bluetooth connectivity, GPS signals, cell phone signals within your vehicle, WiFi now, ELFs, etc. Electric cars and Hybrids have additional electromagnetic radiation from the battery, motor and electronics in the car.

Since your vehicle acts as a Faraday cage, keeping that energy within your vehicle with you and your loved ones in it, for potentially prolonged periods of time, it’s a really good idea to add a car Harmonizer to your vehicle to neutralize these man-made waves. Here are the options you have for your vehicle with EMF Harmony.

  • EMF Harmonizer for Cars – Create an EMF free zone in your vehicle with this small metallic 3×2.5″ plate. Simply place it near the driver, in the console, steering wheel column, dashboard, or under the driver’s seat. It has an adhesive on the back to stay in place if needed. I have found I don’t feel as tired and worn out after a long drive with this device in our SUV

  • Harmonizer ECar – specifically designed for electric and hybrid vehicles. Use this to neutralize damaging energetic frequencies and safeguard the health of everyone travelling in your car. The ECar is a small box that you place near the driver (ie. the console area, under the driver’s seat, in an air vent holder accessory you can purchase separately). I don’t have an electric car, but a close friend who is a Naturopath is very happy with her device and reports feeling calmer while driving her car.

  • Carbon+ Car – Developed by EMF Harmony’s sister company, Life Harmony Energies, this carbon plate neutralizes harmful radiation within your car. For gas vehicles use one plate, for electric and hyrbid vehicles use 2 plates. Keep them face-up in the driver’s area just like the other vehicle Harmonizers. Carbon adds grounding properties and is an efficient holder of energy, on top of the neutralizing effects within it.

The Research Behind This Technology

I like a company or product that is supported by independent testing and peer-reviewed research. EMF Harmony checks both boxes with testing done at universities, labs, by Doctors and third party institutes.

Bio-energetic technology works on a sub-atomic level so the best and only way to know if it is working is by measuring people’s health while exposed to EMFs with and without the Harmonizers on them.

EMF Harmony has a ton of studies on their website that you can read about in detail but here is just a list of some of the studies that show how the body reacts and protects against electromagnetic waves;

  • Double-Blind WiFi Radiation study – Close exposure to a WiFi router was tested with heart rate, skin conductance, muscle tension, respiration, and finger temperature, showing statistically significant differences with protection, meeting criteria for certified protection against wireless router radiation.
  • Live Blood Analysis – Dark field microscope analysis of blood with cell phone use showed clumping, irregularity, slowing down of blood cells but free flow, round great shaped cells with the Harmonizer on. This is only after a 2 minute phone call, scary!
  • Heart Rate Variability Studies – testing after a 5 minute unprotected and protected cell phone call, showing a lower state of health and stress on the body during the unprotected call. Measures were reversed with the use of the EMF Harmonizer+.
  • Cress Sprouts Growth Test – Sprouts were grown next to a wireless router with and without protection and a control bowl not close to the router. There was a huge difference in the quality and amount of sprouts that grew with healthy bountiful sprouts using the Harmonizer.

Health Benefits and EMF Reduction

EMF Harmony products are crafted with a bio-energetic approach to mitigate the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on the body’s energy field. By increasing bio-photons and your own biofield, it has many health-promoting functions, like;

  • Promoting physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being
  • Contributing to lower stress levels and greater peace of mind in regular users
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved air quality with less pollutants due to the restored balance of positive and negative ions
  • Increased focus and improved memory
  • Reduced headaches, dizziness, tinnitus
  • Optimizes salivary pH (lymphatic acidity)
  • Improves heart rate, blood pressure, adrenal response to stress

Improving your biofield seems to have different positive effects depending on the person. How will reducing the harmful effects of EMFs on your body at a cellular level and rebalancing your own energy affect you?

My Experience with EMF Harmony

I am quite happy with EMFHarmony products. My family has several items, including pendants, car harmonizer, bracelets and my kids both wear the Harmonizer bands. I have gifted quite a few people with the smart watch bands and chips. Family members who aren’t on the same page EMF-wise but are willing to wear a Harmonizer, along with their smart watches.

As a more anxious person myself, I found the pendant and band to have a calming effect on me and have improved my quality of sleep. They’re comfortable to wear, fit well, and I really like the look of them. I find I am a lot less tired and just crappy feeling overall after a long drive since using the car Harmonizer. I generally dislike long drives, so it’s made them a lot more pleasant.

I wish I could test them with my EMF meter to really see how that they reduce frequencies. Unfortunately, that’s not how the technology works. So I have to trust the science and the positive effects I feel, while still taking other steps to minimize my exposure and my own tech use.

My wife doesn’t own a lot of jewelry and we don’t really get fancied up a lot in general but she really likes the simplistic but elegant look of the Pure Light cuff when dressing up for weddings, reunions, work events, etc. It gives her peace of mind while surrounded by everyone’s cell phones at these events. I’m also getting her the Pure Light Pendant for our anniversary.

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