Everything You Need To Know About Dirty Electricity

A large percentage of people do not understand the dangers posed by dirty electricity. It is the leading source of EMF radiation in most homes today. But by using the best dirty electricity filters, you can completely block or greatly minimize this form of radiation from entering your homes.

Before we go ahead and discuss how we can figure out EMF radiation, let us first understand what constitutes dirty electricity and how it generates EMF radiation in our houses.

So, What is Electrical Pollution?

Dirty electricity, often known as dirty power or electrical pollution, refers to unused electricity that stagnates in your electrical wiring system.

The wiring system in most homes and buildings is set up to work with 60 hertz AC power (or 50 hertz in Europe). Initially, this performed well because practically, all electronic devices were intended to draw this same type and amount of electricity continuously.

The problem started when modern devices began to demand greater, less, or fluctuating amounts of energy. This occurs when power is used inconsistently, resulting in irregular unusable surges of power.

As a result, this unused and unclean electricity collects in your wiring, where it spreads and emits EMF radiation.

How Dirty Electricity is Created

With the advancement of technology, most household electronic devices have evolved, and the 60 Hertz wiring can no longer serve these devices’ needs and allow them to perform as intended.

As a result, product designers must influence the way these gadgets take up power, which most usually occurs in one of the following ways:

  • Switching the electrical current off and on several thousand times each second to draw power sporadically in short bursts.
  • Using higher voltage alternating currents
  • Changing the 60 Hertz from an alternating current to a low-voltage direct current.

Every one of these methods interferes with the regular flow of the standardized 60 Hertz Current. This leads to electrical spikes and surges when these electronic devices take up electricity, and these surges are commonly referred to as ‘Dirty electricity.’

Electric devices such as your laptop, laptop chargers, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and dimmer switches require more than or less than the standard 120 volts that your socket provides.

How is Dirty Electricity Measured?

Before you can start researching the best filters for dirty electricity to use in your home, you first need to know just how much your electrical wiring is producing dirty electricity.

There are several ways of measuring dirty electricity:

1. Using an AM Radio

An AM radio is one of the cheapest and simplest ways of measuring dirty electricity at home. You will need a basic portable radio with an internal speaker. Then, dial up 530 kHz on the AM dial. Turn up the speaker volume and start walking towards your lawn, away from the house.

The radio should produce little to no static. Next, try walking back into your house and holding the radio near your walls. You will notice the difference in static levels. The higher the static noise, the higher the chances that your home has dirty electricity problems.

2. Using a dirty electricity meter.

Although it is more accurate than an AM Radio, it is an expensive option that will get you better results.

There are two types of Dirty Electricity meters, namely:

Best Dirty Electricity Meters

1. The GreenWave Meter

My top choice is the Greenwave meter is a universal option for measuring dirty electricity. The measurements are displayed in milliVolts(mV). Again, a value of 300 mV or less means you’re still in the safe zone, but that doesn’t rule out the need to get filters, especially if you or your family have high sensitivity to EMF radiation.

2. The Stetzer Meter

The Stetzer meter produces varying measurements depending on the amount of electrical pollution in your house. A good value to maintain is anywhere below 300 GS units. If you experience high values of 1500 and above, then think about getting filters for your home.

Now that we know a bit about dirty power, how it is generated and how you can measure it, let’s learn how you can safely filter it from your homes.

Dirty Electricity Filters

There are two popular dirty electricity filters on the market, they are Greenwave and Stetzer. You can read my article on the best dirty electricity filters on the market here to learn everything you need to know about these filters.

How Can I Reduce Dirty Electricity Even More

There are a number of things you can do to reduce the dirty electricity that surrounds you, somethings are easier to do than others.

1. Light Bulbs

If you are using Compact Flourescent Light bulbs (CFL) then are known to be culprits of dirty electricity. Switching them to LED bulbs or incandescent is an easy thing to do.

2. Smart Meters

If you are fortunate to still have an analog meter then you are lucky but if you are like the rest of us and have a smart meter consider calling your hydro company and having it switched back.

3. Unplug Unused Devices and Appliances

Unplugging anything that isn’t being used is another great step to lowering your exposure to dirty electricity. If you find it too annoying to do during the day maybe you can consider unplugging overnight while you sleep.


I believe that practically everyone in a modern home is exposed to a significant amount of filthy energy and EMF radiation. However, sensitivity to EMF radiation varies per person, therefore you may not feel the effects of the radiation physically.

This doesn’t mean that you are not being affected by the surges of electricity in your home. You should at least make a point of measuring how much dirty electricity you and your family are exposed to, and then make a decision on how to proceed from there.




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