Do Crystal Pyramids Really Block EMFs?

Do crystal pyramids really block EMFs? There are a lot of people skeptical about whether crystal pyramids work at blocking electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). I hope I can clear up some confusion for you.

Although there are not many scientific studies showing the effects crystals have, they have been used for thousands of years. And there is so much anecdotal experience of their benefits.

Video Showing How A Pyramid Blocks EMFs

You can watch this demonstration below of a crystal pyramid blocking EMFs or continue reading to learn the results. This guy is using the GQ EMF-390 EMF meter for all of his tests.

You can watch this demonstration below of a crystal pyramid blocking EMFs or continue reading to learn the results. This guy is using the GQ EMF-390 EMF meter for all of his tests.

First Test – Camera Lamp

In this video, the first experiment is testing a camera lamp. To get a baseline, the test is done before putting the pyramid in front of it.

You can see that the meter goes higher and higher the closer to the lamp it gets. Radio frequencies (RF), electric fields (EF), and EMFs are all reading high.

emf crystals

Then he puts the pyramid in-between his EMF meter and the camera lamp and right away you notice that the levels go down. He takes the pyramid away and it goes back up.

Without the pyramid it was at around 102 v/m and once it put the pyramid in between it dropped to about 35 v/m. He lifted the pyramid up a bit higher and the numbers dropped even further.

One thing that you will notice from the video is that there is a range. The number is constantly fluctuating because there is a range of frequencies.

The conclusion to this first experiment is that the crystal does work by reducing the electric fields. But you have to put it in the right spot, because the numbers fluctuate depending on where you put it. He was able to find a spot that dropped it down by half.

Second Test Bose Speaker

First he tests it while it’s off but plugged in. He held the meter next to you (not touching) and it was high, in the 200 v/m. When he hold the pyramid up the electric field goes down at least 100 points, it makes it all the way down to 82 v/m.

He held the pyramid out to the side and it still has an effect even though it’s not directly below. 1 foot above the speaker it still makes a difference.

The pyramid does have a significant impact on the electric fields and it works with the pyramid placed anywhere within a 1-2 foot radius.

What is a Crystal Pyramid?

A crystal pyramid or pyramid stone is a crystal that is shaped like a pyramid. The most common type are made of quartz but they can also be made from’ other kinds of crystals, like amethyst, rose quartz, Tiger Eye, etc.

There are a variety of EMF shielding crystals available.

They focus the positive energies from the particular crystal on your desired outcome, have protective and cleansing properties, and optimize energy flow, including providing EMF protection.

Unique Powers within each Crystal

Each crystal pyramid is believed to have different metaphysical properties, including the ability to amplify energy, focus intention, and promote healing. These powers are boosted by the pyramids’ healing powers too.

They are often used in crystal healing, chakra work, yoga, meditation, around your home, and in other spiritual practices.

What are Electromagnetic Fields?

Electromagnetic fields are emitted by electronic devices. They are invisible to the eye and are made up of electric and magnetic energy that can interact with our bodies.

EMFs can be either low frequency or high frequency. High frequency EMFs come from things like X-rays and gamma rays and are known to be dangerous to humans.

Low Frequency EMFs

Low frequency or extremely low frequency EMF radiation is emitted by things like cell phones, WiFi routers, Bluetooth devices, power lines, smart technology, electrical appliances in our homes, etc.

More and more research shows that this form of electromagnetic frequency radiation is also harmful to our health, which is why we have to take steps to reduce our exposure.

How do Crystals Block EMFs?

Crystals have always been used as a protective energy against many different negative forces.

Some specific crystals can protect against EMF emissions around you and help cleanse your own energy from EMFs.

Crystals that are high in iron have purification properties, block the body, mind, and soul, and absorb toxic properties.

Which are the Best at Blocking EMFs?

All crystals have amazing properties and benefits but here are the best specifically for electromagnetic frequency radiation.

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Hematite
  • Shungite
  • Pyrite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Orgonite

Where do Crystal Pyramids Come From?

There are so many different crystals, which come from all over the world, often found underground or at the surface near hot springs.

Crystals form in nature when molecules gather together before liquids start to cool and harden and water (often rich in minerals) starts to evaporate. This process is called crystallization.

Some are even man-made by Gemologists and chemists, like Cirtrine, Emerald, Quartz crystal, etc.

Crystals from Around the World

Some of the most popular and well-known crystal pyramids come from Brazil, Mexico, Russia (biggest producer of diamonds), China, and Africa.

Sri Lanka is known as the “treasure box of the Indian Ocean” and has a large supply of tourmaline and quartz, among other stones.

Where do they get their Power?

Crystal pyramids are said to have a variety of powers, including the ability to amplify energy, focus intention, and promote physical and mental healing (like anxiety).

The pyramid is said to represent the flow of energy from the universe.

Healing Powers

They interact with your body’s energy field to create balance, harmony, and alignment. They work with energy in your home or office as well.

They are used to support alternate medicine, although some believe they merely have a placebo effect. 

These semi-precious stones have been of value way since back in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. They were treasured for their religious, spiritual importance and for their beauty.

How do I Take Care of my Crystals?

In order to restore your pyramid and make sure it’s working optimally, it’s important to cleanse and recharge it regularly.

Not all crystals can be cleansed the same way. Some can be be recharged by running water over them (neutralizing negative energy inside). But some stones cannot go in water including; Black Tourmaline, Pyrite, Selenite, and Hematite.

Other methods include, putting them in the sun, burying them in soil for a short period, using larger stones, sound, breath, brown rice, etc.

What about Orgonite?

An Orgonite pyramid is a combination of crystal and metal in a resin (based on Wilhelm Reich’s studies of orgone energy). Copper shavings or coils are often used, along with zinc, aluminum, in addition to other metals and material.

Rare Orgonite pieces can have gold and silver within them.

Layers of organic and inorganic materials harness life energy (or chi/prana). Crystals are added into the structure to amplify its frequency. Shapes (like sacred geometry) also amp up the healing frequencies.

Orgonite is one of the best options (among crystals) to use for the negative energy from electromagnetic radiation. It transforms it into positive energy and acts as your shield.

What Other Form do Crystals Come in?

Besides pyramids and natural stones, you can also purchase crystal pendants, jewelry, bracelets, rings, products and beautifully designed decor.

They come in a range of shape and size and are available by sellers online, smalls gem shops, or dealers. The easiest place to find the most options is probably

Crystals and EMF Protection – Wrap Up

Although there isn’t a ton of research (yet) proving crystal pyramids really block EMFs, there is evidence that they do. There are hundreds of thousands of people who believe in their powers around the world and who have for thousands of years.

The best way to find out if they really work is to try them out yourself. My wife and daughter carry a mini bag of crystals in their purses with them. We have many crystals around our home. I believe they work, how about you?


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