Best Smart Meter Guards

Here is my updated list of the best smart meter guards for 2024. Years ago, when a meter reader wanted to check your gas or water usage, they would have to manually go to your meter and take the measurement.

In modern times, the meter is being replaced with a smart meter. The smart meter transmits your usage information to the meter reader as they drive by. While this may be convenient, this is problematic for anyone looking to reduce their home’s EMF levels.

What Are Smart Meter Guards?

A smart meter guard is a device that is placed over a smart meter to reduce the amount EMF radiation they emit.

Smart meter guards are typically made of metal and are designed to fit snugly over the face of the smart meter.

Quick Answer

The highest rated guard for smart meters is made by Smart Meter Guard. They were the first company to make it over a decade ago. It blocks over 98% of RF radiation and they are made in the USA.

The Best Smart Meter Guards for 2023

Most people who are aware of smart meter radiation choose to invest in a smart meter cover.  They are essentially a meter shield that goes over your smart meter with the result of a reduction of the EMF radiation emitted by the device. With so many products on the market it can be hard to choose the best one.

1. Smart Meter Guard EMF Cover

official smart meter guards

My top choice is this Smart Meter Guard (free shipping from Amazon) featured in the video above. This meter is by the original makers over at It is made in the USA.

They were the first company to provide the solution to block the EMFs coming from smart meters.

It has a ton of positive reviews online and many people say that they getting better sleep since they installed it.

The cover attaches over your smart meter, and it is made from high-quality stainless steel mesh that won’t rust, break over time and will hold up to any weather conditions.

  • Blocks 98% to 99% of the EMFs emitted
  • Made in the USA
  • Installation is easy with no assembly required
  • Fits all Smart meters in the US and Canada


tackmeter cover

I would choose the guard above but if it’s unavailable or you are looking for another option this Smart Meter Cover by TACKMETER is my number 2 choice.

It doesn’t block as much radiation as the one above but it still blocks 95% of the radiation emitted by smart meters.

It’s also easy to install and fits over most meter in the USA. The dimensions are 7.1 inches (diameter) by 4.6 inches (height) and it’s made from 316 stainless steel.

This unit is not made in the USA, it’s made in China but comes with many positive reviews.


Smart meters transmit wireless data, allowing the utility companies to track your usage, install software, or even turn off your electricity all without ever having to physically go to your home.

Unfortunately, the trade-off for this convenience is the emission of RF signals. RF radiation in high enough quantities are a known carcinogen.

There is more research needed to determine the effects of lower levels. You can invest of an rf meter to check the rf radiation levels coming off of your meter.

Risks of exposure

rf signal emissions

Smart meters increase the overall level of EMF radiation found in your home. In sensitive people or in those experiencing EMF overload, EMF radiation can cause dizziness, insomnia, itchiness, and a variety of other symptoms.

Those experiencing these symptoms may notice immediate relief when they enter an area with lower EMF levels.

Minimizing exposure

It can be difficult to minimize your exposure to smart meters because often the consumer has very little say over what kind of meter the utility company uses. They are usually upgraded over time on a municipality-wide basis, so odds are if you have one, so does your entire community.

Most cities will not allow you to buy and install your own meter, particularly if the city is using smart meter technology. That would translate to more work for their employees, who would then have to take manual readings at certain houses.

If you live in an area that requires the use of smart meters then you should get a meter shield. You can try and reduce the overall level of EMF radiation in your home by following many of the standard tips.

Going wired, turning your cell phone off when not in use, and disabling Bluetooth on all your devices can all help lower your home’s levels. Investing in the best EMF detector you can find is also a good idea, so you know which devices are producing EMF.

Can You Opt Out From Using Smart Meters

Whether or not you can opt out depends on where you live. But it is becoming hard to opt out and if you can there are fees associated with it.

Wrapping It Up

Smart meters are growing in popularity, so it’s important to know how to protect your family and home. Invest in an EMF shield like the Smartmeter guard and lower your home’s overall EMF radiation levels to reduce your risk of EMF-related sickness.

How Much Do Smart Meter Guards Cost?

A smart meter cover typically costs inbetween $30.99 to $69.99 USD.