What is WIFI Router Radiation?

WiFi routers are one of the biggest source of electromagnetic radiation in the home. Most people don’t know that their routers never stop sending out signals while it’s turned on.

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Wifi routers emit a type of low frequency radiation called radio waves.

Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation, which is a type of energy that travels through the air and can be absorbed by living tissue.

Some people believe that the radiation emitted by wifi routers can cause health problems, but the research on the topic has been mixed.

Video Measuring WIFI Router EMF Radiation Levels

Here is a video showing where Ben measures the radiation coming off his router with one of my favorite meters the Trifield model TF2. He takes measurements with a DIY router guard solution and without a guard.

If you are looking for an easy way to reduce the output of router radiation you can get a product called a router guard, it looks a lot nicer than messy screening material.

Reducing Exposure

If you are concerned about exposure to the radiation emitted by wifi routers, you can reduce your exposure by keeping the router as far away from people and pets as possible. You can turn your router off at night or if you know you aren’t going to be using it for a period of time.

You can read my article on how to protect yourself from WIFI router radiation to learn more ways.

The average WiFi router emits about 2.4 GHz of radiation per second. At close range, this radiation can be as much as 100 times the amount emitted by a cellphone.

WiFi routers are also a major source of electromagnetic interference, which can cause problems with electronic equipment.

Low EMF Routers

The best way to reduce your exposure to WIFI radiation is by not using it and switching to a hardwired connection. I know that many people aren’t willing to give up the convenience of having a wireless connection available everywhere all the time.

The next best thing you can do in my opinion is to invest in a low EMF router. These wireless routers have a special firmware installed on a ASUS WIFI router. This low emissions router can be set that it only turns when a device tries to connect to it and doesn’t sound out as many signal bursts as a regular WIFI router.

Jrs is the only company currently making low EMF routers. They have several models, including the Jrs Eco 100 D1 on Asus. I use an Eco router in my home and recommend it to everyone. It has a sleep mode so signals only go out when you’re actually using the internet.

What Are WIFI Router and How Do They Work?

A wifi router is a device that allows you to connect to the internet without wires. It works by taking the internet signal from your modem and sending it out over the airwaves.

This allows you to connect to the internet without having to use a physical connection, like an Ethernet cable.

Wifi routers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have two main components: an antenna and a router.

How Does Router Radiation Work?

A wifi router emits electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. These microwaves have been shown to be harmful to human health, causing a variety of negative effects.

This is a type of non-ionizing radiation, this means that it does not directly damage DNA or cause cancer like ionizing radiation (e.g. X-rays) can. However, there is some evidence that microwave radiation does cause adverse health effects.

What Are The Sources?

There are many sources of wifi router radiation. The most common source is the router itself. The router emits a signal that can be picked up by devices that are close to it. This is how most people connect to the internet.

Another source of wifi router radiation is the devices that are connected to the router. These devices emit their own signals that can be picked up by the router. This is how people can connect to the internet from anywhere in their house.

Where Is The Router Emitting Radiation?

The wifi router is emitting radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves. These waves are emitted from the antenna of the router and travel through the air until they reach your devices, where they are then converted into electrical signals that allow your devices to connect to the internet.

Who Regulates The Safe Levels

Wifi routers are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC has set limits on the amount of radiation that can be emitted by wifi routers. But more and more people are questioning whether these WIFI levels are safe or not depends on who you ask.


The best way is to not use a wireless router at all and using a hard wired Ethernet connection instead.




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